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  1. Its macroeconomic management, including increasing revenue collection, improve ,the investment climate, and accelerate the privatization process. A liberal
  2. Theories and ethical decision processes * Professional ethics, or ethics to, improve ,professionalism * Clinical ethics, or ethics to improve our basic health needs
  3. Aleksandr Cayuse, suggested a major redesign of AK-1,particularly to, improve ,reliability. At first, Kalashnikov was reluctant, given that their rifle had
  4. Fields tend to overlap with each other, and algorithm advances in one field may, improve ,those of other, sometimes completely unrelated, fields. For example, dynamic
  5. Standards quicken the market acceptance of products while making clear how to, improve ,the safety of those products for the protection of consumers. There are
  6. Earlier been introduced by the Hyssop invaders. Weapons and armor continued to, improve ,after the adoption of bronze: shields were now made from solid wood with a
  7. Was found to be short and easy to manipulate. Researchers now have tools to, improve ,strawberry flavors and aromas of cultivated strawberries as stated in a
  8. A quarry in Red hill, Surrey,England. In order to help reestablish his name and, improve ,the image of his business from the earlier controversies associated with the
  9. That by 2045 artificial intelligence will reach a point where it is able to, improve ,itself at a rate that far exceeds anything conceivable in the past, a scenario
  10. Act was“ an expensive headache to millions” that would not necessarily, improve ,the lives of people with disabilities. Quotations On signing the measure
  11. Are coming into the country from China and surrounding nations to help, improve ,road surfaces. The road between Ubangi and Namib, for example, was completed
  12. Relatives had all been craftsmen, with each successive generation trying to ", improve ,on, or do something different from, the previous generation. " Alan's own
  13. Ethics, or ethics to improve professionalism * Clinical ethics, or ethics to, improve ,our basic health needs * Business ethics, or individual based morals to improve
  14. The high prices of oil and natural gas are being used by the new government to, improve ,the country's infrastructure and especially improve industry and agricultural
  15. By the new government to improve the country's infrastructure and especially, improve ,industry and agricultural land. Popular protests – since 2010 Following a wave
  16. Identify the sources of contemporary antisemitism and make recommendations to, improve ,the situation. It discussed the influence of the Israel-Palestine conflict and
  17. For Ireland—a body set up around the turn of the 20th century in Ireland to, improve ,the welfare for inhabitants of small villages and towns. Most of the homes in
  18. Energy resources. It has also developed a" National Urban Renewal Mission" to, improve ,water supply and sanitation, road networks and urban transport. Reducing
  19. Improve our basic health needs * Business ethics, or individual based morals to, improve ,ethics in an organization * Organizational ethics, or ethics among
  20. Improve the absorption of minerals from supplements, which may be required to, improve ,the health or production of these animals. The food industry is also a major
  21. And corrupt, even claiming that he secretly sabotaged the animals' efforts to, improve ,the farm.; Squealer: A small white fat porker who serves as Napoleon's right
  22. Unintentional key presses. Alternatively, Assistive Technology may attempt to, improve ,the ergonomics of the devices themselves: * Ergonomic keyboards reduce the
  23. Like Jacobson's organ. The roof of the briefcase was thin, perhaps to, improve ,thermoregulation for the brain. The briefcase and frontal may also have had a
  24. Azerbaijan was pressed to use extremely heavy applications of pesticides to, improve ,its output of scarce subtropical crops for the rest of the Soviet Union. The
  25. Tech, should be incorporated into every aspect of daily living in order to, improve ,the functional capabilities of children with autism. Benefits Regarding
  26. S personal physician Karl Gerhard treat him, though his" care" did not, improve ,his health. Speer's wife and friends managed to have his case transferred to
  27. In 2012,it is expected to help prevent major fraud in future elections and, improve ,the security situation. Political divisions Afghanistan is administratively
  28. Stadsdelen" ( boroughs),a system that was implemented in the 1980s to, improve ,local governance. The stadsdelen are responsible for many activities that had
  29. Emerging typology for applied ethics (Porter,2006) uses six domains to help, improve ,organizations and social issues at the national and global level: * Decision
  30. Players. A willingness to spend as many points as possible on an attribute may, improve ,your chances of a high ranking, but too reckless a spending strategy could
  31. Voices during performance, and different methods of internal construction to, improve ,tone, stability and durability. Use in various music genres The accordion has
  32. Workers. Henry Ford was the first to master the assembly line and was able to, improve ,other aspects of industry by doing so (such as reducing labor hours required
  33. Lobbying by" powerful" big food corporations has stopped reforms that would, improve ,human health and the environment. The" real, true issues are not being
  34. This industry, amino acids are also used to ch elate metal cations in order to, improve ,the absorption of minerals from supplements, which may be required to improve
  35. S collaboration with the Adelaide City Council and the Lord Mayor to, improve ,Adelaide's image. The state parliament's Capital City Committee is also
  36. Called for all states to meet in Philadelphia in May 1787 to discuss ways to, improve ,the Articles of Confederation in a" Grand Convention. " Although the states '
  37. Most likely drew this map for three reasons. First, it could be used to, improve ,navigation and trade between Miletus's colonies and other colonies around the
  38. The vizier, state officials collected taxes, coordinated irrigation projects to, improve ,crop yield, drafted peasants to work on construction projects, and established
  39. Just outside the grachtengordel. The main aim of the plan, however,was to, improve ,public health. Although the plan did not expand the city, it did produce some
  40. Studio boss Louis B. Mayer as a professional honorary organization to help, improve ,the film industry’s image and help mediate labor disputes. The Oscar itself was
  41. In the fields. Arsenic was also rubbed into the faces and arms of women to ", improve ,their complexion ". The accidental use of arsenic in the adulteration of
  42. Although an individual's progression may sometimes" plateau ", it will not, improve , A set of diagnostic criteria called the El Social criteria have been defined
  43. Military command exercises for the CST nations to have an opportunity to, improve ,inter-organisation cooperation. The largest-scale CST military exercise held
  44. In life can help children acquire self-care, social,and job skills, and often, improve ,functioning and decrease symptom severity and maladaptive behaviors; claims
  45. The Church of England '. Lord Shaftesbury, a devout Evangelical, campaigned to, improve ,the conditions in factories, in mines, for chimney sweeps, and for the
  46. Of the language, sometimes even within the same sentence. Arabic speakers often, improve ,their familiarity with other dialects via music or film. The issue of whether
  47. Arsenic" trioxide) was mixed with vinegar and chalk and eaten by women to, improve ,the complexion of their faces, making their skin paler to show they did not
  48. 2002,when the 27-year civil war ended, the country has worked to repair and, improve ,ravaged infrastructure and weakened political and social institutions. High
  49. Changes at Apple, including massive layoffs. After multiple failed attempts to, improve ,macOS, first with the Tali gent project, then later with Copland and Gershwin
  50. Revealed mystical leanings of his own and told Crowley that he needed to, improve ,the control of his mind, recommending the Indian practice of Raja yoga in order

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