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  1. Fatigue with the film industry's long awards season. But such an accelerated, schedule ,would dramatically decrease the voting period for its members, to the point
  2. Outdoor memorial, designed by Julie Beckman and Keith Baseman, was completed on, schedule ,for its dedication on September 11, 2008. In keeping with standard airline
  3. Roles in a Kurosawa movie. ) The film was completed only a few weeks behind, schedule ,and opened in Tokyo in April 1980. It quickly became a massive hit in Japan.
  4. 20,07:44:00 UTC Mission highlights Launch and transfer Apollo 12 launched on, schedule ,from Kennedy Space Center, during a rainstorm. It was the first rocket launch
  5. Were related to stress, but with gaining fame and plans, he never slowed his, schedule , Career Though early on he had intentions to be a labor lawyer, Ginsberg wrote
  6. And commander in chief of the armed forces. The President's main duties are to, schedule ,elections and referendums, represent Bulgaria abroad, conclude international
  7. The Apollo 8 decision. The Apollo 8 decision was primarily based upon the LM, schedule , not fear of the Soviets beating the Americans to the Moon. This was followed
  8. To control either is limited. Our kidneys command our attention on their, schedule ,rather than one we choose. Few of us have any idea what our liver is doing
  9. 104 times a year). If" biweekly" is used in a conversation about a meeting, schedule , it may be difficult to infer which meaning was intended. Many people believe
  10. Jumping to higher-paying clubs. Clubs in turn were required to play their full, schedule ,of games, rather than forfeiting schedule d games once out of the running for
  11. Schedules for example an object schedule ,3-ring binder schedule , clipboard, schedule , manila file folder schedule s, and dry-erase board schedule s are all beneficial
  12. Defense budget. He stated," We are raising a study to make the financial, schedule ,of the entire project. It will be a 20-year plan, including modernization and
  13. For each round, a subway is derived from the main key using Rijndael's key, schedule ,; each subway is the same size as the state. The subway is added by combining
  14. A State Recorder. All recording districts use the same acceptance criteria, fee, schedule , etc., for accepting documents into the public record. Whereas many U. S.
  15. Of his programming abilities, Gates wrote the school's computer program to, schedule ,students in classes. He modified the code so that he was placed in classes with
  16. Ways to present visual schedule s for example an object schedule ,3-ring binder, schedule , clipboard schedule , manila file folder schedule s, and dry-erase board
  17. Of amphetamine, which allowed Reed to bring the picture in below budget and on, schedule ,by filming nearly 22 hours at a time. The title of the 2009 movie Amphetamine
  18. Championship for men and women. Male professionals have a rather fragmented, schedule ,of professional nine-ball tournaments. The United States Professional Pool
  19. Of ayahuasca as well as Carmela were declared suppliants, or narcotic, schedule ,I substances, making the tea and its ingredients illegal to use or possess.
  20. Vote. The National Assembly has the power to enact laws, approve the budget, schedule ,presidential elections, select and dismiss the Prime Minister and other
  21. Expansion—round keys are derived from the cipher key using Rijndael's key, schedule ,# Initial Round ## AddRoundKey—each byte of the state is combined with the
  22. Highly data-parallel. This gives language implementers immense freedom to, schedule ,operations as efficiently as possible. As computer innovations such as cache
  23. 3.1 PAs per game schedule d to qualify for the batting title (for the 162-game, schedule , that means 502 PAs). Also, it is often erroneously cited that total plate
  24. There are numerous ways to present visual schedule s for example an object, schedule , 3-ring binder schedule , clipboard schedule , manila file folder schedule s, and
  25. The league that wins the All-Star Game to choose whether to use the seven-day, schedule ,(1-2-off-3-4-off-5) or the eight-day schedule (1-off-2-off-3-4-off-5). The
  26. That one can do to obtain an edge without inducing injury. The wearying travel, schedule ,and 162-game season meant that amphetamines, usually in the form of pep pills
  27. This as a temporary measure to allow him to produce material on a tight, schedule ,with inexperienced animation-staff. The 1970s saw a surge of growth in the
  28. Delete and Sandra soon expanded Arkham House and began a regular publishing, schedule ,after its second book, Someone in the Dark, a collection of some of Derleth's
  29. Moon and commemorates the event each year on the Sunday closest to July 20. The, schedule ,for the mission called for the astronauts to follow the landing with a
  30. 4.3 billion) debt to the Paris Club group of rich creditor nations before, schedule , This would reduce the Algerian foreign debt to less than $5 billion in the end
  31. For its planned Earth orbit test in December 1968,but the program was kept on, schedule ,by cancelling a second manned Earth orbit LM flight. Launch vehicles When the
  32. Began billing Roussimoff as" André the Giant" and set up a travel-intensive, schedule , loaning him to wrestling associations around the world, to keep him from
  33. During the regular season, in addition to 10 other games assigned to their, schedule ,by the NFL the previous May. Two of these games are assigned on the basis of
  34. The LM became a" pacing item," meaning that it was in danger of delaying the, schedule ,of the whole Apollo program. The first manned LM was not ready for its planned
  35. To shoot down any incoming missile at a distance of 5,000 km. " It is well on, schedule ,and we are already on initial design and testing stage," Sara swat said.
  36. On 300 attempts, while also recording fifty quarterback sacks in a 14-game, schedule , Another example is cited by the University of Kansas website, which describes
  37. In September 1966 has been freely and fairly contested and has been held on, schedule , The country's small white minority and other minorities participate freely in
  38. Be turned on in the spacecraft: SHIRR: You've added two burns to this flight, schedule , and you've added a urine water dump; and we have a new vehicle up here, and I
  39. Was Nice, France,run in late March 1897,as a" Speed Week. " To fill out the, schedule , most types of racing events were invented here, including the first hill climb
  40. Awaking the crew. Scott and Irwin were eventually awakened an hour ahead of, schedule , and the source of the leak was determined to be an open valve on the Urine
  41. Of challenging behaviors. Consistent daily use of an individualized visual, schedule ,will increase a child's organization skills and independent functioning
  42. Changes that resulted from RJR's involvement, as well as the reduction of the, schedule ,from 48 to 31 races a year, established 1972 as the beginning of NASCAR's "
  43. Program before the accident, he stated:" We were too“ gunshot” about the, schedule ,and we locked out all the problems we saw each day in our work. Every
  44. Use in 1965,but nonmedical use remained common. Amphetamine became a, schedule ,II drug under the Controlled Substances Act in 1971. The related compound
  45. Club, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, was formed and went undefeated against a, schedule ,of semipro and amateur teams. The first professional league, the National
  46. Early 1990s,with engine rules in common with F1,short race distances, and a, schedule ,dovetailing with that of the F1 rounds. The IMA GT Championship had been
  47. Before the end of the century. Usually states instituted abolition on a gradual, schedule ,with no government compensation of the owners, and many states, such as New
  48. Biryukov and Dmitry Khovratovich, which exploits AES's somewhat simple key, schedule ,and has a complexity of 2119. In December 2009 it was improved to 299.5. This
  49. S accuracy in tests" at the altitude we were employing it ". There were also, schedule ,considerations that drove the decision, he said. There are also plans to
  50. Advertisers seeking a more sophisticated urban audience, decided to refocus its, schedule ,on several" hip" new urban-themed shows and, to make room for them, all of

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