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  1. The monastery is located, or by an abbot or another bishop with appropriate, permission , Unlike the abbot, the abbess receives only the ring and a copy of the rule of
  2. Her parents and sisters to the United States, but they were unable to acquire, permission ,to emigrate. Early fiction Rand's first literary success came with the sale of
  3. When Moses Solomon Hale vi Maduro, his wife and six children received special, permission ,to reside on the island by the Dutch royalty. Maduro founded the main shipping
  4. Officer which amount to 'go away' will not necessarily withdraw any implied, permission ,to enter or remain. Further, when properly required to leave, the officer must
  5. Due to cold, and the fact that he had no heat at Meadow. Rodin requested, permission ,to stay in the Hotel Iron, a museum of his works, but the director of the
  6. Peter. Furthermore, in January 1716,Alexei asked his father for, permission ,to become a monk. Still, Peter did not despair. On the 26 August 1716 he wrote
  7. Entity wishing to use intellectual property held under copyright must receive, permission ,from the copyright holder to use this work, and will often be asked to pay for
  8. Dracula is a 1964 film that was produced and directed by Warhol, without the, permission ,of DC Comics. It was screened only at his art exhibits. A fan of the Batman
  9. Of AOL. Hold up to 48 people and often moderated. * Auditoriums – created with, permission ,of AOL. Consisted of a stage and an unlimited number of rows. What happened on
  10. A passion for sugar, reading and music. He twice ran away from home without, permission ,to hear his elder brother play violin concertos in neighboring churches on
  11. Fostered the disaffection of the Goths, and either by his orders or with his, permission , Amalasuntha was imprisoned on the island of Mariana in the Tuscan lake of
  12. Ali Shah was on a hunting trip at the time, but he sent a messenger to request, permission ,of the monarch to go to Mecca for the hajj pilgrimage. Permission was given
  13. Him a separate table, at which he might entertain guests and strangers. This, permission ,opening the door to luxurious living, the council of Aachen, AD 817,decreed
  14. Pope and the king. No monk might sit in his presence, or leave it without his, permission , reflecting the hierarchical etiquette of families and society. The highest
  15. Exchange the price which they consider fair. But in case the oracle denies them, permission , because there is an oracle here, they add something to the price offered, and
  16. Shah Qatar. Hasan Ali Shah left for Bombay and the British attempted to obtain, permission ,for his return to Persia. Although some of his lands were restored to the
  17. Is celebrated by the bishop in whose diocese the monastery is or, with his, permission , another abbot or bishop. The ceremony of such a blessing is similar in some
  18. Albert had borrowed 21,000 ducats from Jacob Fugger, and had obtained, permission ,from Pope Leo X to conduct the sale of indulgences in his diocese to obtain
  19. Smith, Frater 132 of the Vancouver Lodge of O. T. O., and in 1930 granted him, permission ,to establish Agape Lodge in Southern California. During the same trip in 1915
  20. Disk without worrying that their software might be backed up or copied without, permission , When Apple decided to bundle Catalyst with its new Profile hard disk, Quark
  21. Hot pursuit, the person lawfully in possession of land is entitled to withdraw, permission ,for the officer to remain. Should the officer refuse to leave, the officer will
  22. He felt hard-pressed and asked permission of Muhammad to go to Abyssinia. The, permission ,was granted, and Abu Bakr set off on his journey. However, on the way he met
  23. Hill. In exchange for building the tunnel, the City of Brooklyn granted the B&J, permission ,to operate its steam locomotives on Atlantic Street west of Fifth Avenue (then
  24. Of Hungary and his relatives would not be excommunicated without the special, permission ,of the Pope. Marriages and children #1. Around 1200: Gertrude of Melania (1185
  25. Publicly viewable walls, buildings,buses, trains,and bridges, usually without, permission , Certain art forms, such as graffiti, may also be illegal when they break laws
  26. Clement XIV; but before he proceeded with it, he deemed it necessary to request, permission ,from the Venetian senate, whose servant he considered himself to be, in
  27. Anyone should be able to engage in banking that wished, without requiring state, permission , and issue private money. Though he was supporter of laissez-faire, late in
  28. Mark Antony. Octavian made another bold move in 44 BC when without official, permission ,he appropriated the annual tribute that had been sent from Rome's Near Eastern
  29. Amesbury Abbey. Herman wished to move the seat of his see, but Edward refused, permission ,for the move. Alfred was a close associate of Herman's, According to the
  30. That has since sold over three million copies. Without Rand's knowledge or, permission , the novel was made into a pair of Italian films, Noi vivid and Audio, Kira,in
  31. Albuquerque had sent ambassadors to Sultan Metaphor II, ruler of Cam bay, to seek, permission ,to build a fort on Did. The mission returned without an agreement, but
  32. Governors to house British troops in the homes of citizens without requiring, permission ,of the owner. Lord North argued in 1775 for the British position that
  33. Thomas Stolen Harvey, removed Einstein's brain for preservation without the, permission ,of his family, in the hope that the neuroscience of the future would be able to
  34. Acting in the execution of their duty ". To make an effective withdrawal of, permission , clear words must be used. Merely directing offensive remarks at the officer
  35. Materials that have been published in his absence have been done without his, permission , He asks that none of his work should be reproduced in whole or in part, and
  36. To prevent the Apache brand name from being used by other organizations without, permission , The ASF also holds several http://www.apachecon.com/ Pacheco conferences
  37. Hera,Ares's mother, saw his interference and asked Zeus, his father, for, permission , to drive Ares away from the battlefield, which Zeus granted (V.711–769). Hera
  38. Anger and hatred of the Mecca chiefs. Soon he felt hard-pressed and asked, permission ,of Muhammad to go to Abyssinia. The permission was granted and Abu Bakr set off
  39. Of music. Non-commercial use of the anthem is permitted without case-by-case, permission , but commercial use does require permission . Orchestral version The wordless
  40. For almost every misdeed at the first offense secular lords might with their, permission ,receive without sin the monetary compensation, which they then fixed. " The
  41. But lost its bid to United Airlines' Dulles to Beijing route. AA was granted, permission ,in September 2007 to start a Chicago-Beijing route in a new set of China routes
  42. Great controversy and were ultimately hidden behind a drape with special, permission ,given for viewers to see them. Fortunately, Bust of Dale and Burgher of Calais
  43. Of Coin (Cohim, Kochi) securely on his throne. In return, the King gave them, permission ,to build a Portuguese fort at Cochin and establish trade relations with Newton
  44. From the god of the island himself, they consult Achilles’ oracle. They ask, permission ,to slaughter the victims chosen from among the animals that graze freely on the
  45. Offered the commission, which he gratefully accepted. Joseph II granted Salary, permission ,to take a year-long leave of absence (later extended) thus enabling him to
  46. Is permitted without case-by-case permission , but commercial use does require, permission , Orchestral version The wordless orchestral version of Advance Australia Fair
  47. Appellate court cannot refuse to listen to the appeal. An appeal by leave or, permission ,requires the appellant to obtain leave to appeal; in such a situation either or
  48. Stage at. This communication signified that Mission Control had given official, permission ,for Apollo 8 to go to the moon. Over the next 12 minutes before the TLC burn
  49. Created by any user. Hold up to 23 people. * Conference rooms – created with, permission ,of AOL. Hold up to 48 people and often moderated. * Auditoriums – created with
  50. War. No states could have navies or standing armies, or engage in war, without, permission , of Congress (although the existence of state militias is encouraged). #

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