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  1. Various models targeting the wants of different users. The iPod is the market, leader ,in portable music players by a significant margin, with more than 220 million
  2. Or Musettes (; Μουσηγέτης, Mousēgetēs, from Μούσα," Muse ", and ἡγέτης,", leader ,"). As a god of archery, Apollo was known as After (; Ἀφήτωρ, Aphētōr, from
  3. Of Bette Davis claims that she named the Oscar after her first husband, band, leader , Harmon Oscar Nelson; one of the earliest mentions in print of the term Oscar
  4. Wi-Fi, and other industry standards in its computers and was in some cases a, leader ,in the adoption of standards such as USB. FireWire is an Apple-originated
  5. Conjure the institution of authority as a separate function from society. The, leader ,is only a spokesperson for the group when it has to deal with other groups ("
  6. By Russian President Vladimir Putin to the country, the first by a Russian, leader ,in half a century. In return, Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika agreed to
  7. Edwin Stanton as Secretary. Stanton proved a highly energetic and efficient, leader ,of the War Department and a strong supporter of Lincoln. Stanton ended
  8. By the FLN or by lynch mobs in Algeria. Algeria's first president was the FLN, leader ,Ahmed Ben Bella. He was overthrown by his former ally and defense minister
  9. By the end of his life Huxley was considered, in some academic circles,a, leader ,of modern thought and an intellectual of the highest rank, and highly regarded
  10. Mainly Pentecostal),according to the Protestant Church of Algeria's, leader ,Mustapha Rim. Most of them live in Kabylia area where there are more than
  11. For Asia, he left his general Antimatter, an experienced military and political, leader ,and part of the" Old Guard" that had served under Philip II, in charge of
  12. Goo Soda described using ate mi in a brawl to quickly down a gang's, leader , Others consider ate mi, especially to the face, to be methods of distraction
  13. Eventually reaches, and settles in,Galt's Gulch. *Fred Kinney is a labor, leader ,and member of the looter cabal. Unlike the others, however,Kinney is
  14. The Hun, was the ruler of the Huns from 434 until his death in 453. He was, leader ,of the Runic Empire, which stretched from the Ural River to the Rhine River
  15. Charisma and force of personality, characteristics,which made him a great, leader , Thus, rather than megalomania, such behavior may simply have been a practical
  16. Military dictatorship in Burma. She is a nonviolent pro-democracy activist and, leader ,of the National League for Democracy in Burma (Myanmar) and a noted prisoner
  17. Of whom were mounted. The attack resulted in failure however, and the Algerian, leader ,Hassan Aft became a national hero as Algiers grew into a center of military
  18. To make laws (only to promulgate them and make edicts),the President is the, leader ,of the winning party. The only" relevant" post that is not directly appointed
  19. Are direct borrowings from Arabic, such as salt 'prayer' and imam 'prayer, leader , ' In languages not directly in contact with the Arab world, Arabic loanwords
  20. Unabashedly ethnocentric. In one famous example, he counsels Alexander to be 'a, leader ,to the Greeks and a despot to the barbarians, to look after the former as after
  21. Diana Ross, and Brigitte Bardot. Warhol's famous portrait of Chinese Communist, leader ,Mao Zedong was created in 1973. He also founded, with Gerard Malaga, Interview
  22. A song and integration with the iPod. The service quickly became the market, leader ,in online music services, with over 5 billion downloads by June 19, 2008. Since
  23. And imprisoned as Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus. John Ferryman,a, leader ,in the secessionist group in Maryland, petitioned Chief Justice Roger Taney to
  24. Headed by the premier. The current premier is Alison Redford who was elected as, leader ,of the governing Progressive Conservatives on October 1,2011. Redford was
  25. In July 2005 brought Sale Bertha, an ex-Albanian communist party member, as, leader , of the Democratic Party, back to power. The current president Amir Topi was
  26. And inconsistent with the book. Characters *Alex: The novel's anti-hero and, leader ,among his druids. He often refers to himself as" Your Humble Narrator. " (
  27. Highly educated population and burgeoning economy have made Alberta a national, leader ,in health education, research,and resources. Many notable facilities include
  28. 22, 2002,after the MPA regime come to terms with the USA, Jonas Saving,the, leader ,of UNITS, was killed in combat with government troops. A cease-fire was reached
  29. Of Alexander passing his signet ring to Predicts, one of his bodyguard and, leader ,of the companion cavalry, in front of witnesses, thereby possibly nominating
  30. Kansas.:: The Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858 included Northern Democratic, leader ,Stephen A. Douglas' Freeport Doctrine. This doctrine was an argument for
  31. Paying for the studio time. After the band's first album, Warhol and band, leader ,Lou Reed started to disagree more about the direction the band should take, and
  32. 50 ships, each carrying 50 Myrmidons. Achilles appointed five leader s (each, leader ,commanding 500 Myrmidons) who were: Menesthius, Eudorus, Peisander, Phoenix
  33. Armed forces of the Angolan state) and of UNITS fought each other until the, leader ,of UNITS, Jonas Saving, was killed in action, in 2002. From 2002 to 2010,the
  34. Peloponnese. Alexander stopped at Thermopylae, where he was recognized as the, leader ,of the Amphictyonic League before heading south to Corinth. Athens sued for
  35. Ancestors would have liked each other. *Half Embank is called" the literary, leader ,of the age ", despite the fact that he has never sold more than three thousand
  36. And managed his own re-election in the 1864 presidential election. As the, leader ,of the moderate faction of the Republican Party, Lincoln came under attack from
  37. Led by the Karma administration with Hamid Karma as the President and, leader ,since late 2001. The National Assembly is the legislature, a bicameral body
  38. By Colonel Surat Human, which resulted in the rise to power of the former, leader ,of Soviet Azerbaijan, Heydar Alien. In 1994,Surat Human, by that time a
  39. Which ultimately led to Dutch independence. Strongly pushed by Dutch Revolt, leader ,William the Silent, the Dutch Republic became known for its relative religious
  40. S greedy second-in-command. Georgie attempts to undermine Alex's status as, leader ,of the gang. He later dies from a botched robbery attempt during Alex's stay
  41. His dogs chase Snowball away. In Snowball's absence, Napoleon declares himself, leader ,and makes changes. Meetings will no longer be held; instead, a committee of
  42. Dominion over colonists, and as the patron defender of herds and flocks. As the, leader ,of the Muses (Apollo Musettes) and director of their choir, Apollo
  43. David Wilkinson (2006) found strong correlations between an individual, leader ,'s reaction to ambiguous situations and the Modes of Leadership they use, the
  44. For the Turks the core piece of land in central Anatolia. In response,the, leader ,of the Turkish nationalist movement, Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, established the
  45. Ranging from the abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison to the moderate Republican, leader ,Lincoln stressed Jefferson's declaration that all
  46. Hideaway where they build an independent free economy. The novel's hero and, leader ,of the strike, John Salt, describes the strike as" stopping the motor of the
  47. A very competitive wrestling match to which he was challenged by the renowned, leader ,of a group of ruffians," the Clary's Grove boys ". Some in his family, and in
  48. Groups (including the former intelligence chief Mullah Sale and opposition, leader ,Dr. Abdullah) believe that Karma plans to appease the insurgents '
  49. The Union on any terms. Meanwhile, Lincoln and nearly every Republican, leader ,agreed that the dismantling of the Union could not be tolerated. War begins The
  50. Are to take place every five years, and the President is automatically the, leader ,of the winning party or coalition. It is for the President to appoint (and

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