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  1. That is, one must be able to construct, in an explicit and canonical manner, anything ,that is proven to exist. This foundation rejects the full axiom of choice
  2. Tasks of any other machine, or in other words, is provably capable of computing, anything ,that is computable. Turing machines are to this day a central object of study
  3. Value, they disagree that free market competition would cause protection (or, anything ,else) to be provided" at cost. " Like the 19th-century American individualist
  4. Being of the world was a state of indefiniteness. In accordance with this, anything ,definite has to eventually pass back into indefiniteness. In other words
  5. Author is broadly defined as" the person who originates or gives existence to, anything ," and that authorship determines responsibility for what is created. Narrowly
  6. In metaphysics, Rand embraced philosophical realism and atheism, and opposed, anything ,she regarded as mysticism or supernaturalism, including all forms of religion.
  7. In common to indicate k; while ら Ra, り RI, る Ru, れ re, ろ RO have neither, anything ,in common for r, nor anything to indicate that they have the same vowels as the
  8. It. Causality, The Four Causes Aristotle suggested that the reason for, anything ,coming about can be attributed to four different types of simultaneously active
  9. While ら Ra, り RI, る Ru, れ re, ろ RO have neither anything in common for r, nor, anything , to indicate that they have the same vowels as the k set. Most Indian and
  10. Is different from asymmetry. According to one definition of asymmetric, anything ,that fails to be symmetric is asymmetric. Another definition of asymmetric
  11. The first to explicitly posit cross-time travel from one universe to another as, anything ,more than a visionary experience) is H. G. Wells' Men Like Gods (1923) in
  12. Showcase their own works and provide useful tools for those fans searching for, anything ,alternate history. 's" Sci FI Site of the Week. " Collaborative attempts by
  13. Europe, and every country witnessed the erection of monasteries far exceeding, anything ,that had yet been seen in spaciousness and splendor. Few great towns in Italy
  14. Is unknowable by reason of our natural inability to verify any experience with, anything ,but another subjective experience. A strong agnostic would say," I cannot know
  15. The jump, the programmer need only work on the changed parts with no regard to, anything ,else; the assembler will assemble the modified program with all jumps and so on
  16. Exclusive. Anarchist schools of thought can differ fundamentally, supporting, anything , from extreme individualism to complete collectivism. Anarchism is often
  17. In Night Watch, Terry Pratchett depicts a character informing Times that while, anything ,that can happen, has happened, nevertheless there is no history whatsoever in
  18. Magdalena College, Oxford. Garner was the first member of his family to receive, anything ,more than a basic education, although he noted that this resulted in him being
  19. Reach a point where it is able to improve itself at a rate that far exceeds, anything ,conceivable in the past, a scenario that science fiction writer Vernon Vine
  20. Difficult problem of German naval Enigma" because no one else was doing, anything ,about it and I could have it to myself ". In December 1939,Turing solved the
  21. Creating – in Ariadne's case the Finnish sleuth Sven Person. We never learn, anything ,about her husband, but we do know that she hates alcohol and public appearances
  22. Been found Guilty by a jury of your peers of the offense of XYZ. Do you have, anything ,to say as to why the sentence of this Court should not now be passed upon you?
  23. Plot were typical of the series. In the film, Mrs. McGillicuddy does not see, anything ,because there is no Mrs. McGillicuddy. Miss Marple herself sees an apparent
  24. Then to labor amounts in free market. And he did not think that there was, anything ,exploitative about people receiving an income according to how much others
  25. Or pseudo-opcode is a command given to an assembler. These directives may do, anything ,from telling the assembler to include other source files, to telling it to
  26. From the downright grim to the cheerfully optimistic, and it need not imply, anything ,specific about the writer's political views. Neal Stephenson, in particular
  27. For example, the fact that nothing in the ADA amends, overrides or cancels, anything ,in Section 504. Additionally, Title V includes an anti retaliation or coercion
  28. Designed at the beginning of the 20th century which were very different from, anything ,Amsterdam had ever seen before: Plan Zoo, designed by the architect Barrage
  29. Qualities as a mere temporary shine for the able editors, and never came to, anything , full of fire, too much of it wildfire, not in the least like an Alcibiades
  30. Have been known to bet with a potential customer that if he does not catch, anything ,the trip is free. Today the fort serves as the Muse Historic de Acapulco (
  31. N't think that we have a way forward with talks or negotiations or contacts or, anything ,as such. Then we have to be prepared to tackle and deal with them militarily.
  32. Backed by Hitler's strong support (the dictator stated," Speer,I'll sign, anything ,that comes from you" ), he divided the armament field according to weapon
  33. Origins, claiming that nature is ruled by laws, just like human societies, and, anything , that disturbs the balance of nature does not last long. Like many thinkers of
  34. Grade of Magus and his view of himself:" It is no good making up my mind to do, anything ,material; for I have no means. But this would vanish if I could make up my mind
  35. Speer created a market for people who said,'Believe me, I didn't know, anything ,about the Holocaust. Just look at the Führer's friend, he didn't know about
  36. Hatred, and their envy have now perished; Nevermore will they have a share in, anything ,done under the sun. " (ECC. 9:4-6 NKJV) Similarly Psalms 146:2-4 (NK JV)
  37. He concluded that" the only excuse which I have yet discovered for writing, anything ,is that I want to write it; and I should be as proud to be delivered of a
  38. Austrians argue that empirical data in and of itself cannot explain, anything , which in turn implies that empirical data cannot falsify a theory. Paul A.
  39. Wrote to Darwin complaining that there were" no opponents left who know, anything ,of natural history, so that there are none of the good discussions we used to
  40. Which denotes an independent atomic timescale, not synchronized to TAI or to, anything ,else. The clocks at different institutions are regularly compared against each
  41. A thief who breaks into a house by picking a lock and is caught before taking, anything ,would still owe the victim for violating the sanctity of his property rights.
  42. 1840) sometimes used the term Allah but without any implication that Allah was, anything ,different from God. However, in his biography of Muhammad (1934),Tor Andræ
  43. The nature of Vivaldi's and Giro's relationship, but no evidence to indicate, anything ,beyond friendship and professional collaboration. Although Vivaldi's
  44. 256-bit keys. Known attacks For cryptographers, a cryptographic" break" is, anything ,faster than a brute force—performing one trial encryption for each key. Thus
  45. But Deign can find no one better in all the country. Nearly believes that, anything ,can get done with enough muscle power. He sees no role for intelligence in
  46. The Future. He typically bashes business and businessmen, but he never says, anything ,specific in his articles, relying on innuendo, sneers,and denunciation. He
  47. The Earth floats very still in the center of the infinite, not supported by, anything , It remains" in the same place because of its indifference ", a point of view
  48. Hires Owen to produce switches made of Rear den Metal. He is reluctant to build, anything ,with this unproven technology, and has to be cajoled into accepting the
  49. S Dracula and Andy Warhol's Frankenstein, were far more mainstream than, anything ,Warhol as a director had attempted. These latter" Warhol" films starred Joe
  50. Capable of deliberation and choice. " What is not capable of action cannot do, anything ,by chance ". Metaphysics Aristotle defines metaphysics as" the knowledge of

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