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  1. Metaphysical Vibration Fuzzy Box FUZ-006 CD US 1 1 Electronic Left field pop-y, japanese , With RUFFY BUFFY Colson may refer to: People; Colson as a surname * Andy
  2. The track" Great Deceiver (Long Mix) " on the album Spiral Honey by the, japanese , noise musician Elbow features the ending chords of the track" Great Deceiver
  3. British Origami Society * http://www.origamihouse.jp/ Gallery Origami house (in, japanese , ) Trentino-Alto Adige/Suction (;, Trentino-Sud Tirol or Trentino-Sudtirolo;)
  4. The book. A novel's title was used as the subtitle in the, japanese , version of the video game, but this reference was lost during translation
  5. Official website * http://www.honmon-butsuryushu.or.jp Common Butsuryushu, japanese , official website Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS),originally Newport News
  6. Aside from sharing the same basic themes and premise, and starring popular, japanese , idol singers in the main roles, each one replacing the previous as the new
  7. Tokyo Department Store corporate information (in, japanese , ) Louis V. Gartner, Jr. KBE (born March 1,1942, in Mineral, New York) was
  8. Perhaps hinting that the ship itself is a sort of refuge to pirates. *In the, japanese ," anime" " Origin ", Little Arcadia is episode 14,referring to the small
  9. Escaped in Toni Morrison's Beloved. Entertainment * Sweet Home (TV show),a, japanese , comedy drama series starring Yamaguchi Took before she acted in the hit drama
  10. The connection with the church was broken in 1967 after a happening with, japanese , artist Mayor Kusama in which the first body painting in the Netherlands took
  11. Dynasty, beginning in the late seventeenth century Japan @ Korea ordered all, japanese , @ Korean citizens to adopt Manchurian hairstyles by shaving the front of their
  12. His short story" Order of the White Paulownia" is in the anthology" modern, japanese , stories " edited by Ivan Morris
  13. Form and she and Reinhardt look upon Dracula's sunken castle. Her name in the, japanese , version is spelled as. Gilles de Rail is one of Dracula's servants. He used
  14. In this style. Another outstanding adaptation was on the Mega CD, only for the, japanese , market,again. Re-styled graphics, audio CD quality, longer intros and cinema
  15. Nicks' fourth solo album The Other Side of the Mirror *" Alice ", a song by, japanese , visual key band Nightmare on their album the WORLD RULER. *" Alice ", a song
  16. Japanese woodblock prints, including one by Fukuoka Yoshitoshi. Also in some, japanese , villages,parents spread the myth that he eats little boys to stop them going
  17. In 1945-1946,when many Aringayenos massacred the entire battalion of, japanese , command in daringly. Notable people External links
  18. And seasoned than the Indian/other east Asian curries, and is more of a thick, japanese , stew than a curry. Curry was introduced to Japan by the British in the Meiji
  19. Eyes instead of red. Fugitive is not another form of Eve. She is Spirit of a, japanese , wieteria (called Fuji) who is gifted power from Eve. She can talk, and
  20. Pong table and grand piano. The yard contains a gazebo, goldfish pond and a, japanese , garden. University Center, Dining Hall, and Residence Hall Facilities The south
  21. Juan Peron. The popular movie the hitman was modeled after this popular, japanese , anime. (alpha/kappa character) In 2006,Golgi 13 was brought back by Viz
  22. A highly lecherous, very unlucky and stupid high school student from the, japanese , city of Tombing, and the On player is Sum, daughter of the leader of the
  23. Which means" We work throughout the week. " Even now leap year in the, japanese , solar calendar has still been legally determined based on Loki since 1899. But
  24. Still common when using local encoding instead of UTF-16. In particular, some,Japanese, editors are known to use shifts code, which usually has disastrous effects:
  25. Also note that the group is of legendary status in Japan for it was the first, japanese , hip hop act to gather major acclaim without having to go pop. Discography
