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  1. U. S. state on continental North America; about of British Columbia (Canada), separate , Alaska from Washington state. Alaska is thus an exclave of the United States.
  2. Expressed in Die Baden Grundprobleme her Ethic, available in English as two, separate ,books, On the Basis of Morality and On the Freedom of the Will). Ethics also
  3. Unified with something else: language, he asserts, divides what is not in fact, separate , Following Ernest Becker, he argues that the desire to 'authoritatively
  4. Ë-, gj-, ll-, rr-, th-, xh- and ZH- (all representing phonemes and considered, separate ,single letters) would follow the letters d, e,g, l,n, r,t, x and z
  5. And duly exploited by it. Transport in Angola consists of: * Three, separate ,railway systems totaling 2,761 km (1,715 mi) Travel on highways outside of
  6. Are forty-two public school jurisdictions in Alberta, and seventeen operating, separate ,school jurisdictions. Sixteen of the operating separate school jurisdictions
  7. Europe and Japan. Transport in Angola comprises: Railways There are three, separate ,railway lines in Angola: Highways: country comparison to the world: 79 Travel
  8. In a true syllabify, each consonant-vowel combination would be represented by a, separate ,glyph. ) All three types may be augmented with syllabic glyphs. Critic, for
  9. Employ a series of photographs rather than drawings. Flip books are not always, separate ,books, but may appear as an added feature in ordinary books or magazines, often
  10. Criticism of Kant, Schopenhauer claimed that sensation and understanding are, separate ,and distinct abilities. Yet, for Kant, an object is known through each of them.
  11. In the first year of the awards, the Best Director award was split into two, separate ,categories (Drama and Comedy). At times, the Best Original Score award has
  12. Well. Alchemy became known as the satyric art after Greek words meaning to, separate ,and to join together the word probably being coined by Paracelsus. Compare this
  13. Individual hydrocarbon in pure form ", and " it is almost impossible to, separate ,and identify all the different molecules of asphalt, because the number of
  14. Of Aeneas and Latinos in Aeneid XII (161–215). Apollo and Helios/Sol remained, separate ,beings in literary and mythological texts until the 3rd century CE. Etymology
  15. Party, proposed a referendum for the people of Aruba to determine Aruba's, separate ,status or" Status Apart" as a full autonomous state under the crown. He
  16. Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason, which examined the four, separate ,manifestations of reason in the phenomenal world. Schopenhauer's most
  17. The device consists of a series of beads on parallel wires arranged in three, separate ,rows. The beads represent a switch on the computer in either an 'on' or 'off '
  18. Kingdom, and much of Europe, these " subfields" are frequently housed in, separate ,departments and are seen as distinct disciplines - with the field corresponding
  19. Numbers of protons and neutrons. Anatomy (from the Greek Anatolia, from Ana:, separate , apart from, and terrain, to cut up, cut open) is a branch of biology and
  20. Matters, plain text files on Unix and Amiga systems use line feeds alone to, separate ,lines. Similarly, older Macintosh systems, among others, use only carriage
  21. And seventeen operating separate school jurisdictions. Sixteen of the operating, separate ,school jurisdictions have a Catholic electorate, and one (St. Albert) has a
  22. Has been done on the composition of asphalt, it is exceedingly difficult to, separate ,individual hydrocarbon in pure form ", and " it is almost impossible to
  23. To be distinct letters of the alphabet. In Spanish, ñ is considered a, separate ,letter, but accented vowels such as á and é are not. The ll and ch were also
  24. An alphabet is a script that is segmental at the phoneme level—that is, it has, separate ,glyphs for individual sounds and not for larger units such as syllables or
  25. Is the nonparametric alternative for a one-way repeated measures ANOVA. The, separate ,assumptions of the textbook model imply that the errors are independently
  26. S biological analysis of the difference between the sexes, and their, separate ,roles in the struggle for survival and reproduction, anticipates some of the
  27. In Aruba for several weeks. In 1933 Aruba sent its first petition for Aruba's, separate ,status and autonomy to the Queen. During World War II, together with Curaçao
  28. Alphabet),with 46. However, these scripts either count DI- and digraphs as, separate ,letters, as Spanish did with ch and ll until recently, or uses diacritics like
  29. Eagle River, Chugiak, Peters Creek, Girdwood, Bird,and Indian. Fairbanks has a, separate ,borough (the Fairbanks North Star Borough) and municipality (the City of
  30. Asperger syndrome, though for various reasons it was not widely recognized as a, separate ,diagnosis until 1981. Almost all the characteristics described in Kanner's
  31. From eastern and southern states). Before the" Status Apart" ( a, separate ,completely autonomous country/state within the Kingdom),oil processing was
  32. Then than they were to each other, grouping instead these other languages in a, separate ,macro-family, which he called Eurasiatic, and to which he added Christian
  33. And Comedy). At times, the Best Original Score award has also been split into, separate ,categories (Drama and Comedy/Musical). From the 1930s through the 1960s,the
  34. Societies with states, but chose to conjure the institution of authority as a, separate ,function from society. The leader is only a spokesperson for the group when it
  35. For the philosophers' stone and the elixir of youth, now believed to be, separate , Their cryptic allusions and symbolism led to wide variations in interpretation
  36. The consonant is modified to indicate the tone. More rarely, a script may have, separate ,letters for tones, as is the case for Hmong and Huang. For most of these
  37. Morning - The Wizard of Oz With the awards for 1940 the award was divided into, separate ,awards for black-and-white and color films. 1940s * 1940 Black-and-white Cedric
  38. Influence on alchemy was his belief that Platonic universals did not have a, separate ,existence outside of man's consciousness. Abelard also systematized the
  39. Of rubidium compounds to 2 to 4 tonnes per year. There are several methods to, separate ,potassium, rubidium and cesium. The fractional crystallization of a rubidium
  40. And one (St. Albert) has a Protestant electorate. In addition, one Protestant, separate ,school district, Glen Avon, survives as a ward of the St. Paul Education Region
  41. Cinematography, and Costume Design awards were likewise split into two, separate ,categories (black-and-white films and color films). Another award, entitled
  42. Mycenaean Pa-ja-wo, but the etymology is the only evidence. He did not have a, separate ,cult, but he was the personification of the holy magic-song sang by the
  43. Rather one becomes one with that perception:" one can thus no longer, separate ,the perceived from the perception" ( The World as Will and Presentation
  44. Of the British Commonwealth, social anthropology has often been institutionally, separate ,from physical anthropology and climatology, which may be connected with
  45. Of counsel and actual innocence based on new evidence. These proceedings are, separate ,from the direct appeal. As such, the conviction is considered final. An appeal
  46. During the scientific Enlightenment attempted, for the sake of survival, to, separate , and divorce the" new" chemistry from the" old" practices of alchemy. This
  47. Ambiguous. Recently, Corey Anton has argued that we cannot be certain what is, separate ,from or unified with something else: language, he asserts, divides what is not
  48. Has used this capacity to continue the model of locally elected public and, separate ,school boards which originated prior to 1905,as well as to create and/or
  49. Refrigerator mothers ". Starting in the late 1960s autism was established as a, separate ,syndrome by demonstrating that it is lifelong, distinguishing it from mental
  50. And speech software in a single machine. These function together without a, separate ,PC. * Refreshable Braille display. An electronic tactile device which is placed

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