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  1. In a vowel, the initial vowel of the word is elided,e.g. " House of the, director ,". *If the word occurs at the beginning of an utterance, a glottal stop is
  2. Followed in 1958 and 1959. An important influence on Tchaikovsky was the film, director ,Gregory Chukchi, who was teaching at the VIA. Impressed by the talent of his
  3. Documentaries *The 2001 documentary, Absolut Warhol was produced by Polish, director ,Stanislav Much, featuring Warhol's parents' family and hometown in Slovakia.
  4. Films as an assistant director and scriptwriter, he made his debut as a, director ,in 1943,during World War II with the popular action film Sanskrit Sugar (a.
  5. Walk of Fame at 6263 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood. Selected films As a, director ,: Algeria (, al-Jazā'IR; Berber and Algerian Arabic: Player or Layer)
  6. Rights. Too prevailed, and Kurosawa began pre-production on his debut work as, director , Shooting of Sanskrit Sugar began on location in Yokohama in December 1942.
  7. Talent, promoting him directly from third assistant director to chief assistant, director ,after a year. Kurosawa's responsibilities increased, and he worked at tasks
  8. A television star (Assumed Rock, played by Rosa Maria Sara) and a dubbing, director ,(Maria Capital, played by Anna Liza ran). External links *
  9. From his scripts were much higher than what he was paid as an assistant, director , Kurosawa would later write or co-write all of his own films. He also
  10. Stint as a painter. After years of working on numerous films as an assistant, director ,and scriptwriter, he made his debut as a director in 1943,during World War II
  11. And second-unit directing. In the last of Kurosawa's films as an assistant, director , Horse (UMA,1941),Kurosawa took over most of the production, as Yamamoto
  12. In early 1944. In order to coax realistic performances from his actresses,the, director ,had them live in a real factory during the shoot, eat the factory food and call
  13. Film. One important piece of advice Yamamoto gave Kurosawa was that a good, director ,needed to master screenwriting. Kurosawa soon realized that the potential
  14. Film by Michael Leszczylowski, an editor of the film The Sacrifice. Film, director ,Chris Marker produced the television documentary One Day in the Life of Andrei
  15. The screenplays for all his films, sometimes with a co-writer. To Tchaikovsky a, director ,who realizes somebody else's screenplay without being involved in it becomes a
  16. A member of a former samurai family from the Akita Prefecture, worked as the, director ,of the Army's Physical Education Institute's lower secondary school, while
  17. His students considerable freedom and emphasized the independence of the film, director , Tchaikovsky was, according to Shaka Abdusalmov, a fellow student at the film
  18. Relinquished his personal involvement in filmmaking. His acolyte and assistant, director , Paul Morrissey, took over the film-making chores for the Factory collective
  19. That this incident would influence Kurosawa's later artistic career, as the, director ,was seldom hesitant to confront unpleasant truths in his work. Halo was
  20. Rules (novel 1985,film 1999) follows the story of Dr. Larch an orphanage, director ,who is a reluctant abortionist after seeing the consequences of back-alley
  21. Mission control teams on Earth rotated in three shifts, each led by a flight, director , The director s for Apollo 8 included Cliff Charles worth (Green team),Glynn
  22. The talent of his student, Chukhrai offered Tchaikovsky a position as assistant, director ,for his film Clear Skies. Tchaikovsky initially showed interest, but then decided
  23. Cast then-unknown actor Toshiba Minute in a starring role, cemented the, director ,'s reputation as one of the most important young filmmakers in Japan. The two
  24. Time, to a charge of treason),and it was only through the intervention of, director ,Yasujiro Oz, who championed the film, that Sanskrit Sugar was finally
  25. Kennedy Shpalikov and Vasily Shushing. Influences Tchaikovsky became a film, director ,during the mid and late 1950s,a period during which Soviet society opened to
  26. A man for 33 minutes of the film's playing-time – was Warhol's last film as, director , The film was at the time scandalous for its frank approach to a sexual
  27. More by marketing than quality. William Fried kin, an Academy Award-winning film, director ,and former producer of the ceremony, expressed this sentiment at a conference
  28. The Academy: Actors, Writers,Directors, Producers,and Technicians. MGM's art, director ,Cedric Gibbons, one of the original Academy members, supervised the design of
  29. And took odd jobs to pay her basic living expenses. A chance meeting with famed, director ,Cecil B. Demise led to a job as an extra in his film, The King of Kings, and
  30. Nurtured Kurosawa's talent, promoting him directly from third assistant, director ,to chief assistant director after a year. Kurosawa's responsibilities
  31. Manager for public affairs Julian Sheer wrote Manned Spacecraft Center, director ,George M. Low to suggest the Apollo 11 crew be less flippant in naming their
  32. And Gone with the Wind (film),and Marshall Naan, who became an actor, director , writer and producer. Over his long and successful career spanning over 50
  33. Most notable is the 1988 documentary Moscow Elegy, by Russian film, director ,Alexander Source. Sokurov's own work has been heavily influenced by Tchaikovsky
  34. In Prague in 1911. In 1914,he returned to Germany after being appointed, director ,of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics (1914–1932) and a professor at
  35. Andy Warhol's Frankenstein, were far more mainstream than anything Warhol as a, director ,had attempted. These latter" Warhol" films starred Joe Alejandro – more of
  36. Gibbons was introduced by his then wife Dolores del Rio to Mexican film, director ,and actor Emilio" El Indio" Fernández. Reluctant at first, Fernández was
  37. December 28, 1981) was a pioneering Canadian-born American motion picture, director , producer and screenwriter. Early life Born Joseph Elysium Dan in Toronto
  38. 1875,Bell and Pollock visited the famous scientist Joseph Henry, who was then, director ,of the Smithsonian Institution, and asked Henry's advice on the electrical
  39. To share work, receive recognition and compete for prizes. Was a Japanese film, director , producer, screenwriter and editor. Regarded as one of the most important and
  40. Tchaikovsky worked with cinematographer Sven Nyquist, who had worked closely with, director ,Ingram Bergman on many of Bergman's films. Nyquist complained that Tchaikovsky
  41. Food policy and the regulation of agriculture. According to Dr. Samuel Jute, director ,of FAO's animal production and health division, lobbying by" powerful" big
  42. Department: the Geological Survey of Canada, and George Mercer Dawson (, director ,in 1895). Dawson's support for anthropology created impetus for the
  43. Rock group U2," neo-wallpaper. " Burgess had originally worked alongside the, director ,of the production, Ron Daniels, and envisioned a musical score that was
  44. With his three surviving sisters. During his five years as an assistant, director , Kurosawa worked under numerous director s, but by far the most important figure
  45. Structure and plot, and distinctively authored use of cinematography. Film, director ,Ingram Bergman said of Tchaikovsky: Life Childhood and early life Tchaikovsky was
  46. And Russian filmmaker, writer,film editor, film theorist, theatre and opera, director , widely regarded as one of the finest filmmakers of the 20th century. Tchaikovsky
  47. George Zukor. (The film was eventually filmed by MGM in 1943 with a different, director ,and stars. ) Huxley received screen credit for Pride and Prejudice (1940) and
  48. The film near a chemical plant. Filmography Tchaikovsky is mainly known as a, director ,of films. During his career he directed only seven feature films, and three
  49. Of herds and flocks. As the leader of the Muses (Apollo Musettes) and, director ,of their choir, Apollo functioned as the patron god of music and poetry. Hermes
  50. Directed by Godlight's Artistic Director, Joe Tantalum. In 2003,Los Angeles, director ,Brad Mays and the ARK Theatre Company staged a multimedia adaptation of A

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