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  1. And Roman Catholic representatives declared that they had" substantial, agreement ,on the doctrine of the Eucharist" in the
  2. The US Government donated 3 motorboats to the Azerbaijani navy. In 2007 an, agreement ,between Azeris Navy and a US military company was concluded, which stated that a
  3. Of the dual (grammatical number) except on nouns, with consistent plural, agreement ,(cf. feminine singular agreement in plural inanimate). *Change of a to i in
  4. Elucidation of the ARCTIC Windsor Statement. Despite this, agreement , other ecclesiological differences between the two churches prevent full
  5. In 1992,the Afghan political parties agreed on a peace and power-sharing, agreement ,(the Peshawar Accords). The Peshawar Accords created the Islamic State of
  6. Shown great interest in Israeli technology over the years. In particular,an, agreement ,was reached over the construction of the factory of intelligence and combat
  7. Russian Orthodox Church and the Holy See meet in Metz, France,and come to an, agreement ,wherein the Russian church would send observers to the Second Vatican Council
  8. In any case, it must be a pleasure to me to see my doctrine in such close, agreement ,with a religion that the majority of men on earth hold as their own, for this
  9. Implemented in the production of biodegradable plastics by Carpals, Inc. An, agreement ,has also been reached with the US Military to introduce more biodegradable
  10. To make trade concessions. The Dutch Republic signed a friendship and trade, agreement ,with the United States in 1782,and was the second country (after France) to
  11. Batteries of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles. However, in 2005-2007,following an, agreement ,on the withdrawal of two Russian military bases from Georgia, a great deal of
  12. Formally the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, was an, agreement ,among the 13 founding states that legally established the United States of
  13. The military position as international importance of Azerbaijan increased with, agreement ,between Azerbaijan and Turkey on the participation an Azerbaijani peacekeeping
  14. Was unable to alleviate. In 1874,Mackenzie negotiated a new free trade, agreement ,with the United States, eliminating the high protective tariffs on Canadian
  15. Cooperates with about 60 countries in the military-technical sphere and has an, agreement ,on military-technical cooperation with more than 30 countries. Turkey In
  16. Missiles capable of reaching India. * 1998 – Travelers Group announces an, agreement ,to undertake the $76 billion merger between Travelers and Chicory, and the
  17. Years the prayer books of several provinces have, out of deference to a greater, agreement ,with Eastern Conciliation (and a perceived greater respect accorded
  18. To supply the necessary spare parts and equipment. In accordance with this, agreement , Armenia and Russia agreed to work together in exporting weapons and other
  19. Hold as their own, for these numbers far more followers than any other. And this, agreement ,must be yet the more pleasing to me, inasmuch as in my philosophizing I have
  20. This only happened for 2009. From 2010 the Canterbury Bulldogs signed an, agreement ,to play one home game per season at the Adelaide Oval for three years with the
  21. A portion of their production. In March 2001,Azerbaijan concluded a gas, agreement ,with Turkey, providing a future export market for Azerbaijan. In 2002 the
  22. Heat exchangers and ventilators In early 2008,reports indicated that an, agreement ,with Turkey had been signed which would lead to Azerbaijan producing armored
  23. Canterbury. The status of full communion means, ideally,that there is mutual, agreement ,on essential doctrines, and that full participation in the sacramental life of
  24. The Soviet republics of Russia, Armenia,Azerbaijan, and Georgia signed an, agreement ,with Turkey known as the Treaty of Cars. The previously independent Magician
  25. Terrains of Azerbaijan. There is no further information whether any, agreement ,has been made. NATO The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and
  26. Telecom. In 2006,the Afghan Ministry of Communications signed a $64.5 million, agreement ,with ZTE for the establishment of a countrywide optical fiber cable network. As
  27. Cooperation with more than 30 countries. Turkey In December 2009,an, agreement ,on military assistance was signed by Turkey and Azerbaijan. The agreement
  28. Turing was given a choice between imprisonment or probation conditional on his, agreement ,to undergo hormonal treatment designed to reduce libido. He accepted chemical
  29. Vessel (AG). The U. S. Navy has helped train the Azeris Navy. There is also an, agreement ,to provide US support to refurbish Azeris warships in the Caspian Sea. In 2006
  30. Inter-governmental commission on bilateral military-technical cooperation. The, agreement ,envisages the two countries' interaction in exporting military production to
  31. Of conventional military equipment. Azerbaijan approved the CFE flank, agreement ,in May 1997. The transfer of the property of the 4th Army (except for part of
  32. Together),(union/alliance/association),(combine/unify),and (mutual, agreement ,). There is an idea of reciprocity, ( to get to know one another),(
  33. ISO 14000 standards. *On June 23, 2009 ANSI announced a product and services, agreement ,with Citation Technologies to deliver all ISO Standards on a web-based platform
  34. Except on nouns, with consistent plural agreement (cf. feminine singular, agreement ,in plural inanimate). *Change of a to i in many affixes (e.g.
  35. Label Universal Music later said that no legal action would be taken because an, agreement ,had been reached. Discography Bibliography * Old ham, Andrew,Calder, Tony &
  36. Mentioned as a noun. Numerals between three and ten show" chiasm ", agreement , in that grammatically masculine numerals have feminine marking and vice versa.
  37. Secede—leave the Union—at any time, that the Constitution was a" compact" or, agreement ,among the states. Northerners (including President Buchanan) rejected that
  38. Beyond the Mississippi River. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 noted the, agreement ,of the original states to give up northwestern land claims, organized the
  39. Following the abortive License Accord with UNITS in 1991. As part of the peace, agreement , troops from both armies were to be demilitarized and then integrated.
  40. German Air Company Deutsche Left Hans. On the basis of a ten-year concession, agreement , the Albanian Airlines Company Adrian Aero Lloyd was established. In the spring
  41. An agreement on military assistance was signed by Turkey and Azerbaijan. The, agreement ,envisions Ankara’s supplying Azerbaijan with weapons, military equipment and
  42. Objected condemned these actions as scriptural, unilateral,and without the, agreement ,of the Communion prior to these steps being taken. In response, the American
  43. Of influx of flights and passengers. In 1977 Albania's government signed an, agreement ,with Greece to open the country's first air links with non-communist Europe.
  44. Then the Academy keeps the statuette. Academy Awards not protected by this, agreement ,have been sold in public auctions and private deals for six-figure sums. While
  45. And not on theory, those engaged in moral debate increase the possibility of, agreement , In mathematics, the absolute value (or modulus) | a | of a real number an is
  46. Was set for the year 1991. In March 1983 Aruba finally reached an official, agreement ,within the Kingdom for Aruba's Independence, which would occur in a series of
  47. And other military equipment to third countries in December 2009. The export, agreement ,was signed by Defense Minister Saran Ghanian and a visiting senior Russian
  48. Lower prices of the Russian domestic market as part of a collective security, agreement ,since January 2004. According to unconfirmed reports by the Azeris media, Russia
  49. Any negotiation with the Confederacy as a coequal; his sole objective was an, agreement ,to end the fighting and the meetings produced no results. On April 1,Grant
  50. The most venerated heroes in American history, with even white Southerners in, agreement , The high point came in 1922 with the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial on the

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