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  1. Into a nucleus, and it became clear that the plum pudding model could not, explain ,atomic behavior. About this time, Niels Bohr stepped into the fray and
  2. An alternate history may not be clear. The writer might allude to a POD only to, explain ,the existence and make no use of the concept, or may present the universe
  3. In which the word ambrosia necessarily means immortal, and preferred to, explain ,it as" fragrant," a sense which is always suitable. If so, the word may be
  4. At length and noted" most of those who gave evidence were at pains to, explain ,that criticism of Israel is not to be regarded in itself as antisemitic ... The
  5. Triton River. Classicist Martin Vernal created the" Black Athena Theory" to, explain ,this associated origin by claiming that the conception of Faith was brought to
  6. Rather than the general laws derived in physics or chemistry, or they may, explain ,individual cases through more general principles, as in many fields of
  7. Object and probably in NGC 2264-IR as well. This detection helped, explain ,the physical shape of previously poorly understood and related ice absorption
  8. Of refugees to Byzantine areas. Several explanations have been advanced to, explain ,the swiftness and ease of the initial Lombard advance in northern Italy. It has
  9. 1923) he argued that Western philosophy from Descartes to Kant had set out to, explain ,the objective world expecting that humanity would be found to have a special
  10. And description of phenomena in the sky, while astrophysics attempted to, explain ,these phenomena and the differences between them using physical laws. Today
  11. Of a worldly Jewish spirit: While all other religions endeavor to, explain ,to the people by symbols the metaphysical significance of life, the religion of
  12. That this makes Austrian theories too imprecisely defined to be clearly used to, explain ,or predict real world events. Paul Krugman's opinion is that because Austrians
  13. S own demeanor, as he often played" dumb" to the media, and refused to, explain ,his work. The artist was famous for having said that all you need to know about
  14. The hard gray stone is one of the most durable materials available and helps to, explain ,why the city's buildings look brand-new when they have been newly cleaned and
  15. Ancient Greece. He was an early proponent of science and tried to observe and, explain ,different aspects of the universe, with a particular interest in its origins
  16. Economist. " Austrians argue that empirical data in and of itself cannot, explain ,anything, which in turn implies that empirical data cannot falsify a theory.
  17. And gathering evidence that would lead him to a theory on how glaciation might, explain ,certain commonalities between the mountain flora of Europe, Asia and North
  18. Discussing the effectiveness of acupuncture have concluded it is possible to, explain ,its effects as a placebo effect. A review for the American Pain
  19. Banks and central banks to explain the business cycles, it fails to, explain ,the severity of business cycles before the establishment of the Federal Reserve
  20. The ape iron as a substance that, although not directly perceptible to us, could, explain , the opposites he saw around him. Anaximander explain s how the four elements of
  21. S access services and modem banks. * AOL created animated cartoons in 2008 to, explain ,behavioral targeting to its users, showing how a user's past visits to other
  22. Collected in front of a fireplace or at the foot of the stairs in order to, explain ,what happened a few minutes ago. Howard Hawks legitimized this style in his
  23. In America that he would be stopped on the street by people wanting him to, explain ," that theory ". He finally figured out a way to handle the incessant inquiries
  24. Mechanical postulates introduced by Planck and developed by Einstein would, explain ,the discrete motion of electrons in atoms, and the periodic table of the
  25. Winged ones,” i.e., angels. But this extremely ingenious theory would at most, explain ,only the mystic word Abracadabra, whose connection with Abraham is by no means
  26. Writers drew on higher dimensions and the speculations of P. D. Suspense to, explain ,their characters' cross-time journeys. While many justifications for alternate
  27. Beginning of a phenomenon sometimes called the" Greek miracle ": men try to, explain ,the nature of the world, not with the aid of myths or religion, but with
  28. Olympiad, year of the world, or regnal year of Augustus; much fewer does he, explain ,or justify the underlying date. " Blackburn & Holford-Strevens briefly present
  29. Speak out much on the subject of religion, although he used religious terms to, explain ,his decision, while remaining a pacifist, to join the army:" In fighting
  30. Inclination of the celestial sphere in relation to the plane of the Earth to, explain ,the seasons. The demographer and theologian Genius attributes to Pythagoras the
  31. Generally the States' behavior validated the Federalist analysis. This helps, explain ,why the Articles of Confederation needed reforms. Foreign policy Even after
  32. Led to the Bohr atom model and to the birth of quantum mechanics. In seeking to, explain ,atomic spectra an entirely new mathematical model of matter was revealed. As
  33. Or dead allosaurs, and were sometimes killed in the process. This could, explain ,the high proportion of juvenile and subadult allosaurs present, as juveniles
  34. Of the 1997 NIH consensus statement, even if research is still unable to, explain ,its mechanism. The coordinator for the team that produced the report, Xiaorui
  35. Were the first natural philosophers (φυσιολόγοι: physiology) who tried to, explain ,phenomena according to non-supernatural laws, and Pythagoras introduced the
  36. Disrupted synaptic development may also contribute to epilepsy, which may, explain ,why the two conditions are associated. Interactions between the immune system
  37. Is reinforced by the month Appellation in northwest Greek calendars, but it can, explain ,only the Doric type of the name, which is connected with the Ancient Macedonian
  38. Divide along sectional lines. Above (1988) identifies several factors that, explain ,the collapse of the Confederation. The lack of compulsory direct taxation power
  39. Theory points to the actions of fractional-reserve banks and central banks to, explain ,the business cycles, it fails to explain the severity of business cycles before
  40. The values of the quantum numbers, and their energies (see below), explain , the electron configuration of the atoms and the periodic table. The stationary
  41. Back into consumption sectors. Krugman argues that this theory does not, explain ,unemployment. Since total spending is equal to total income, the reallocation
  42. Recent observations by the European Space Agency's INTEGRAL satellite may, explain ,the origin of a giant cloud of antimatter surrounding the galactic center. The
  43. Jurisdictions a defendant is allowed the opportunity to allocate—that is, explain ,himself—before sentence is passed. Some jurisdictions hold this as an absolute
  44. Corporeal and spiritual gifts. A number of theories have been proposed to, explain ,the two figures, and there are occasional references to them in popular culture
  45. Spiritual cures after experiencing a healing of Marie Billy that he could not, explain , The Catholic journal Le novelist reported that she named him the prime
  46. A ‘ scientific search for the soul ’. Frank Tiller has argued that physics can, explain ,immortality, though such arguments are not falsifiable and thus do not qualify
  47. No longitudinal vibration whatsoever. He proposed the either drag hypothesis to, explain ,a lack of variation in astronomical observations. His use of two plane mirrors
  48. Times, and may explicitly include a" retreat" from the world, which would, explain ,the current absence of such phenomena. When the magical version of our world's
  49. Brain activation in many circuits outside the MNS and the MNS theory does not, explain ,the normal performance of autistic children on imitation tasks that involve a
  50. The particles are related to the wave. But he does suggest that this idea would, explain ,certain experimental results, notably the photoelectric effect. Quantized

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