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  1. S views on evolution would have been taken seriously. Lyell and Hooker's, arrangement ,relegated Wallace to the position of co-discoverer, and he was not the social
  2. Same. Next, you might examine how the materials in each artwork have become an, arrangement ,of shapes, colors,textures, and lines. These, in turn, are organized into
  3. A way not written, as in the India Aquinas, one could argue that the linear, arrangement ,made this a true alphabet. Conversely, the vowel marks of the Virginia abused
  4. Closely associated with the reigning monarch. It is possible that this, arrangement ,was sanctioned by Alfred's father, or by the Witan, to guard against the
  5. Therefore the bond angle is not 109.5° as expected for a regular tetrahedral, arrangement , but is measured at 107.8°. The nitrogen atom in the molecule has a lone
  6. Steam-powered locomotive of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with a 0-4-0 wheel, arrangement ,* Atlantic, a type of steam locomotive with a 4-4-2 wheel arrangement (UIC
  7. Examples are 3753 Cruise and. The first instance of this type of orbital, arrangement ,was discovered between Saturn's moons Epimetheus and Janus. Sometimes these
  8. Of St Augustine's at Bristol, now the cathedral church of that city, shows the, arrangement ,of the buildings, which departs very little from the ordinary Benedictine type.
  9. Like David who had been chosen, perhaps undeservedly, The effect of the lyrical, arrangement , according to Bruce Hind marsh, allows an instant release of energy in the
  10. Carmen Dragon. Performed thousands of times in recent years, Mr. Dragon's, arrangement ,has been played for state occasions such as the memorial services for
  11. In 1976,they were temporarily placed in the NFC and AFC respectively. This, arrangement ,lasted for one season only before the two teams switched conferences. The
  12. Of delay, so he was not part of this rapid publication. Wallace accepted the, arrangement ,after the fact, happy that he had been included at all, and never expressed
  13. One domino knocks over another domino. *The formal cause is its form,i.e. the, arrangement ,of that matter. It tells us what a thing is, that anything is determined by
  14. Production were probably still connected to the mainland. The present coastal, arrangement ,appeared c. 7000 BC, with post-ice age sea levels continuing to rise for
  15. The monasteries stand close to the steep bank of a river) to accommodate the, arrangement ,to local circumstances. We have no existing examples of the earlier monasteries
  16. Famous for holiness or singular asceticism, but without any attempt at orderly, arrangement , This arrangement probably followed the example set in part by the Essene's in
  17. Each carbon-carbon bond. For this reason, alkanes are usually shown in a zigzag, arrangement ,in diagrams or in models. The actual structure will always differ somewhat from
  18. The atoms or groups bound to the atoms at each end of the bond. The spatial, arrangement ,described by the torsion angles of the molecule is known as its conformation.
