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  1. By such thinkers as Euclid and Ptolemy, who believed that sight worked by the, eye ,emitting rays of light. The second theory, the intro mission theory supported by
  2. The scene. These representations rely on presenting scenes directly to the, eye ,for their own visible sake. They care for the schematic arrangements of bodies
  3. A number of interesting celestial objects are readily identified by the naked, eye , sometimes with the aid of a star chart, many others are so faint or
  4. His native Wisconsin lands, and observing and recording nature with an expert, eye , Delete once wrote of his writing methods," I write very swiftly, from
  5. 4 Vesta, which has a reflective surface, is normally visible to the naked, eye , and this only in very dark skies when it is favorably positioned. Rarely
  6. Of iron. The renunciation of the world was to be evidenced in all that met the, eye , The same spirit manifested itself in the choice of the sites of their
  7. Is credited as being the first to correctly document the anatomy of the human, eye , along with descriptions of eye afflictions such as cataracts. It asserts that
  8. In proximity to the abbot's house, that he might have a constant, eye ,over them. The buildings devoted to hospitality are divided into three groups
  9. Of Aquarius are represented as the figure of a man, while the fainter naked, eye ,stars are represented as a vessel from which is pouring a stream of water. The
  10. Blue eye is closely related to the hearing ability, and the presence of a blue, eye ,can indicate that the cat is deaf to the side the blue eye is located. However
  11. Ruler. Once he was firmly established in the Northern March,Albert's covetous, eye ,lay also on the thinly populated lands to the north and east. Three years he
  12. And resources. Methods include simply looking at the night sky with the naked, eye , using binoculars, and using a variety of optical telescopes of varying power
  13. Has to do with the proper function (argon) of a thing. An eye is only a good, eye ,in so much as it can see, because the proper function of an eye is sight.
  14. Argued that the process of vision occurs neither by rays emitted from the, eye , nor through physical forms entering it. He reasoned that a ray could not
  15. Of seven mechanical arts. Modern era image of the above farms. To the untrained, eye , this image appears a hodgepodge of colors without any apparent purpose. But
  16. The ANSI/HI (Hydraulic Institute) standards used for pumps. *The ANSI for, eye ,protection is Z87.1,which gives a specific impact resistance rating to the
  17. Tiberius ordered a centurion to flog her and in the course she lost an, eye , Refusing to eat, Agrippina was force-fed but later starved herself to death.
  18. Taught that virtue has to do with the proper function (argon) of a thing. An, eye ,is only a good eye in so much as it can see, because the proper function of an
  19. From its Old English meaning, dægesege, from doges age meaning" day's, eye ," and this was because the petals open at dawn and close at dusk. Distribution
  20. Sip-and-puff input, switch access, and vision-based input devices, such as, eye ,trackers which allow the user to control the mouse with their eye s.
  21. Handsome man, but from the cognizance on his shield, an able man, had a quick, eye ,as well as a strong hand, and could pick what way was straightest among crooked
  22. Theory which explained the process of vision as rays of light proceeding to the, eye ,from each point on an object, which he proved through the use of
  23. And temperature, respectively (like altitude on a contour map),then as the, eye ,moves towards the axes (towards the south-west),it sees the density of
  24. Be correctable to 20/20 in each eye . *The refractive surgical procedures of the, eye , PARK (Photorefractive keratectomy) and LAST, are now allowed, providing at
  25. To correctly document the anatomy of the human eye , along with descriptions of, eye ,afflictions such as cataracts. It asserts that tuberculosis was contagious
  26. 1.63 to 1.88 m). * Distant visual acuity must be correctable to 20/20 in each, eye , *The refractive surgical procedures of the eye , PRK (Photorefractive
  27. Ca. 86 – 160) described Alexander as: The strong, handsome commander with one, eye ,dark as the night and one blue as the sky. British historian Peter Green (born
  28. One amber or green. The W gene which is responsible for the white coat and blue, eye ,is closely related to the hearing ability, and the presence of a blue eye can
  29. Supported by Aristotle and his followers, had physical forms entering the, eye ,from an object. Alien argued that the process of vision occurs neither by
  30. Far more accurate measurements of angles than is possible with the naked, eye , Flemish astronomer Godfrey Wendell repeated Aristarchus' measurements in
  31. Name AYN, either from a Finnish name or from the Hebrew word (akin, meaning ", eye ,"). In the fall of 1925,Rand was granted a visa to visit American relatives.
  32. In bigger productions the conventions of limited animation are used to fool the, eye ,into thinking there is more movement than there is. Camera angles, camera
  33. On Gaelic works. He described the process of sight, the structure of the, eye , image formation in the eye , and the visual system. He also described what
  34. Streams and shorelines. Types of agate A Mexican agate, showing only a single, eye , has received the name of cyclops agate. Included matter of a green, golden
  35. Is only a good eye in so much as it can see, because the proper function of an, eye ,is sight. Aristotle reasoned that humans must have a function specific to
  36. Dysfunction of the vestibulocerebellum impairs the balance and the control of, eye ,movements. This presents itself with postural instability, in which the person
  37. The process of sight, the structure of the eye , image formation in the, eye , and the visual system. He also described what became known as Hering's law of
  38. Self-injury includes movements that injure or can injure the person, such as, eye ,poking, skin picking, hand biting, and head banging. Other symptoms Autistic
  39. Presence of a blue eye can indicate that the cat is deaf to the side the blue, eye ,is located. However, a great many blue and odd- eye d white cats have normal
  40. Lasers are used in surgery to weld arteries, destroy tumors, and to correct, eye ,defects. It has also used experimentally to replace nitrogen in the breathing
  41. After we open our eye s. He also appealed to common observations such as the, eye ,being dazzled or even injured if we look at a very bright light. He instead
  42. Meaning gleaming, silvery,and later, bluish-green or gray) and ops (ώψ, eye , or sometimes, face ). It is interesting to note that glass (γλαύξ," owl" )
  43. That photography could record astronomical features invisible to the human, eye , * Robert E. Cox (1917–1989) who conducted the" Gleanings for ATMs" column
  44. Dues, or trade. In subsistence agriculture cropping decisions are made with an, eye ,to what the family needs for food, and to make clothing, and not the world
  45. To the Manager of the Haggard Terminal in New York. He catches Deign Taggart's, eye ,as one of the few competent men on staff. After seeing the sorry state of the
  46. Sympathy toward the Confederacy resulted in Johnson initially turning a blind, eye ,towards a series of armed incursions by Fenian's (Irish-American civil war
  47. Logician John Venn, however,in his 1881 Symbolic Logic, turned a jaundiced, eye ,to this effort:" I have no high estimate myself of the interest or importance
  48. Toddlers differ more strikingly from social norms; for example, they have less, eye ,contact and turn taking, and do not have the ability to use simple movements to
  49. Pike. Pike was arrested, and was later released when Ginsberg, sporting a black, eye , refused to press charges. Relationship to Communism Ginsberg talked openly
  50. 24 months. Screening tools designed for one culture's norms for behaviors like, eye ,contact may be inappropriate for a different culture. Although genetic

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