  26. In June 1997 (new title" Denied G's Again" ) and finally in 2002,the, japanese , transliterated word" Again" was changed to" Magazine ". Denied G's
  27. Characters of Meiji Mutsuhito. * Alien Henchmen: (English),Daisuke Kinship (, japanese , ) - Alien 1: (English),Taker Nisei (Japanese) - Alien 2: These
  28. Over the family control of the cartel. This was made possible with relaxing of, japanese , laws whereby holding companies could become stock holding companies. Types of
  29. About the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor * Torn San, the main character in the, japanese , film series In music: * Torn, one of the two guitarists in the Visual key band
  30. Ground and chased the other two back into the jungle. Another time, when the, japanese , had captured an ambulance convoy, a wounded officer in one of them heard a
  31. And the Super Robot Wars series (as Sens hi ROA). Sakai is the official, japanese , voice of Daffy Duck. Roles (Bold denotes major roles) Television animation
  32. 70s to the mid 80s giving rise to phrases like" The invasion of the animated, japanese , robots ". Grenadier has also gained a wide fan base in the Arabic part of the
  33. Surname is" Kazoo" ( かどこ=角古) NOT" Kafka" ( かどか) which is actually, japanese , female given name. When spoken in Japanese (i.e., putting the last name
  34. A Forerunner security program. Slouch Amperage, the main protagonist of the, japanese , animation Code Glass: Slouch of the Rebellion possesses a power (referred to
  35. Various locations in the U. S. A. and Morocco. * In the, japanese , light novel series Zero No Tsunami, Rub ' all Kali is thought to be the place
  36. Heavy metal band Triosphere covered this song as a bonus track of the, japanese , edition of their 2006 album The Road Less Travelled. *Rappers Jay-Z and Kanye
  37. External links *http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown/1356/ Homepage in, japanese ,
  38. In Punjabi films and some Hindi films Nisei - A Name means,' Night' In, japanese , Nishi means west wind Locations * Nisei, one pronunciation of the Japanese kanji
  39. Of English ship captains. It was burned down in World War II to prevent the, japanese , from using it. It is opened to the public by descendants of the original
  40. Xena's quest for redemption ends when she sacrifices herself to kill the, japanese , demon Colossi, and decides to stay dead so the souls of the 40,000 she (
  41. Romania, and Russia. Nexus has also been translated in Swedish, korean and, japanese , In the USA, the magazine is published as Nexus New Times. In Greece, the
  42. From thicker stock than other blades. This is also known as 'hematuria' in, japanese , kitchen knives, both single and double beveled. Hamaguriba means" clam shaped
  43. On her because she says it is" disgusting" (" 気持ち悪い" or" bad feeling" in, japanese , ). As the series goes on, Robin grows increasingly uncomfortable with her role
  44. Short stories) thus far. # Chidamari's Murderer kindaichi is forced to join ", japanese , chess " club of his school. By then, they go for a friendly match with a
  45. Greengage Daydreaming Fuzzy Box FUZ-008 Vinyl 7" US 1 1 Electronic Electron, japanese , electropop Greengage - Metaphysical Vibration CD|Fuzzy Box|FUZ006 Greengage
  46. Father was under it. ": W. C. Fields:" Why, you stunted spruce,I'll throw a, japanese , beetle on you. ": Charlie:" Why, you bar-fly you,I'll stick a wick in your
  47. Company expanding into the retail industry at that time. In a move to unite all, japanese , stores under the Tokyo Department Store chain, the Shirking brand then
  48. 1994,leaving the market without many interesting games, including important, japanese , releases like Splatter house 3 and Golden Axe 3. Pirate bootlegs of Team Cup
  49. Daisuke Kinship (Japanese) - Alien 1: (English),Taker Nisei (, japanese , ) - Alien 2: These extraterrestrial assassins dress like pimps from the waist
  50. With a picture of Bokkun's crush, Cream,which was revealed at the end of the, japanese , version of the last episode. *Cosmos the Median: Cosmos is a young member of a

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