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  1. Beginning with" We believe ... ", which attempt to more or less define the, fundamental ,theology of a given religion, and especially in the Christian Church. Articles
  2. Data in USNO-B1.0 accurate to within 0.2 arc sec. Applications Apart from the, fundamental ,function of providing astronomers with a reference frame to report their
  3. Movement. Although they have competing views of monetary policy, they share a, fundamental ,view of most economic philosophy. Free Banking advocates see themselves as
  4. Post-conviction relief, an appellant can petition the court to correct alleged, fundamental ,errors that were not corrected on direct review. Typical claims might include
  5. Error; 2. The claim is of constitutional magnitude alleging the violation of a, fundamental ,right; 3. The alleged constitutional violation clearly exists and clearly
  6. The lowest possible energy an electron can take is therefore analogous to the, fundamental ,frequency of a wave on a string. Higher energy states are then similar to
  7. Cautiously by the public. Logic of ANOVA Partitioning of the sum of squares The, fundamental ,technique is a partitioning of the total sum of squares S into components
  8. Geology. While discussing the formation of mountains, he explained: Due to his, fundamental ,contributions to the development of geology, particularly regarding the origins
  9. Modern or industrialized agriculture is dependent on fossil fuels in two, fundamental ,ways: 1) direct consumption on the farm and 2) indirect consumption to
  10. Prominent Azerbaijani aerodynamics and geotectonics scientists, inspired by the, fundamental ,works of Chin Khalil and others, designed hundreds of earthquake prediction
  11. Which constitute the Upanishads, may be deduced as a necessary result from the, fundamental ,thoughts which I have to enunciate, though those deductions themselves are by
  12. With Angola Press Japan As of 2007,economic relations played" a, fundamental ,role in the bilateral relations between the two governments ". Japan has
  13. Test the lengths to which market systems could supplant government in its most, fundamental ,functions. " While not directly labeling it anarcho-capitalist, he argues that
  14. Some other form into acoustic energy, producing the acoustic wave. There is one, fundamental ,equation that describes acoustic wave propagation, but the phenomena that
  15. Otherwise it is said to be Archimedes. Vector spaces Again the, fundamental ,properties of the absolute value for real numbers can be used, with a slight
  16. The additive inverse of a, and 0 is the additive identity element. Fields The, fundamental ,properties of the absolute value for real numbers given in (2) – (5) above
  17. Muon, forming a music atom. These types of atoms can be used to test the, fundamental ,predictions of physics. Name ns1728_77/> name psT112_1_20/>
  18. Let us therefore try to look the truth in the face. Let us try to assume our, fundamental ,ambiguity. It is in the knowledge of the genuine conditions of our life that we
  19. To reduce the country's unemployment, rein in criminal groups, establish the, fundamental ,institutions of independent statehood, and brought stability, peace and major
  20. And anarchism that views patriarchy (male domination over women) as a, fundamental ,manifestation of compulsory government. It was inspired by the late 19th
  21. Gave lectures on" Human Potentialities" at the Sale institute, which were, fundamental ,to the forming of the Human Potential Movement. Death On his deathbed, unable
  22. Dates back to the second or third millennium BCE takes an agnostic view on the, fundamental ,question of how the universe and God was created. Pasadena Suit (Creation
  23. With a reference frame to report their observations in, astrometry is also, fundamental ,for fields like celestial mechanics, stellar dynamics and galactic astronomy.
  24. Biology that were not superseded for two millennia. Moreover, he introduced the, fundamental ,notion that nature is composed of things that change and that studying such
  25. Value include" the numerical value" The absolute value has the following four, fundamental ,properties:: Other important properties of the absolute value include:: If b >
  26. Of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," and (Section I) one of" the, fundamental ,principles of this government" ( United States Revised Statutes, sec. 1999).
  27. Whole, synthesis or archetype. It embraces the account of causes in terms of, fundamental ,principles or general laws, as the whole (i.e., macrostructure ) is the cause
  28. Other pioneers in the field – inspired characteristics and genres that remain, fundamental ,elements of anime today. The giant robot genre (known as" Mecca" outside
  29. The use of antimony is limited by its toxicity, its compounds have been of, fundamental ,value in chemistry – a prominent example being the development of super acids
  30. As the very antithesis of the good society, as well as a threat to their own, fundamental ,values and interests. " During the 1850s,slaves left
  31. Lama * Dharma Nyasa — Nature's tendency to produce a perfect type Jainism The, fundamental ,principles of Jainism revolve around the concept of altruism, not only for
  32. Collection of atoms then behaves as a single super atom, which may allow, fundamental ,checks of quantum mechanical behavior.
  33. A different model for electronic structure. And Nagoya himself recognized a, fundamental ,snag in the theory even at its conception, namely that a classical charged
  34. X − a1) (x − a2) ··· (x − an) + 1 has no zero in F. By contrast,the, fundamental ,theorem of algebra states that the field of complex numbers is algebraically
  35. By many Derleth 's finest work. This prose meditation is built out of the same, fundamental ,material as the series of Sac Prairie journals, but is organized around three
  36. Anarchists are likely the result of an" unfortunate situation of, fundamental ,misinterpretation of anarcho-capitalism. " Bound asks," How can one from this
  37. Led Einstein to his radical conclusions about the nature of light and the, fundamental ,connection between space and time. With a few friends he met in Bern, Einstein
  38. Was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for" his long and non-violent struggle for, fundamental ,human rights in China. " He is the first Chinese citizen to be awarded a Nobel
  39. The technique was used to produce alcohol and essential oils; the latter was, fundamental ,to aromatherapy. He also invented the refrigerated coil, which condenses the
  40. Efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. In his pursuit of a unification of the, fundamental ,forces, Einstein ignored some mainstream developments in physics, most notably
  41. Characteristics of their spectroscopic lines: sharp, principal,diffuse, and, fundamental , the rest being named in alphabetical order (omitting j). The wave function
  42. Can be helpful to think of it in those terms. Agrarianism concentrates on the, fundamental ,goods of the earth, communities of more limited economic and political scale
  43. Atoms. Definitions and concepts Modern definitions are concerned with the, fundamental ,chemical reactions common to all acids. Arrhenius' acids The Swedish chemist
  44. Past, present,and future with others in our Universe. Statistics A, fundamental ,aspect of asymmetry is error correction. Various factors introduce errors into
  45. Tartan in the 1920s. Equations of motion The theory of general relativity has a, fundamental ,law – the Einstein equations which describe how space curves, the geodesic
  46. A wave on a string. Higher energy states are then similar to harmonics of the, fundamental ,frequency. The electrons are never in a single point location, although the
  47. Are generally limited to challenges to constitutional, jurisdictional,or other, fundamental ,violations that occurred at trial. " Graham v. Bergen,483 F 3d. 475 (7th Cir.
  48. As opposed to what can be observed by compiling many local observations remain, fundamental ,in any kind of anthropology, whether cultural, biological,linguistic or
  49. Which is adhered to by many Austrian economists. Miles' phraseology is a, fundamental ,rejection of mathematical methods in economics, seeing the function of
  50. Which saw the state as evolving from society, the anti-state liberals saw a, fundamental ,conflict between the voluntary interactions of people – society – and the

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