  19. Each book that is sold. Publishers, at times, reduced the risk of this type of, arrangement , by agreeing only to pay this after a certain amount of copies had sold. In
  20. Although the offer was made by George's mother and followed the year-long, arrangement ,in 1872 where her son and his nurse had moved to quarters next to Bell's
  21. The" National Song" sung by ABBA, which used the melody and instrumental, arrangement ,of" Fernando ", adapted with new lyrics promoting National, and working in
  22. 1867 (it eventually happened in 1917). The Senate likewise rejected Seward's, arrangement ,with Britain to arbitrate the Alabama Claims. The U. S. experienced tense
  23. Has a 3-row diatonic treble and 18 uneconomic bass buttons in a bass/chord, arrangement ,– actually a subset of the Stella system – that travel parallel to the
  24. As its chromosomes are highly conserved, reflecting much of the early Eutheria, arrangement ,before the divergence of the major modern taxa. Ecology and behavior Aardvarks
  25. Power and would be nothing short of a state. The difference between such an, arrangement ,and an anarcho-capitalist system is precisely the voluntary nature of
  26. Had only a north aisle, as at Bolton, Brinkburn and Innermost. The, arrangement ,of the monastic buildings followed the ordinary type. The prior's lodge was
  27. Against the danger of a disputed succession should Æthelred fall in battle. The, arrangement ,of crowning a successor as royal prince and military commander is well known
  28. Northern Italy as federate, to help protect the region against the Franks,an, arrangement ,that may have been disowned by Justin II after Nurses' removal. March to Italy
  29. Years, along with bigger instruments driven by hand bellows. The diatonic key, arrangement ,was also already in use on mouth-blown instruments. Demian's patent thus
  30. Attracted by specifically this odor. The orchid takes advantage of this mating, arrangement ,to get the male bee to collect and disseminate its pollen; parts of its flower
  31. System of electrons and an atomic nucleus. It is primarily concerned with the, arrangement ,of electrons around the nucleus and the processes by which these arrangement s
  32. Ainu people had various types of marriage. A child was promised in marriage by, arrangement ,between his or her parents and the parents of his or her betrothed or by a
  33. Campbell-Watson calls for three saxophones, alto,tenor and baritone. In this, arrangement ,the soprano and alto doubling have been rewritten to avoid changing
  34. By some of her prominent followers, including Alan Greenspan. A six-foot floral, arrangement ,in the shape of a dollar sign was placed near her casket. In her will, Rand
  35. By him — they were instead directed by Altostratus and Philomaths,an, arrangement ,that seemed to suit Aristophanes since he appears to have used these same
  36. To 1.09×10−10 m for a C – H bond and 1.54×10−10 m for a C – C bond. The spatial, arrangement ,of the bonds is similar to that of the four SP³-orbitals—they are tetrahedral
  37. Of the order Salient. Practical considerations seem to favor using the former, arrangement ,now. The Lissamphibia, superorder Salient, are traditionally divided into
  38. UT2 until the end of 1971,and UT1 thereafter. This was a compromise, arrangement ,for a broadcast timescale: a linear transformation of the BIH's atomic time
  39. S boarding house, it was clear that Mr. Sanders was backing the proposal. The, arrangement ,was for teacher and student to continue their work together with free room and
  40. Provision that Prussia should be treated as a Polish fiefdom; and after this, arrangement ,had been confirmed by a treaty concluded at Kraków, Albert pledged a personal
  41. A bagpipe soloist accompanied by a pipe and drum band. The tempo of their, arrangement ,was slowed to allow for the bagpipes, but it was based on Collins ': it began
  42. One or more open courts, usually surrounded with cloisters. The usual Eastern, arrangement ,is exemplified in the plan of the convent of the Great Lava, Mount Pathos.
  43. In lines like the tents in an encampment, or the houses in a street. From this, arrangement ,these lines of single cells came to be known as Laura, Laurai," streets" or
  44. S Architectural Antiquities. They show several departures from the Benedictine, arrangement , In each the prior's house is remarkably perfect. All Clinic houses in
  45. Or religious role in Crowley's life and rarely saw him after the birth," an, arrangement ,that suited them both. " In March 1939,Dion Fortune and Plaster Crowley met
  46. Wheel arrangement * Atlantic, a type of steam locomotive with a 4-4-2 wheel, arrangement ,(UIC classification 2B1),* RMS Atlantic, a steamship that sank off Halifax
  47. Characters, who are arranged so that all are visible to the camera. The usual, arrangement ,is for the actors to stand in an irregular line from one side of the screen to
  48. Or singular asceticism, but without any attempt at orderly arrangement . This, arrangement ,probably followed the example set in part by the Essene's in Judea. In the
  49. Of the community to another, by degrees dictated a more compact and orderly, arrangement ,of the buildings of a monastic cenobite. Large piles of building were erected
  50. In which Albert took part; diplomatic measures were more successful, and by an, arrangement ,made with the last of the Wen dish princes of Brandenburg, Pribislav of the

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