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  1. Peripatetic school, while Avicenna and his student Ahmad in 'Ali Alma'semi, respond ,to Biruni's criticisms in writing. Abu RayBan began by asking Avicenna
  2. By the war, and many communities were divided over the question of how to, respond ,to the conflict. Though a few tribes were on friendly terms with the Americans
  3. The blind cave fish is blind and pigmented. Despite the lack of eyes it does, respond ,to light and moves away from it, scotophilia. Cave fishes are generally small
  4. Of drug treatments for adolescents and adults with ASD. A person with ASD may, respond ,atypically to medications, the medications can have adverse effects
  5. Completely after high-dose methylprednisolone, one severe case that failed to, respond ,to steroids recovered completely after IVG; the five most severe cases -with
  6. An increasing amount of research is concentrating on how people react and, respond ,to ambiguous situations. Much of these focuses on ambiguity tolerance. A number
  7. State' or a long term" trait. " Trait anxiety reflects a stable tendency to, respond ,with state anxiety in the anticipation of threatening situations. It is closely
  8. Be socket-compatible to future Operon processors. The move made rival Intel, respond ,with the opening of Front Side Bus (FSB) architecture as well as Geneses, a
  9. Of both these immunoglobulin isotopes renders the B cell 'mature' and ready to, respond ,to antigen. B cell activation follows engagement of the cell bound antibody
  10. Only send data to the other end if there was an outstanding ATP request to, respond , too. PAP also provided for out-of-band status queries, handled by separate ATP
  11. Wollstonecraft was forced to write the Rights of Woman hurriedly in order to, respond ,to Talleyrand and ongoing events. Upon completing the work, she wrote to her
  12. And tarnished by broken contracts and violated faith. " The States did not, respond ,with any of the money requested from them. Congress had also been denied the
  13. Collaborative (NE SCC). NE SCC is a joint initiative to identify and, respond ,to the current need for standards in the nuclear industry. American national
  14. In the immediate aftermath of the attacks, the U. S. government decided to, respond ,militarily, and began to prepare its armed forces to overthrow the Taliban
  15. Example, the form of a sculpture must exist in space in three dimensions, and, respond , to gravity. The constraints and limitations of a particular medium are thus
  16. Covered with brand messages, and interactive advertising where the viewer can, respond ,to become part of the advertising message. Guerrilla advertising is becoming
  17. Packet from the requestor, or until a timeout elapsed. This way, it could, respond ,to duplicate requests with the same transaction ID by resending the same
  18. Or fail to show an effect. There is some evidence to suggest that patients may, respond ,to a combination of methylprednisolone and immunoglobulins if they fail to
  19. That can be both freely accepted and freely denied. * Man has free will to, respond ,or resist: Free will is limited by God's sovereignty, but God's sovereignty
  20. The reaction of the sultan, they returned to the ships. As the sultan did not, respond , they prepared a junk offered by Chinese merchants, filling it with men
  21. Sentries. Violence and looting break out on a small scale, and the authorities, respond ,by declaring martial law and imposing a curfew. Funerals are conducted with
  22. That will survive in the body and remember that same antigen so the B cells can, respond ,faster upon future exposure. In most cases, interaction of the B cell with a T
  23. Europe In the earliest Middle Ages it was the obligation of every noble to, respond ,to the call to battle with his own equipment, archers,and infantry. This
  24. Alert is triggered, a message is sent to a caregiver or contact center who can, respond ,appropriately. Technology similar to PEERS can also be used to act within a
  25. Book. " The Letter of Philip (speech 12) to which speech 11 seems to, respond ,may also be by Ximenes, or it may be an authentic letter by Philip, perhaps
  26. Was busy servicing a print job from one client, a PAP server could continue to, respond ,to status requests from any number of other clients. This allowed other
  27. Years afterward in order to allow the immune system to remember an antigen and, respond ,faster upon future exposures. At the prenatal and neonatal stages of life, the
  28. Can be strengthened to some degree by some method of heat treatment, but few, respond ,to this to the same degree that steel does. Meteoric iron could be forged from
  29. Definition of good becomes" that which is in God's nature ". However, critics, respond , that Aquinas' solution merely pushes the problem up one level, giving rise to
  30. Inhibited by G proteins, which are coupled to membrane receptors and thus can, respond ,to hormonal or other stimuli. Following activation of acetylate cycle, the
  31. Context of current globalization, only the third one has shown the capacity to, respond ,more effectively to the intellectual requirements of today’s global
  32. Until after United States President Abraham Lincoln called for troops to, respond ,to the Confederate attack upon Fort Sumter, South Carolina. The State of
  33. Inflict on the character. Stuff governs how non-player characters perceive and, respond ,to the character: characters with good stuff will often receive friendly or
  34. Only for the man of faith; # unaided by the Holy Spirit, no person is able to, respond ,to God’s will; # grace is not irresistible; and # believers are able to resist
  35. Show less attention to social stimuli, smile and look at others less often, and, respond , less to their own name. Autistic toddlers differ more strikingly from social
  36. System. Circulating antibodies are produced by clonal B cells that specifically, respond ,to only one antigen (an example is a virus capsid protein fragment).
  37. To a combination of methylprednisolone and immunoglobulins if they fail to, respond ,to either separately In a study of 16 children with ADAM,10 recovered
  38. Emotion. Wollstonecraft wrote the Rights of Woman hurriedly in order to, respond ,directly to ongoing events; she intended to write a more thoughtful second
  39. Amphetamine throughout the brain appears to be specific; certain receptors that, respond ,to amphetamine in some regions of the brain tend not to do so in other regions.
  40. Been as involved in globalization. Members of the anti-globalization movement, respond ,that the pro-globalization slogan," growth is good for the poor ", is
  41. For the Dutch Republic. Paralyzed by internal political divisions, it could not, respond ,effectively to British blockades of its coast and the capture of many of its
  42. 1791) to the National Assembly in France, Wollstonecraft was galvanized to, respond , In his recommendations for a national system of education, Talleyrand had
  43. Wide variation in the findings of prior studies; for patients who had failed to, respond ,to an SSRI antidepressant, between 12 % and 86 % showed a response to a new
  44. In which the lower court judgment was in its favor. The appealed is required to, respond ,to the petition, oral arguments, and legal briefs of the appellant. In general
  45. To differences in pressure; pressure changes are how a fluid is" told" to, respond ,to its environment. Therefore, since sound is in fact an infinitesimal pressure
  46. Workers of Cataracts mucus, an arboreal species that lives in plant hollows, respond ,to flooding by drinking water inside the nest, and excreting it outside.
  47. Inform the controller accordingly. A pilot under duress may also elect to, respond ,that the aircraft is not being hijacked, but then neglect to change to a
  48. To the server was to send a block of PostScript code, while the server could, respond ,with any diagnostic messages that might be generated as a result, after which
  49. S doctrine about the liberal arbitrary or free will and its inability to, respond ,to the will of God without divine grace is interpreted (mistakenly according
  50. To PEERS can also be used to act within a person's home rather than just to, respond ,to a detected crisis. Using one of the examples above, gas sensors for people

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