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  1. Disability advocates point out that technology is often created without, regard ,to people with disabilities, creating unnecessary barriers to hundreds of
  2. And Its Own, published in 1844,is a founding text of the philosophy. Without, regard ,for God, state,or morality. To Sterner, rights were spooks in the mind, and he
  3. Number of alkyl groups on the amine. However, there is no strict trend in this, regard , as basicity is also governed by other factors mentioned above. Consider the Kb
  4. Unprofitability and sustainability. Austrian School economists therefore, regard ,the state-sponsored central bank as the main cause of inflation, because they
  5. A wealthy citizen appointed to the task by one of the arc hons. A chorus could, regard ,his personal expenditure on the Chorus as a civic duty and a public honor, but
  6. Smith Jr. said that he inquired of Heavenly Father about what he should do in, regard ,to the Apocrypha, Deuterocanonical Books of the Catholic bible, that are not
  7. Examination, to insure the" good health" of the spouses, in particular in, regard ,to sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and" life hygiene" ( sic). The
  8. And the formula that gives the differential is the account of the form. With, regard ,to the change (kinesis) and its causes now, as he defines in his Physics and
  9. Suffering, as Canada does, is the only honorable course. " Many commentators, regard ,Seven Samurai as the ultimate expression of the artist’s heroic ideal. Joan
  10. Possible for an Austrian to realize which dialect is being spoken. However, in, regard , to the dialects of the deeper valleys of the Tirol, other Tyroleans are often
  11. Region to the East of Byzantium, while Europe was lying to the West. In that, regard ,the Turks named this region Anatole, which led to Anatolia. The European
  12. The poor in designing their projects. The pamphlet targets reformers who ", regard ,people as commodities ". In the piece, Swift adopts the" technique of a
  13. Honour, but Aristophanes showed in The Knights that wealthy citizens could, regard ,civic responsibilities as punishment imposed on them by demagogues and
  14. Physical entity Asia differs very widely among and within its regions with, regard ,to ethnic groups, cultures,environments, economics,historical ties and
  15. Refers specifically to students, many workers share the same experience with, regard ,to their career or profession. The fear of failing at a task and being
  16. Genus and is not mapped far south of there. On the other hand, scientists, regard , the overall data as insufficient due to the" difficulties of undertaking such
  17. Contributions to alchemical hermeticism. The most influential author in this, regard ,was arguably Jair. Jabir's ultimate goal was Taken, the artificial creation
  18. And other religions) is resisted by the conservatives and fundamentalists, who, regard , the concept as equating with 'contradiction '. Non-fundamentalist Christians
  19. The service. In April 1718 fresh confessions were extorted from, and in, regard ,to, Alexei. This included the words of Abyssinia, who had turned state's
  20. German poet Utica Turn, who made extensive use of anagram techniques, came to, regard ,obsession with anagrams as a" dangerous fever ", because it created isolation
  21. The state-sponsored central bank as the main cause of inflation, because they, regard ,the bank as the institution charged with the creation of new money. When newly
  22. Of the intellect, follow your reason as far as it will take you, without, regard , to any other consideration. And negatively: In matters of the intellect, do not
  23. Traditionally included as" algae" in older textbooks, many modern sources, regard ,this as outdated as they are now considered to be bacteria. The term algae is
  24. Of the jump, the programmer need only work on the changed parts with no, regard ,to anything else; the assembler will assemble the modified program with all
  25. With ethical and moral themes led him at times to create what some commentators, regard ,as sentimental or naïve work. Speaking of the postwar“ slice of life” drama
  26. Are subject to the jurisdiction of the magistrate's court in Cape Town. In, regard ,to violations of the Antarctic Treaty and related agreements, South Africa also
  27. Figure in the Quran, mentioned in 25 chapters, briefly or in detail. Muslims, regard ,him as a prophet and patriarch, the archetype of the perfect Muslim, and the
  28. That translates assembly language statements into machine code. Some may, regard ,this as imprecision or error. However, this usage has been common among
  29. Of Augustus to Tiberius which display affection towards Tiberius and high, regard ,for his military merits. Copies of the text were inscribed throughout the
  30. An Asian context. Kurosawa instructed his leading actress, Isuzu Yamaha, to, regard , the work as if it were a cinematic version of a Japanese rather than a European
  31. Less than Z. The critical Z value which makes the atom unstable with, regard ,to high-field breakdown of the vacuum and production of electron-positron pairs
  32. Assembled and accepted the Nicene Creed of 381,which was supplemented in, regard ,to the Holy Spirit, as well as some other changes: see Comparison between Creed
  33. Especially if the affine is not available for cross-examination) with, regard ,to material facts which may be dispositive of the matter at bar. Affidavits
  34. Such as welding and casting. The problem with aluminum alloys in this, regard ,is their low melting point, which make them more susceptible to distortions
  35. Apes. Unlike some other Darwinist's, including Darwin himself, he did not ", regard ,modern primitives as almost filling the gap between man and ape ". He saw the
  36. Such attitudes were more commonly expressed publicly),and particularly in, regard ,to Italians, Jews,and non-Europeans. For example, in the first editions of the
  37. Of the franchise for the colored people, his unyielding disposition in, regard ,to matters involving no vital principle did much to bring it about. His quarrel
  38. Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was charged with interpreting the 1990 law with, regard ,to discrimination in employment. Its regulations narrowed" substantially
  39. And sculpture. In Ancient Greece sculptors and painters were held in low, regard , somewhere between freemen and slaves, their work regard ed as mere manual
  40. Working through the fallible, earthly ecclesial Anglican. " These theologians, regard ,Scripture as interpreted through tradition and reason as authoritative in
  41. Efficacy Acupuncture has been the subject of active scientific research both in, regard ,to its basis and therapeutic effectiveness since the late 20th century, but it
  42. Enabling Nero to quickly take the throne as emperor. Accounts vary wildly with, regard ,to this private incident and according to more modern sources, it is quite
  43. Near the German frontier, and establishing cordial relations with France. With, regard ,to Bulgaria he exercised similar self-control. The efforts of Prince Alexander
  44. Or modulus) | a | of a real number an is the numerical value of a without, regard ,to its sign. So, for example, the absolute value of 3 is 3,and the absolute
  45. A fool" ( said of a person named" Elizabeth" who has done something that we, regard ,as foolish). In Korzybski's system,one's assessment of Elizabeth belongs to
  46. Distribution of resources, and the lingering effects of colonialism. In this, regard , figures such as Desmond Tutu and Ted Scott were instrumental in mobilizing
  47. Received the mystic name from a common source now unknown. Having due, regard ,to the magic papyri, in which many of the unintelligible names of the
  48. And Nobel laureates Milton Friedman and Paul Krugman have said that they, regard ,the theory as incorrect. In contrast to most mainstream theories on business
  49. Those to whom the labels are applied. Hence, the Roman Catholic Church does not, regard ,itself as a party or strand within the universal church – but rather identifies
  50. They are regard ed with mingled apprehension and condescension, for their high, regard ,for personal honor, for their tribe loyalty and for their readiness to use

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