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  1. Collection of short stories, and a number of short stories in magazines. Second, marriage ,and later life In 1930,Christie married archaeologist Max Mallow an (Sir Max
  2. To police special forces, to be tried on war crimes charges. * 2001 – Same-sex, marriage ,becomes legal in the Netherlands, the first country to allow it. *2006 – The
  3. Called Melon),and had a relationship with her for several years. He discarded, marriage ,plans, however,writing," Marrying means to halve one's rights and double one
  4. Born April 29, 1954,who would become a costume designer. Shortly before his, marriage , Kurosawa was pressured by the studio against his will to direct a sequel to
  5. Well into the 1960s,long after he became world-famous. Wartime films and, marriage ,(1942–1945) In the two years following the release of Horse in 1941,Kurosawa
  6. Collapse of the Ulvaeus-Fältskog marriage in 1979 and the Andersson-Lyngstad, marriage ,in 1981. In the late 1970s and early 1980s,these relationship changes began
  7. 16, 1942 Act inventing the" prenuptial certificate ", which had to precede any, marriage ,and was supposed, after a biological examination, to insure the" good health "
  8. Colonies contributed to disputes over the role of women, the parameters of, marriage ,and divorce, and the practice of contraception and abortion. In the late 1970s
  9. Judenschaft: the" protected" Jews had an alternative to" either abstain from, marriage ,or leave Berlin" ( quoting Simon Dub now). In the same year, Archduchess of
  10. Into the melodrama it became. The Christie's divorced in 1928. During their, marriage , Agatha published six novels, a collection of short stories, and a number of
  11. The next issue, for a story arc in #290-292 (July-Sept. 1987) that led to the, marriage ,of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21. Issue
  12. A lasting harmony between his Macedonian and Persian subjects, he held a mass, marriage ,of his senior officers to Persian and other noblewomen at Susan, but few of
  13. Then deal with conditions for the reconciliation of the laps; the others, with, marriage , alienation of church property, etc. Though paganism was probably tottering in
  14. Although he loved her, he had argued passionately against the institution of, marriage , dismissing it as unnatural. Even after Francine gave birth to twins, Catherine
  15. Perfectibility that are poetic rather than religious in character, such as the, marriage ,of the hero Pisthetairos to Zeus's paramour in The Birds and the 'recreation '
  16. Strain which ultimately resulted in the collapse of the Ulvaeus-Fältskog, marriage ,in 1979 and the Andersson-Lyngstad marriage in 1981. In the late 1970s and
  17. He also wrote to Attila strenuously denying the legitimacy of the supposed, marriage ,proposal. Attila sent an emissary to Ravenna to proclaim that Honor was
  18. Argue about whether the matricide was justified; Apollo holds that the bond of, marriage ,is sacred and Orestes was avenging his father, whereas the Erin yes say that the
  19. Wan as writer, and in his first issue, #182 (July 1978),had Parker propose, marriage ,to Watson (who refused, in the following issue). Keith Pollard succeeded Ross
  20. 1747 court case in which his brother successfully petitioned to annul Blair's, marriage ,to gain Blair's inheritance. The Wild Boy of Avalon, a feral child caught in
  21. Madeleine, died in 1938. Later he used the background of his unconsummated, marriage ,in his novel ET Nun Manet in Te. In 1924,he published an autobiography
  22. With the world's the greatest warrior. But while Priam is overseeing the private, marriage ,of Pollen and Achilles, Paris,who would have to give up Helen if Achilles
  23. women's ordination, prayer book changes, and the new understandings concerning, marriage , More recently, disagreements over homosexuality have strained the unity of the
  24. And dance celebrating the hero's victory and sometimes celebrating a symbolic, marriage , The rules of competition did not prevent a playwright arranging and adjusting
  25. 5 September 1945,he continued to joke to friends that he was not cut out for, marriage , Camus conducted numerous affairs, particularly an irregular and eventually
