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  1. Control systems with Armenia and expressed satisfaction with Armenia's full, cooperation , General Staff The Armenian Armed Forces are Headquartered in Yerevan, where
  2. Assistance was given by the Eastern National Park and Monument Association in, cooperation ,with the National Park Service. Works Surviving plays Most of these are
  3. The Azerbaijani government. Despite this law there is extensive U. S. military, cooperation ,with Azerbaijan. This has included Special Forces and naval aid, consultations
  4. Debts) incurred during the war, or to become a forum for productive, cooperation ,among the states to encourage commerce and economic development, only
  5. To death for conspiring rebellion against his father, and for hoping for the, cooperation ,of the common people and the armed intervention of his brother-in-law, the
  6. Border Guard and the Turkish Armed Forces. * Long-term economical and military, cooperation ,and application of the financial aid In May 2011,Azerbaijan had discussed the
  7. States Air Forces in Europe General Tom Robbins met in Baku to discuss military, cooperation , He said the objective of his visit was to become familiar with the state of
  8. U. S. Constitution. Background The political push for the colonies to increase, cooperation ,began with the Albany Congress in 1754 when Benjamin Franklin proposed an
  9. Has been provided to Armenia. In 2003,the two countries signed a military, cooperation ,accord, under which Greece will increase the number of Armenian servicemen
  10. Political observers say that Armenia's economic, cooperation ,with Russia has been one of the least transparent areas of the Armenian
  11. The Form VIII verb" to cooperate, participate ", and in turn its verbal noun ", cooperation , participation" can be formed. This in turn can be made into a Nisha adjective
  12. In the military-technical sphere and has an agreement on military-technical, cooperation ,with more than 30 countries. Turkey In December 2009,an agreement on military
  13. The two states, and further cement the already close Russian-Armenian military, cooperation , At the beginning of 2009,Azerbaijani media published allegations that Russia
  14. Missions became one of the first instances of Soviet/American space, cooperation ,as the USSR released Luna 15's flight plan to ensure it would not collide with
  15. For the CST nations to have an opportunity to improve inter-organisation, cooperation , The largest-scale CST military exercise held, to date, were the" Rubens 2008
  16. Private property, seeing it as a source of social inequality, and emphases, cooperation ,and mutual aid. Collectivist anarchism, also referred to as" revolutionary
  17. Borough has no government of its own, but the U. S. Census Bureau in, cooperation ,with the state divided the Unorganized Borough into 11 census areas solely for
  18. Of weapons of mass destruction ". There is also a limited amount of military, cooperation ,with the other countries of. Armenia is a landlocked country in the South
  19. Capitol, crew members and passengers now have to calculate the risks of passive, cooperation , not only for themselves but also for those on the ground. Future hijackers
  20. Other weapons. Officer training is another sphere of Russian-Armenian military, cooperation , In the first years of sovereignty when Armenia lacked a military educational
  21. Us to think about the Absurd and offer our own contribution. Concepts such as, cooperation , joint effort and solidarity are of key importance to Camus, though they are
  22. Special warfare unit. It is said that the 'Tigers' unit was established in, cooperation ,with the Turkish Navy in 2001. The training and structure of the Tigers are
  23. Cooperate on defense institutional reforms and have developed practical, cooperation ,in many other areas. Azerbaijan’s Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPA)
  24. Military protocols,some major protocols include: * National security, cooperation ,in the topographical area * Forming and training of profession school of forces
  25. And constitutional referendum since 1995,citing polling deficiencies, lack of, cooperation ,by the Electoral Commission, and poor maintenance of electoral lists and
  26. Taking with them the royal treasure and part of the army, which hints at the, cooperation ,of Byzantium. Roger Collins describes Marius as an especially reliable source
  27. Pacific Forum" ) is held in Wellington, New Zealand, with the aim of enhancing, cooperation ,between the independent countries of the Pacific Ocean. *1974 – Vietnam War:
  28. Of the United States, Bill Clinton, for his special personal contribution to, cooperation ,with the states of Europe, for the preservation of peace, freedom,democracy
  29. Against the imbalances of modern society by its fellowship of labor and, cooperation ,with other agrarians, while obeying the rhythms of nature. History
  30. A manned spacecraft, several other nations have sent people into space in, cooperation ,with one of these countries. Inspired partly by these missions, other synonyms
  31. Leaders, and administrators under the control of a Pharaoh who ensured the, cooperation ,and unity of the Egyptian people in the context of an elaborate system of
  32. After Schneider refused to market Amstrad's AT-compatible computer line,the, cooperation ,ended. Schneider went on to sell the remaining stock of Schneider CPC models
  33. Air-force of 2 Su-25s,5 Mi-24s and 5 other helicopters. International military, cooperation ,Russia is Armenia's closest ally. The Russian 102nd Military Base, the
  34. Is the idea that in an environment of laissez-faire, a spontaneous order of, cooperation ,in exchanging goods and services emerges that satisfies human wants. Some
  35. Meeting of the joint Russian-Armenian government panel for military-technical, cooperation ,that took place during autumn 2005,Prime Minister Mikhail Radio reported
  36. Closer to the alliance. He said that the two countries' air forces will expand, cooperation , The U. S. state of Oklahoma is linked with Azerbaijan through the U. S.
  37. IPA) and its Partnership for Peace (PFP) linkages lay out the program of, cooperation ,between Azerbaijan and NATO. The Azerbaijani government has however delayed
  38. Careers. While Andersson and Slaves were working on the musical, a further, cooperation ,between three of them came with the musical Abracadabra that was produced in
  39. And constructive process of consultation, spanning the nation and including the, cooperation ,and input of state and territory policy committees, local branches, unions
  40. Gradual spread of knowledge. Godwin advocated individualism, proposing that all, cooperation ,in labor be eliminated on the premise that this would be most conducive with
  41. To $5 million, and in April 2004,the two sides signed a military-technical, cooperation ,accord. In late 2004,Armenia deployed a unit of 46 soldiers, which included
  42. European and Euro-Atlantic structure; contribution to international security;, cooperation ,with international organizations; regional cooperation and bilateral relations;
  43. During the decolonization conflict. Once this was over, a massive development, cooperation ,in the field of health and education brought in numerous civil personnel from
  44. In which burglar alarms would go off when entering the room. Warhol's, cooperation ,with the musicians of The Velvet Underground was driven by an expressed desire
  45. President Obama asked his Yemen counterpart Ali Abdullah Sale to ensure closer, cooperation ,with the U. S. in the struggle against the growing activity of al-Qaeda in
  46. Russian-Armenian inter-governmental commission on bilateral military-technical, cooperation , The agreement envisages the two countries' interaction in exporting military
  47. International security; cooperation with international organizations; regional, cooperation ,and bilateral relations; strengthening of defense capability; promotion of
  48. That it would be impossible to do so for the next five years. International, cooperation ,Azerbaijan cooperates with about 60 countries in the military-technical sphere
  49. 1972 – Vietnam War: The Battle of An LOC begins. *1974 – Western Union (in, cooperation ,with NASA and Hughes Aircraft) launches the United States' first commercial
  50. Drones in Azerbaijan. The Israeli defense company Delta Systems Ltd has had, cooperation ,from Azerbaijan in building the Nectar reconnaissance satellite system, which

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