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  1. Help us to live our lives more in accord with Christian precepts. The most, comprehensive ,statement of his astrological beliefs is to be found in a work he authored
  2. Of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) is spearheading efforts to implement a, comprehensive ,global strategy for amphibian conservation. Amphibian Ark is an organization
  3. Car ownership rates in the world. This has been attributed to the absence of, comprehensive ,transport system, low import tax, inexpensive maintenance and low unleaded
  4. Of airports in the Atlanta area for a more complete listing. Freeways With a, comprehensive ,network of freeways that radiate out from the city, Atlantans rely on their
  5. Perhaps by the" big tent" nature of the movement, which seeks to be, comprehensive ,of various views and tendencies. The insularity and complacency of the early
  6. Group and Headfirst PD. See also the list of Acorn Electron games for a fairly, comprehensive ,list of games published for the machine and for a list of games with
  7. Saint. He was a German Dominican friar and a bishop, who achieved fame for his, comprehensive ,knowledge of and advocacy for the peaceful coexistence of science and religion.
  8. City planning. In the early 17th century, when immigration was at a peak,a, comprehensive ,plan was developed that was based on four concentric half-circles of canals
  9. Of amicable numbers, many other pairs are known, so these rules are by no means, comprehensive , Regular pairs Let (m, n ) be a pair of amicable numbers with m, and write m
  10. Service formerly known as Edda. *Shortcuts. Com, a free service of AOL, was a, comprehensive ,savings destination offering consumers multiple savings opportunities including
  11. Members of the U. S. -Vietnam Dialogue Group on Agent Orange/Dioxin unveiled a, comprehensive ,10-year Declaration and Plan of Action to address the toxic legacy of Agent
  12. Is still preserved and also has a museum, a private venture which exhibits, comprehensive ,documentation of detailed plans and strategies devised by people who tried to
  13. As playing fields, business parks or mixed use land (including the local, comprehensive ,school). A recent wind farm proposal for the mountainside above the community
  14. Figures in Western philosophy. Aristotle's writings were the first to create a, comprehensive ,system of Western philosophy, encompassing morality and aesthetics, logic and
  15. Physical force. That is, it forcibly prevents the private sector from providing, comprehensive ,security, such as a police, judicial,and prison systems to protect individuals
  16. Their bar exams and American master's and doctoral students may sit for their, comprehensive ,exams, but in nearly all other instances, Americans take their exams. When
  17. Schweitzer wrote:" True philosophy must start from the most immediate and, comprehensive ,fact of consciousness, and this may be formulated as follows: 'I am life which
  18. 35 tons was exhibited at the Düsseldorf Exhibition of 1902. Perhaps the most, comprehensive ,review of agate chemistry is a recent text by Moon cited below. The first
  19. Permaculture, a form of agriculture using perennial food plants organized in a, comprehensive ,forest ecology. The 1990s saw the development of Earth ships, similar in intent
  20. In antiquity. Mathematicians from Alexandria read and quoted him, but the first, comprehensive ,compilation was not made until c. 530 AD by Isidora of Miles, while
  21. Families,i.e. families which could either be segregated from more, comprehensive ,families or could be included in them. These are the families given under "
  22. Gameshow. * P. A. N., the first publicly available text analyzer, with, comprehensive , intelligence currently being developed. Motion and manipulation * Cog, a robot
  23. Considerations. Acupuncturist Felix Mann, who was the author of the first, comprehensive ,English language acupuncture textbook Acupuncture: The Ancient Chinese Art of
  24. Local culture, politics,family life, business and history, as well as a, comprehensive ,calendar of events; Current, an entertainment guide; and the Communicator, a
  25. Royal heart to add greater strength and luster to your crown, by a still more, comprehensive ,Union ". The British government did not respond to the invitation and an equal
  26. Affected distribution of mountain flora in North America and Eurasia. A more, comprehensive ,http://www.wku.edu/~smithch/wallace/writings. Htm list of Wallace's
  27. Photo processing; Final Cut Studio, a video production suite; Logic,a, comprehensive ,music toolkit and Shake, an advanced effects composition program. Apple also
  28. To 378. As a whole it has been considered extremely valuable, being a clear, comprehensive ,and in general impartial account of events by a contemporary. Like many ancients
  29. Central and the Mind, Xueda, and Aka (who came from Togo) on the coast. A, comprehensive ,approach strategy was extended to all areas of health care, with subsequent
  30. Calendar and is found throughout Mesoamerica. This formed part of a more, comprehensive ,system of Maya calendars which combined a series of astronomical observations
  31. Digital Library The ACM Digital Library, a part of the ACM Portal, contains a, comprehensive ,archive of the organization's journals, magazines,and conference proceedings.
  32. Above. APG III does not allow bracketed families, requiring the use of the more, comprehensive ,family; otherwise the circumscription of the Asparagus is unchanged. A
  33. For-loop iteration. More recent implementations of APL generally include, comprehensive ,control structures, so that data structure and program control flow can be
  34. The understanding and implementation of AHIMA is more radical, scrupulous,and, comprehensive ,than in any other religion. Non-violence is seen as the most essential
  35. One of the leading universities in the world; Georgia State University,a, comprehensive ,public research university located downtown; SCAD-Atlanta, the Atlanta campus
  36. The Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE),which establishes, comprehensive ,limits on key categories of conventional military equipment. Azerbaijan
  37. To date. The first volume, Lautlehre ('Phonology' ), contained the first, comprehensive ,attempt to identify regular correspondences between the sound systems of the
  38. Restored the book to its original content, with slight revisions, and added, comprehensive ,end notes, an index, and an appendix. Religion and world view Witnessing
  39. Its subscribers because, when the system was developed, AMPS offered the most, comprehensive ,wireless coverage in the US. In 2006,ADT asked the FCC to extend the AMPS
  40. Was ratified by the Armenian parliament in July 1992. The treaty establishes, comprehensive ,limits on key categories of military equipment, such as tanks, artillery
  41. Armenia's cabinet, includes a minister of the environment. However, no, comprehensive , environmental protection program has emerged, and decisions on environmental
  42. Nation-state in the late 19th century and its manifold particular traditions. A, comprehensive ,collection of Austrian-German legal, administrative and economic terms is
  43. Was estimated at 24 % for adults in 2006. In 2003,the government began a, comprehensive ,program involving free or cheap generic antiretroviral drugs as well as an
  44. Especially for a newcomer. Few other programming languages offer the, comprehensive ,array functionality of APL. Unlike traditionally structured programming
  45. 1951-1975,1873 new species and 83 new genera were added. Taxonomy By 1987 a, comprehensive ,survey of the phylum was completed: in all,4516 species and 339 genera had
  46. Of supervised disulfide and the related compound carbamide into a, comprehensive ,treatment program resulted in an abstinence rate of over 50 percent. *Calcium
  47. By Airy, as early as 1835. It took almost hundred years to arrive at a, comprehensive ,theory and modeling of the point image of serrated systems (Bernie and
  48. Color Sundays as part of their ongoing Library of American Comics project. The, comprehensive ,series, a reprinting of the entire 43-year history of Li'l Abner spanning a
  49. To point westward and its barrel slimmed down. Arsenal eventually sought a more, comprehensive ,legal protection. Therefore, in 2002 they introduced a new crest featuring more
  50. Libraries. In 2009,as part of the Rebuild process, the party announced a, comprehensive ,review of all policies. Electoral fortunes The Australian Democrats' electoral

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