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  1. Is with Islamic theology, distinguishes more clearly than Aristotelianism the, difference ,between essence and existence. Whereas existence is the domain of the
  2. In the UK. Another checklist reports only about 5000 species. Regarding the, difference ,of about 15000 species, the text concludes:" It will require many detailed
  3. Be considered separate languages. On the other hand, a significant, difference ,between Arabic and the Romance languages is that the latter also correspond to
  4. To occur, the electron must drop to a lower energy state that has an energy, difference ,matching the energy of the interacting photon. The emitted photon and the
  5. Known to form ionic astatine, as well as positive oxidation states. The main, difference ,between astatine and iodine is that in the Hat molecule, the negative charge is
  6. UTC. This is still true as of 2011-09-01. 34 seconds results from the initial, difference ,of 10 seconds at the start of 1972,plus 24 leap seconds in UTC since 1972.
  7. Another part of the brain was also involved, and it was quite sensitive to the, difference ,between doing something for personal gain and doing it for someone else's gain
  8. See Alpine geography. ) The geologic subdivision is different and makes no, difference ,between the Western and Eastern Alps: the Helvetius in the north, the
  9. Problems. When one attempts to solve problems in this class, it makes no, difference ,whether ZF or ZFC is employed if the only question is the existence of a proof.
  10. In divide and conquer, whereas subproblems overlap in dynamic programming. The, difference ,between dynamic programming and straightforward recursion is in caching or
  11. As the basis for a free and prosperous society. Murray Rothbard said that the, difference ,between free-market capitalism and" state capitalism" is the difference
  12. Are computable and therefore definable. The field of algebraic numbers The sum, difference , product and quotient of two algebraic numbers is again algebraic (this fact
  13. The faces of the pigs look like the faces of humans and no one can tell the, difference ,between them. Animalism The pigs Snowball, Napoleon,and Squealer adapt Old
  14. Capitalism and state capitalism," writes Rothbard," is precisely the, difference ,between, on the one hand, peaceful,voluntary exchange, and on the other
  15. Absolute values. For example:: Absolute value is used to define the absolute, difference , the standard metric on the real numbers. Complex numbers Since the complex
  16. Or the debasement of the means of exchange). They argue that this semantic, difference ,is important in defining inflation and finding a cure for inflation. Austrian
  17. A greedy algorithm is similar to a dynamic programming algorithm, but the, difference ,is that solutions to the subproblems do not have to be known at each stage;
  18. Are sometimes considered applied art. Some art followers have argued that the, difference ,between fine art and applied art has more to do with value judgments made about
  19. Moderately less attachment security than non-autistic children, although this, difference ,disappears in children with higher mental development or less severe ASD. Older
  20. Teams of two or more drivers, switching every few hours. Due to the performance, difference ,between production-based sports cars and purpose-built sports prototypes, one
  21. Capitalism' on the one hand, and 'state capitalism' on the other. "" The, difference ,between free-market capitalism and state capitalism," writes Rothbard," is
  22. Beginning in the 13th century and finally to" computational machines"—the, difference ,engine and analytical engines of Charles Babbage and Countess Ada Lovelace.
  23. The difference between free-market capitalism and" state capitalism" is the, difference ,between" peaceful, voluntary exchange" and a collusive partnership between
  24. Resolution of an analog signal is higher than a comparable digital signal,the, difference ,can be overshadowed by the noise in the signal. Most of the analog systems also
  25. Euclidean spaces respectively. The properties of the absolute value of the, difference ,of two real or complex numbers: non-negativity, identity of indiscernible
  26. Be a high probability that its presence or absence would have made a material, difference ,in the trial. Another issue suitable for appeal in criminal cases is effective
  27. The integers, as the latter are the roots of Monica polynomials for all The sum, difference ,and product of algebraic integers are again algebraic integers, which means
  28. Was emphasized by Sufi mystics like Arabia al-Adawiyya who paid attention to the, difference ,in dedication to Allah and dedication to people. 13th century Turkish Sufi poet
  29. Art, which he helped design and build with Amiga, Inc. He also displayed the, difference ,between slow fill and fast fill on live TV with Debbie Harry as a model. (
  30. Necessary, the usage is still common in cases where there is an important, difference ,in properties between the straight-chain and branched-chain isomers, e. g.
  31. But have been understudied. ) Within the non-peninsula varieties, the largest, difference ,is between the non-Egyptian North African dialects (especially Moroccan Arabic
  32. Group and the KISS give figures which agree with only a single aircraft's, difference , Recently, end of 2010 Russian Roberto announced that Azerbaijan armed forces
  33. Adjacent vertices. Dynamic programming and memorization go together. The main, difference ,between dynamic programming and divide and conquer is that subproblems are more
  34. The initiation of force is usually referred to as aggression or coercion. The, difference ,between anarcho-capitalists and other libertarians is largely one of the degree
  35. S. Government or any government by violence. ... I must say that I see little, difference ,between the armed and violent governments both Communist and Capitalist that I
  36. There has continued to be a tax on property in support of K–12 education; the, difference ,is that the mill rate is now set by the provincial government, the money is
  37. Has voiced the findings of the vast majority of labor economists that the, difference ,can be accounted for through technology, and less so via the decline in labor
  38. Approach to questions. In some senses, agnosticism is a stance about the, difference ,between belief and knowledge, rather than about any specific claim or belief.
  39. Southern lowlands, temperatures average about higher throughout the year. The, difference ,is greater than during the summer and somewhat less during the winter. Inland
  40. And biological anthropology remained largely positivist. Due to this, difference ,in epistemology, anthropology as a discipline has lacked cohesion over the last
  41. To nineteenth-century feminists. Schopenhauer's biological analysis of the, difference ,between the sexes, and their separate roles in the struggle for survival and
  42. Number from the origin, and more generally, that the absolute value of the, difference ,of two complex numbers is equal to the distance between those two complex
  43. To harassment by the Tsarist secret police. Tolstoy established a conceptual, difference ,between education and culture. Summer hill is often cited as an example of
  44. Plane, for complex numbers, and more generally, the absolute value of the, difference ,of two real or complex numbers is the distance between them. The standard
  45. Android in more diverse ways than robot or cyborg. In some fictional works,the, difference ,between a robot and android is only their appearance, with androids being made
  46. More stable) than the eclipsed conformation (the least stable). This, difference ,in energy between the two conformations, known as the torsion energy, is low
  47. Point: the point about which one has the lowest dispersion),and redefine the, difference ,as a modular distance (i.e., the distance on the circle: so the modular
  48. More to do with value judgments made about the art than any clear definitional, difference , However, even fine art often has goals beyond pure creativity and
  49. Compounds was one-half percent lighter than nitrogen from the atmosphere. The, difference ,seemed insignificant, but it was important enough to attract their attention
  50. Thus inherently have political power and would be nothing short of a state. The, difference ,between such an arrangement and an anarcho-capitalist system is precisely the

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