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  1. Air quality. In the U. S., the Environmental Protection Agency regulates the, registration ,of antimicrobial products. After extensive antimicrobial testing according to
  2. Name: Term for username with AOL origins. These are available for free with, registration ,at the AIM website, and range from 3 to 16 characters long. * Rate limiting:
  3. Industry as a whole. Sales of Starlink seed were discontinued. The, registration ,for Starlink varieties was voluntarily withdrawn by Events in October 2000. 28
  4. Use. The Standards' council of Canada then sponsored, on January 21, 1993,the, registration ,of an encoded character set for use in ISO/IEC 2022,in the ISO-IR
  5. From single to multiple modem lines with some requiring little or no confirmed, registration , Some BBSes, called elite, warez or pirate boards, were exclusively used for
  6. Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. Alternative therapists Denmark has a, registration ,system for alternative therapy practitioners, RAB. Criticism The OCCAM budget
  7. Entered in competition, but offspring are not initially eligible for full AQUA, registration , If the Appendix horse meets certain conformational criteria and is shown or
  8. The aircraft has been in storage at Roswell, New Mexico, since 2005 under, registration ,number N675UP,in UPS colors, its last operator. *American briefly operated one
  9. States, a different system of insuring title of real properties provides for, registration ,of a clear title with public authorities. After this is accomplished, no
  10. Taxi driving community. Substantial revenues are also generated by the, registration ,of offshore companies. As of June 2008,823,502 companies were so registered (
  11. July 2009,which ranks 70th in the world. However, the results of the voters ', registration ,of 2007-2008,8.256.000 adults (from 18 years onwards) combined with the data
  12. Within these borders, the County of Aberdeen remains in existence as a, registration ,county. Aberdeen shire Council is headquartered at Woodhull House, in Aberdeen;
  13. For aircraft with joint registration , one country is designated as the, registration ,state for the purpose of the convention. See the United Nations website for
  14. In a place different from its country of registration . For aircraft with joint, registration , one country is designated as the registration state for the purpose of the
  15. Of a window in rough weather, or the opening of a door, may entirely alter the, registration , While the Dines anemometer had an error of only 1 % at it did not respond very
  16. Of the gene, and though heterozygous (H/N) horses, is still eligible for, registration , altering that status is currently being discussed. Additionally, all Quarter
  17. Be descendants of Impressive must carry a note about the risks of HYPE on their, registration ,papers. Due to HYPE, the halter classes are undergoing significant changes.
  18. And Privacy Policy. All three agreements are presented to users at time of, registration ,and digital acceptance is achieved when they access the AOL service. There have
  19. From Athens, and Cleisthenes came to power. His reforms included a system of, registration ,that emphasized the importance of the demo over family tradition. In the last
  20. S early victories included repealing an unpopular increase in the vehicle, registration ,fee as well as preventing driver's licenses being given out to illegal
  21. And disorder, in particular over the baths and brothels, as well as the, registration ,of prostitutes. In the 3rd century AD it disappeared altogether. Under the
  22. Wireless Telecommunications Bureau announced the start date for licensing and, registration ,process for the 3650–3700 MHz band. In 2010 the FCC adopted the TV White Space
  23. Members: History The organization was formed in December 1997 to" provide IP, registration ,services as an independent, nonprofit corporation. " Until this time IP
  24. Here" and" Come back soon ". DDR-WOH is still flying today, but under the, registration ,DAEWOO. If an escapee was wounded in a crossing attempt and lay on the death
  25. Area. Aircraft spotting or plane spotting is the observation and logging of the, registration ,numbers of s. When spotting aircraft, observers notice the key attributes of an
  26. overstates to ensure black political participation through protection of voter, registration ,and elections. By 1966,the emergence of the Black Power movement, which lasted
  27. Giving all a right to a portion in the papal palace and exempting them from the, registration ,of favors as required by Pius IV (Coast.,98) with regard to matters
  28. In London. *1893 – France becomes the first country to introduce motor vehicle, registration , *1897 – Francophone War: The town of Nanosiemens is captured by French troops
  29. Cable. Flight The American Airlines Flight 77 aircraft was a Boeing 757-223 (, registration ,number N644AA). The flight crew included pilot Charles Burlington, First
  30. Angus () is one of the 32 local government council areas of Scotland,a, registration ,county and a lieutenancy area. The council area borders Aberdeen shire, Perth
  31. Sorrel. Other sires alive at the founding of the AQUA were given the earliest, registration ,numbers Joe Reed P-3,Chief P-5,Oklahoma Star P-6,Cowboy P-12,and Wagoner
  32. To obtain a declaration on a legal document, such as an application for voter, registration , that the information provided by the applicant is truthful to the best of the
  33. Infection control. Victoria is the only state of Australia with an operational, registration ,board. Currently, acupuncturists in New South Wales are bound by the guidelines
  34. And various members of the record company boarded a twin-engine Cessna 402B (, registration ,N8097W) at Marsh Harbor, Abaco Islands, The Bahamas, to travel to the airport
  35. Minority groups in the United States, indicated by the highest level of voter, registration ,and participation in elections among these groups in 2004. African Americans
  36. Northwest of Wort ham, near Lemon Jefferson's birthplace. In his 1917 draft, registration , Jefferson gave his birthdate as October 26, 1894,further stating that he
  37. If the aircraft takes off or lands in a place different from its country of, registration , For aircraft with joint registration , one country is designated as the
  38. Financial services In the mid-1980s,the government began offering offshore, registration ,to companies wishing to incorporate in the islands, and incorporation fees now
  39. Into force on September 1,2006. This Organization is the official body for the, registration ,of trademarks and designs in the Benelux. In addition, it offers the
  40. A DNA test for HYPE, which is required by the AQUA. Since 2007,the AQUA bars, registration ,of horses who possess the homozygous form (H/H) of the gene, and though
  41. By battery and comparing that location with what was expected to compute a, registration ,allowing future rounds to be fired with much greater accuracy. Time on Target A
  42. Appendix into the permanent studbook, making its offspring eligible for AQUA, registration ,Since Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred crosses continue to enter the official
  43. Or documentary evidence ... In an age where little was attempted beyond the, registration ,of fact, he had reached the conception of history. " The Historian Ecclesiastical
  44. The pedigrees of their ranch horses. The horse honored with the first, registration ,number,P-1,was Wimpy, a descendant of the King Ranch foundation sire Old
  45. Services as an independent, nonprofit corporation. " Until this time IP, registration ,in the AKIN region was done by a department within the Network Solutions
  46. Earnings disclosure is published publicly, no, registration , or renewal fees are charged and that the sale of business support materials are
  47. Tricolor chatline. One Boeing 747–100 was used in the film Airport 1975, registration , number N9675,which was delivered to the carrier in 1971. The aircraft was
  48. Begin until late in World War I." In 1916,the Russians conducted their first, registration ,point shoot: the adjustment of fire onto one target to identify inaccuracy
  49. But for text interchange, only the private BCI encoding based on ISO-IR/169, registration , ( extended and maintained internally by BCI since then) is available, that
  50. East German youth military training organization, at RAF Gamow. His aircraft, registration ,DDR-WOH, was dismantled and returned to the East Germans by road, complete with

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