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  1. Printing terminal workstations using the Selectric typewriter and type ball, mechanism , such as the IBM 1050 and IBM 2741 terminal. Key caps could be placed over the
  2. Out of their localities, it is usually possible to hypothesize a transport, mechanism , such as the hulls of ships. For example, Ulva reticulated and Alva fascia ta
  3. And is related to the γ-Proteobacterium Ectothiorhodospira shaposhnikovii. The, mechanism ,is unknown, but an encoded Arr enzyme may function in reverse to its known
  4. And dysmorphic features. Diagnosis is based on behavior, not cause or, mechanism , Autism is defined in the DSM-IV-TR as exhibiting at least six symptoms total
  5. The problem. His friend, Francisco d'Antonia, helps him understand and by this, mechanism ,the reader is also prepared to understand the secret when it is revealed
  6. And monetary affairs, for example, the Articles of Confederation provided no, mechanism ,with which to compel the States to comply with requests for either troops or
  7. Are replaced with atoms of the other constituent. With the interstitial, mechanism , one atom is usually much smaller than the other, and so cannot successfully
  8. Resources over an extended period of time in any market where the price, mechanism ,is effective (an example where the price mechanism may not work is in the
  9. Right to vote. They have not been expelled or suspended, since there is no, mechanism ,in this voluntary association to suspend or expel an independent province of
  10. Total of 18 total production routes have been proposed, the principal formation, mechanism ,for interstellar NH3 is the reaction:: NH4+ + ex → NH3 + H· The rate constant
  11. Atrophy, respiratory failure). Although there is no consensus as to the exact, mechanism ,by which mutated SOD1 causes the disease (in either mice or patients)
  12. A mystery. Positrons can also be produced by radioactive decay, but this, mechanism ,can occur both naturally and artificially. Positrons were reported in
  13. Purposes of statistical analysis and presentation. A recording district is a, mechanism ,for administration of the public record in Alaska. The state is divided into 34
  14. Resources rationally in an economy. The capitalist solution is the price, mechanism ,; Miles and Hayek argued that this is the only viable solution, as the price
  15. Later by the British amateur astronomer John Goodrich (who also proposed a, mechanism ,for the star's variability). In May 1783 he presented his findings to the
  16. Used by commercial interpreters, they exemplify the language's best survival, mechanism ,: not specifying the order of scalar operations or the exact contents of memory.
  17. Group of the elongating protein chain on the ester bond. As a result of this, mechanism , all proteins made by ribosomes are synthesized starting at their N-terminus
  18. The harmful aluminum cations. Sorghum is believed to have the same tolerance, mechanism , The first gene for aluminum tolerance has been identified in wheat. It was
  19. Bonds between carbons. The term 'aromatic' was assigned before the physical, mechanism ,determining aromaticity was discovered, and was derived from the fact that many
  20. Economic developments and emphasizes the spontaneous order guided by the price, mechanism , Austrian economists argue that mathematical models and statistics are an
  21. Does not usually cause problems for humans and other mammals, as a specific, mechanism ,exists to prevent its build-up in the bloodstream. Ammonia is converted to
  22. Combined similar features but suffered poor reliability and ejection, mechanism , as well as inferior magazine capacity. Towards the end of the war, the Germans
  23. Converter models. Pallet mechanism The accordion is an aerophone. The manual, mechanism ,of the instrument either enables the air flow, or disables it: Variable
  24. And windlass-lever for example. He is also the first to describe a, mechanism ,which is essentially a combination of all of these simple machines (except for
  25. That prescribe elementary line-oriented formatting, ASCII does not define any, mechanism ,for describing the structure or appearance of text within a document. Other
  26. Relative size of each atom in the mix plays a primary role in determining which, mechanism ,will occur. When the atoms are relatively similar in size, the atom exchange
  27. That can cause an alloy to form, called atom exchange and the interstitial, mechanism , The relative size of each atom in the mix plays a primary role in determining
  28. Contrasted with a centralized ideology and a paired enforcement, mechanism ,which would be necessary under a coercive 'egalitarian'-anarchist system.
  29. Studies and the associations with teratogens strongly suggest that autism's, mechanism ,includes alteration of brain development soon after conception. Just after
  30. Reported moderate anxiety. This might indicate that anxiety is a protective, mechanism ,designed to prevent the organism from engaging in potentially harmful behaviors
  31. Aleksandr Working (ordinary and partial differential equations),Orator (, mechanism ,theory),OSI Some (mechanics) and Budget (descriptive and higher geometry
  32. Miles and Hayek argued that this is the only viable solution, as the price, mechanism ,co-ordinates supply and investment decisions most efficiently. Without the
  33. Any market where the price mechanism is effective (an example where the price, mechanism ,may not work is in the relatively confined area of public and common goods).
  34. The Haber process, intense effort has been directed toward understanding the, mechanism ,of biological nitrogen fixation. The scientific interest in this problem is
  35. Immune activity during critical periods of neurodevelopmental is part of the, mechanism ,of some forms of ASD. Although some abnormalities in the immune system have
  36. And through to large and heavy 160-bass free-bass converter models. Pallet, mechanism ,The accordion is an aerophone. The manual mechanism of the instrument either
  37. To violation of the CP-symmetry relating matter to antimatter. The exact, mechanism ,of this violation during baryogenesis remains a mystery. Positrons can also be
  38. Lamellipodia which contain protrusions called filopodia. The filopodia are the, mechanism ,by which the entire process adheres to surfaces and explores the surrounding
  39. Locking lugs and unlocking raceway of the M1 Grand/M1 carbine, the safety, mechanism ,of the John Browning designed Remington Model 8 rifle, and the gas system and
  40. Ride" to refer to a nice car. Metonymy miscommunication is considered a primary, mechanism ,of linguistic humor. Psychology and management In sociology and social
  41. Team submitted an entry. It was a gas-operated rifle which had a breech-block, mechanism ,similar to his 1944 carbine, and a curved 30-round magazine. Kalashnikov's
  42. Of treatments to subjects; the protocol's description of the assignment, mechanism ,should include a specification of the structure of the treatments and of any
  43. In various systems of the brain. How autism occurs is not well understood. Its, mechanism ,can be divided into two areas: the pathophysiology of brain structures and
  44. Holes or neutron stars),mostly on one side of the galactic center. While the, mechanism ,is not fully understood, it is likely to involve the production of
  45. Uses an electric pump. These techniques are comparable, and differ in the, mechanism ,used to apply suction, how early in pregnancy they can be used, and whether
  46. He proposed defining a" script process" and providing a default scheduling, mechanism ,that avoids several more general problems. The result was a new user interface
  47. Amino acids or excreted in the urine. However, fish and amphibians lack this, mechanism , as they can usually eliminate ammonia from their bodies by direct excretion.
  48. It was successfully tested in 1942. However, its intermediate result storage, mechanism , a paper card writer/reader, was unreliable, and when inventor John Vincent
  49. The APL character set—the most popular ones employing the IBM Selectric print, mechanism ,along with a special APL type element. Over time, with the universal use of
  50. Event, if there is any toxicity of aluminum, it must be via a very specific, mechanism , since total human exposure to the element in the form of naturally occurring

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