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  1. Neutrons (5,700 barns),that results in a small critical mass for a sustained, nuclear ,chain reaction. The critical mass for a bare 242m1Am sphere is about 9–14 kg (
  2. In special reactors to short-lived nuclides. This procedure is well known as, nuclear ,transmutation, but it is still being developed for americium. Synthesis and
  3. Artificially in small quantities, for research purposes. A tonne of spent, nuclear ,fuel contains about 100 grams of various americium isotopes, mostly 241Am and
  4. By calcium. Is created from the neutron salvation of as a result of subsurface, nuclear ,explosions. It has a half-life of 35 days. The predominance of radiogenic is
  5. 239Pu. The latter needs to be produced first, according to the following, nuclear ,process:: \math rm The capture of two neutrons by 239Pu (a so-called (n, γ )
  6. And one particular incident in March had exposed a Japanese fishing boat to, nuclear ,fallout, with disastrous results. It is in this anxious atmosphere that
  7. With a water reflector. Such small critical mass is favorable for portable, nuclear ,weapons, but those based on 242m1Am are not known yet, probably because of its
  8. 242mAm,but they are as yet hindered by the scarcity and high price of this, nuclear ,isomer. Americium is a relatively soft radioactive metal with silvery-white
  9. Others after ingestion. Other uses In the heads of some safety matches and in, nuclear ,reactors together with beryllium as startup neutron sources. Antimony sulfides
  10. And high price yet hinder application of americium as a nuclear fuel in, nuclear ,reactors. There are proposals of very compact 10-kW high-flux reactors using as
  11. Japanese film critics also voted it the best Japanese film ever made. In 1954, nuclear , tests in the Pacific were causing radioactive rainstorms in Japan (the only
  12. Kg for 243Am. Scarcity and high price yet hinder application of americium as a, nuclear ,fuel in nuclear reactors. There are proposals of very compact 10-kW high-flux
  13. By a decay, results in 241Am:: \math rm The plutonium present in spent, nuclear ,fuel contains about 12 % of 241Pu. Because it spontaneously converts to 241Am
  14. 241Am and 243Am with half-lives of 432.2 and 7,370 years, respectively,and the, nuclear ,isomer 242m1Am has a long half-life of 141 years. The half-lives of other
  15. For generating heavier americium isotopes by further neutron capture inside a, nuclear ,reactor. In a light water reactor (LWR),79 % of 241Am converts to 242Am and
  16. Is produced by bombarding uranium or plutonium with alpha particles in, nuclear ,reactors – one tonne of spent nuclear fuel contains about 100 grams of
  17. Synthesis, actinium is separated from radium and from the products of decay and, nuclear ,fusion, such as thorium, polonium,lead and bismuth. The extraction can be
  18. Einstein signed the Russell–Einstein Manifesto, which highlighted the danger of, nuclear ,weapons. Einstein was affiliated with the Institute for Advanced Study in
  19. Energies in their periods of the periodic table because of their low effective, nuclear ,charge and high electropositivity. The second ionization energy of all of the
  20. Scattered at an undisclosed location. In his lecture at Einstein's memorial, nuclear ,physicist Robert Oppenheimer summarized his impression of him as a person:" He
  21. Have yet been reliably duplicated. Synthesis of noble metals requires either a, nuclear ,reactor or a particle accelerator. Particle accelerators use huge amounts of
  22. When physicists were able to convert platinum atoms into gold atoms via a, nuclear ,reaction. However, the new gold atoms, being unstable isotopes, lasted for
  23. Material properties. History Although americium was likely produced in previous, nuclear ,experiments, it was first intentionally synthesized, isolated and identified in
  24. Arguably the key stimulus for the U. S. adoption of serious investigations into, nuclear ,weapons on the eve of the U. S. entry into World War II ". President Roosevelt
  25. Unusual applications, such as a nuclear battery or fuel for spaceships with, nuclear ,propulsion, have been proposed for the isotope 242mAm,but they are as yet