  26. Announced they were filing for divorce. Information surfaced that their, marriage ,had been an uphill struggle for years, and Benny had already met another woman
  27. Devote themselves. In Confessions, Crowley says he learned this from his first, marriage , He claimed that their intentions were to force a man to abandon his life's
  28. Can Tell Just By Looking At Her (2000) and Circle of Friends (1995). As a, marriage ,was in trouble in the Godfather Part II (1974) Kay knew the relationship
  29. And married Cleopatra Eurydice, the niece of one of his generals, Attalus. This, marriage ,made Alexander's position as heir to the throne less secure, since if
  30. After his mother's death, he married his cousin Madeleine Bordeaux, but the, marriage ,remained unconsummated. In 1896,he became mayor of La Roque-Baignard, a
  31. Sir Max from 1968) after joining him in an archaeological dig. Their, marriage ,was especially happy in the early years and remained so until Christie's death
  32. Of the Trojan princesses, Polyxena. Achilles asks Priam for Polyxena's hand in, marriage , Priam is willing because it would mean the end of the war and an alliance with
  33. Ring – in the spring of 450. Though Honor may not have intended a proposal of, marriage , Attila chose to interpret her message as such. He accepted, asking for half of
  34. Fests Kelly, in a" marriage of convenience ". However, soon after their, marriage , Crowley actually fell in love with her and set about to successfully prove his
  35. Revolution. In 1934,he married Simone Hie, a morphine addict, but the, marriage ,ended as a consequence of infidelities on both sides. In 1935,he founded
  36. Will be published by The Strand Magazine. Life and career Early life and first, marriage ,Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Tor quay, Devon,England, UK. Her mother
  37. And Fedora were married in Moscow. Kournikova's representatives deny any, marriage ,to Fedora; however,Sergei's agent Pat Frisson claims that although he does
  38. Event of the four-part, crossover story arc," if the couple will allow their, marriage ,to have never existed, rewriting that portion of their pasts. This story arc
  39. Flower is the gladiolus or poppy, meaning beauty, strength of character, love, marriage , and family. In the Hebrew Bible and the Qur'an, Aaron (or; Aaron, Hārūn
  40. Edith Kelly, the sister of his friend, the painter Gerald Fests Kelly, in a ", marriage ,of convenience ". However, soon after their marriage , Crowley actually fell in
  41. Of Paris The gods and goddesses as well as various mortals were invited to the, marriage ,of Pele us and Thesis (the eventual parents of Achilles). Only the goddess
  42. American. Eventually Margaret married her stepfather's son from his first, marriage , Frederick Allah Miller, an American stockbroker. Thus, the two women Agatha
  43. This desire openly and graphically in his poetry. He also struck a note for gay, marriage ,by listing Peter Trotsky, his lifelong companion, as his spouse in his Who's
  44. The bond of blood between mother and son is more meaningful than the bond of, marriage , They invade his temple, and he says that the matter should be brought before
  45. S rights since most sexual laws discriminated against women: for example, marriage ,laws and anti-birth control measures. But also there existed Ezra Heywood and
  46. Victorious. Invasion of Italy and death Attila returned in 452 to claim his, marriage ,to Honor anew, invading and ravaging Italy along the way. The city of Venice
  47. Chaste resistance to the advances of Zeus, that Thesis was so loyal to Hera's, marriage ,bond that she coolly rejected him. Thesis, although a daughter of the sea-god
  48. Conventional account, from Prices, says that at a feast celebrating his latest, marriage ,to the beautiful and young Indigo (if uncorrupted, the name suggests a Gothic
  49. A girdle that made her even more irresistible to men. Her unhappiness with her, marriage ,caused Aphrodite to seek out companionship from others, most frequently Ares
  50. As half a mile; a few Mac fans took the opportunity of the setting to propose, marriage , The Gina opening in Tokyo was estimated in the thousands with a line

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