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  1. Durch Technic' with the virtual e-tron race. " Kai Mensing's most recent, statement ,on the Audi Space was that" As a brand, Audi sees great value and potential in
  2. However, the opposite can also be true - An opponent can turn a positive, statement ,into a bad one, if the speaker uses ambiguity (intentionally or not). The
  3. Aberration ", Schopenhauer sarcastically concludes the appendix with the, statement ,that" by expounding these paradoxical ideas, I wanted to grant to the
  4. Category theory are considerably stronger, and an identical category-theoretic, statement ,of choice may be stronger than the standard formulation, à la class theory
  5. The poor, in which Kurosawa's humanist themes receive perhaps their fullest, statement , A conceited and materialistic, foreign-trained young doctor, Yasumoto, is
  6. Will not be accepted by the court unless accompanied by an independent sworn, statement ,or other evidence, in support of the need for the motion. In such a case, a
  7. Union by the end of the 1960s,which he had expressed during a 1961 mission, statement ,before the United States Congress:" I believe that this nation should commit
  8. Of the ear a stimulus which the mind interprets as sound ", a remarkable, statement ,that points to the beginnings of physiological and psychological acoustics.
  9. Latin for he has declared upon oath. An affidavit is a type of verified, statement ,or showing, or in other words, it contains a verification, meaning it is under
  10. How about a test drive? " The clause" You could do with" presents a, statement ,with such wide possible interpretation as to be essentially meaningless.
  11. And" non-logical axioms ". In both senses, an axiom is any mathematical, statement ,that serves as a starting point from which other statement s are logically
  12. Is a logical consequence of \Sigma\, there actually exists a deduction of the, statement ,from \Sigma\, This is sometimes expressed as" everything that is true is
  13. That they cannot obtain absolute certainty except in trivial cases where a, statement ,is true by definition (i.e. tautologies such as" all bachelors are unmarried
  14. Legal reasons why they should prevail *Closing argument, in law, the concluding, statement ,of each party's counsel reiterating the important arguments in a court case
  15. Villainising Snowball and glorifying Napoleon. Squealer justifies every, statement ,Napoleon makes, even the pigs' alteration of the Seven Commandments of
  16. Elements of mystery and science fiction, and it contains Rand's most extensive, statement ,of Objectives in any of her works of fiction, a lengthy monologue delivered by
  17. Always numbered as mandated by law, each one making a separate claim; * a, statement ,of truth generally stating that everything is true, under penalty of perjury
  18. Not all the animals can remember them, they are boiled down into one basic, statement ,:" Four legs good, two legs bad! " (with wings counting as legs for this
  19. Its implication. However,B's example of his uncle does not contradict A's, statement , which says nothing about non-Republicans. What would be needed to disprove A
  20. Resumes, as recently as December 2009,Defense Minister Banyan made the same, statement , According to the Armenian website Alvarez, in August 2009,Nikolai Bordyuzha
  21. The secular powers have reached an acute stage. An affidavit is a formal sworn, statement ,of fact, signed by the author, who is called the affine or deponent, and
  22. The precise nature of the origin of this urn is matter of dispute. Based on a, statement ,by Darnley made in 1894,it was believed that a group of Victorian ladies
  23. If and only if they are provable in ZFC. Statements in this class include the, statement ,that P = NP, the Riemann hypothesis, and many other unsolved mathematical
  24. Ever seen a dead donkey. " He is skeptical and pessimistic, his most-often-made, statement ,being" Life will go on as it has always gone on – that is, badly. " He spends
  25. Originally published in Equinox 1:8. Written in 1911,which contained a, statement ,of Crowley's belief in the blood libel against the Jews: Crowley rhetorically
  26. For each of the following statement s, there exists a model of ZF in which that, statement ,is true. *There exists a model of AFC in which there is a function f from the
  27. Following male takeover, causing miscarriage. In law, an abstract is a brief, statement ,that contains the most important points of a long legal document or of several
  28. Then of class relationship of man; this would be consistent with his later, statement ,that" the time for speaking of older and younger brothers is over ", and his
  29. Might have been made on behalf of his directors instead. Thus, for example a, statement ,by the chorus in The Albanians seems to indicate that the 'poet' had a close
  30. Creed, as the Baptismal Symbol; and the Nicene Creed, as the sufficient, statement ,of the Christian faith.: (c) The two Sacraments ordained by Christ Himself -
  31. Theorem from ZFC than from ZF. The axiom of choice is not the only significant, statement ,which is independent of ZF. For example, the generalized continuum hypothesis (
  32. To enter the country. The Saudi embassy in the U. S. distanced itself from the, statement , which was later removed. Members of religions other than Islam, including Jews
  33. Ways. The devious politician hopes that each constituent will interpret the, statement ,in the most desirable way, and think the politician supports everyone's
  34. Apostles' Creed as the baptismal symbol and the Nicene Creed as the sufficient, statement ,of the Christian faith. Anglicans believe the Catholic and apostolic faith is
  35. Arithmetic is complete, in the sense that there will always exist an arithmetic, statement ,\phi\, such that neither \phi\, nor \not\phi\, can be proved from the given
  36. Signatures. Prime Minister Gordon Brown acknowledged the petition, releasing a, statement ,on 10 September 2009 apologizing and describing Turing's treatment as "
  37. 1992. The single became a staple in the German hip hop scene. It made a strong, statement ,about the status of immigrants throughout Germany, as the group was composed of
  38. Is a B such that f (B) does not lie in B. Restriction to finite sets The, statement ,of the axiom of choice does not specify whether the collection of nonempty sets
  39. Large set of axioms (Peano's axioms, for example) to construct a, statement ,whose truth is independent of that set of axioms. As a corollary, Gödel proved
  40. Provable in ZF plus the axiom of choice, there are models of ZF in which each, statement ,is true. Statements such as the Banach–Tarski paradox can be rephrased as
  41. Of identity" and the" is of predication ", were faulty in structure, e. g.,a, statement ,such as," Elizabeth is a fool" ( said of a person named" Elizabeth" who has
  42. That Buddhism inspired Schopenhauer, the philosopher himself made the following, statement ,in his discussion of religions: If I wished to take the results of my
  43. Gun control and he's not a Republican. B attempts to falsify A's conditional, statement ,(" if Republican then against gun control" ) by providing evidence he
  44. Isotopes in the study of environmental radioactivity. Business * Financial, statement ,analysis – the analysis of the accounts and the economic prospects of a firm *
  45. Of 1863 became the most quoted speech in American history. It was an iconic, statement ,of America's dedication to the principles of nationalism, equal rights
  46. Formulas \phi, \text\Sigma \models \phi\text\Sigma \dash \phi that is, for any, statement ,that is a logical consequence of \Sigma\, there actually exists a deduction of
  47. Define and delimit the realm of analysis. In other words, an axiom is a logical, statement ,that is assumed to be true. Therefore, its truth is taken for granted, and
  48. The army is equipped with the Russian-made S-300 surface-to-air missiles. The, statement ,was made while the Minister was inspecting a new air-defense command point that
  49. To admit more one interpretation. It is distinct from vagueness, which is a, statement ,about the lack of precision contained or available in the information. Context
  50. In 1927 and later included in a book of the same title, is considered a classic, statement ,of agnosticism. The essay briefly lays out Russell’s objections to some of the

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