  26. Is prepared, in milligram amounts, by the neutron irradiation of 226 in a, nuclear ,reactor. Owing to its scarcity, high price and radioactivity, actinium has no
  27. Particles and emits neutrons owing to its large cross-section for the (α, n ), nuclear ,reaction:: \math rm The 227AcBe neutron sources can be applied in a neutron
  28. Now. Existing americium is concentrated in the areas used for the atmospheric, nuclear ,weapons tests conducted between 1945 and 1980,as well as at the sites of
  29. Defending the Allied forces, but largely denounced using the new discovery of, nuclear ,fission as a weapon. Later, together with Bertrand Russell, Einstein signed the
  30. Japan since Dodeskaden over twenty years before—which explored the scars of the, nuclear ,bombing which destroyed Nagasaki at the very end of World War II. It was
  31. An elderly factory owner (Toshiba Minute) so terrified of the prospect of a, nuclear ,attack that he becomes determined to move his entire extended family (both
  32. Of energy, while nuclear reactors produce energy, so only methods utilizing a, nuclear ,reactor are of economic interest. Psychology Alchemical symbolism has been used
  33. Some mainstream developments in physics, most notably the strong and weak, nuclear ,forces, which were not well understood until many years after his death.
  34. Be among the finest films dealing with the psychological effects of the global, nuclear ,stalemate. Kurosawa's next project, Throne of Blood, a lavishly produced
  35. A light water reactor (LWR),79 % of 241Am converts to 242Am and 10 % to its, nuclear ,isomer 242mAm: :79 %: \math rm :10 %: \math rm Americium-242 has a half-life of
  36. And facilities, like particle accelerators, nuclear power stations and, nuclear ,weapons as a by-product of fission and other physical processes. The synthesis
  37. Sources for radiation therapy in hospitals. Isotopes About 19 isotopes and 8, nuclear , isomers are known for americium. There are two long-lived alpha-emitters,241Am
  38. Or plutonium with alpha particles in nuclear reactors – one tonne of spent, nuclear ,fuel contains about 100 grams of americium. It is widely used in commercial
  39. A particle accelerator. Particle accelerators use huge amounts of energy, while, nuclear , reactors produce energy, so only methods utilizing a nuclear reactor are of
  40. Is prepared, in milligram amounts, by the neutron irradiation of 226 in a, nuclear ,reactor.: \math rm The reaction yield is about 2 % of the radium weight. 227Ac
  41. Neutron sources and industrial gauges. Several unusual applications, such as a, nuclear ,battery or fuel for spaceships with nuclear propulsion, have been proposed for
  42. Albania and Croatia have discussed the possibility of jointly building a, nuclear ,power plant at Lake Shooter, close to the border with Montenegro, a plan that
  43. Physics-related laboratories and facilities, like particle accelerators, nuclear ,power stations and nuclear weapons as a by-product of fission and other
  44. Then on, this sort of scientific transmutation is routinely performed in many, nuclear ,physics-related laboratories and facilities, like particle accelerators
  45. Rand had interviewed for an earlier project, and his part in the creation of, nuclear ,weapons. To his former student Salt, Stadler represents the epitome of human
  46. Time profile which allows the separation of electronic recoils from, nuclear ,recoils. On the other hand, its intrinsic gamma-ray background is larger due to
  47. That are heavier tend to decay by β- decay, with some exceptions. At least 10, nuclear , isomers have been described, ranging in atomic mass from 66 to 84. The most
  48. Initiative to identify and respond to the current need for standards in the, nuclear ,industry. American national standards *The ASA (as for American Standards
  49. Isotope nucleosynthesis Americium has been produced in small quantities in, nuclear ,reactors for decades, and kilograms of its 241Am and 243Am isotopes have been
  50. Weapons tests conducted between 1945 and 1980,as well as at the sites of, nuclear ,incidents, such as the Chernobyl disaster. For example, the analysis of the

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