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  1. By coming abreast the carrier on the port side and then using their hover, capability ,to move over the flight deck and land vertically without the need for arresting
  2. Suggest the system is not operationally deployed as of 2010,Additional to ABM, capability , China's missiles also possess anti-satellite (SAT) capabilities. ABM/SAT
  3. Missiles that have some terminal ABM capability (as opposed to mid-course, capability ,): Development of mid-course ABM in China The technology and experience from the
  4. To send the Apollo craft to the Moon, and a direct return-to-Earth abort, capability , However," Pogo" vibrations caused premature shutdown of two second-stage
  5. High resolution monochrome video card with bitter and hardware line drawing, capability , was designed for CAD applications, based on a NEC chip designed for graphic
  6. Company logotype all in lower case. Steve Jobs insisted on promoting the color, capability ,of the Apple II by putting rainbow stripes on the Apple logo. In its letterhead
  7. For graphic terminals for supercomputers. * A color video card with sprite, capability ,based on the same video chip (the TMS9918) as the TI99/4 and MSX computers
  8. At an altitude. India became the fourth nation in the world to acquire such a, capability ,and the third nation to acquire it using in house research and development. On
  9. And other rugged terrain, but it must do this without affecting the mechanized, capability ,that is needed to confront Azerbaijan's conventional forces. Since the fall of
  10. Take off of heavily loaded aircraft, but also to provide high-speed dash, capability ,in some hybrid designs such as the Saunders-Roe SR.53. *The ornithopter obtains
  11. Take China many years to develop the technology, training,and operational, capability ,necessary for an effective carrier. As of 10 August 2011,China is now
  12. Is depleted. It is the only concept of the three to have range extending, capability , The car is powered through the front wheels, always using electric power.
  13. As" commando carriers" or" helicopter carriers ", many have a secondary, capability ,to operate STOL aircraft. Lacking the firepower of other warships, carriers by
  14. Industry has emerged as an autonomous entity with a growing defense production, capability , The ministry is cooperating with the defense sectors of Ukraine, Belarus and
  15. Result in significant unemployment as machines begin to match and exceed the, capability ,of workers to perform most routine and repetitive jobs. Ford predicts that many
  16. S notes are important in the early history of computers. She also foresaw the, capability ,of computers to go beyond mere calculating or number-crunching while others
  17. Missions including three-day lunar surface stays, extended scientific, capability , and the Lunar Roving Vehicle. While Evans remained in lunar orbit above in the
  18. This, in the face of the open systems challenge of X11+Motif and its lack of 3D, capability , cemented its failure in the marketplace. As of 2011,AIX runs on IBM Power
  19. Box). Popular with CAD and DTP communities of the time for its sheer graphical, capability ,(its high resolution only recently having become a common size on modern PCs)
  20. With naval HHQ-9 missiles. Surface-to-air missiles that have some terminal ABM, capability ,(as opposed to mid-course capability ): Development of mid-course ABM in China
  21. Machine code named Delilah. It was intended for different applications, lacking, capability , for use with long-distance radio transmissions, and in any case, Delilah was
  22. Rounds. Turret stabilization is an important, capability ,because it enables firing on the move and prevents crew fatigue. Variants Tank
  23. Eyes possess the potentiality of sight (innate – being acted upon),while the, capability ,of playing the flute can be possessed by learning (exercise – acting).
  24. The generated noise. The mission was a highly successful one, demonstrating the, capability ,of the Command Module's heat shield to survive a trans-lunar return reentry by
  25. An agentand (iv) a list of instructions that are effective relative to the, capability ,of the agent. Minsky describes a more congenial variation of Lambek's" abacus
  26. Room temperature. Although argon is a noble gas, it has been found to have the, capability ,of forming some compounds. For example, the creation of argon borohydride (
  27. The investigation towards affluent boutique shops throughout the world with the, capability ,to use ambergris - leading to the discovery of Hannibal in Florence, Italy.:
  28. The lunar orbit rendezvous landing strategy was chosen; therefore it lacked, capability ,of docking with the Lunar Module. This was incorporated into the Block II CSM
  29. With the maximum 48 KB of RAM). To reflect the computer's color graphics, capability , the Apple logo on the casing was represented using rainbow stripes, which
  30. Into the Federal Government inventory on and after July 1,1969,must have the, capability ,to use the Standard Code for Information Interchange and the formats prescribed
  31. Is intended to operate with the main fleet and usually provides an offensive, capability , These are the largest carriers capable of fast speeds. By comparison escort
  32. Km). * An S-IVB-500 third stage similar to the Saturn IB's second stage, with, capability , to restart the J-2 engine. The engine would burn for approximately two and a
  33. Project 640 Project 640 had been the PRC's indigenous effort to develop ABM, capability , The Academy of Anti-Ballistic Missile & Anti-Satellite was established from
  34. Regional cooperation and bilateral relations; strengthening of defense, capability ,; promotion of security by domestic policy means; strengthening of democracy;
  35. Slot 3's I/O memory range was still usable, giving it approximately the, capability ,of slot 0 on a II or II plus. This meant that it actually was possible to use
  36. If one accepted the postulate of a limitless God versus limited human reasoning, capability , but it virtually erased alchemy from practice in the fourteenth and 15th
  37. The mission successfully met its objective of verifying manned flight, capability ,of the Apollo Command and Service Modules, allowing the flight of Apollo 8 to
  38. Missile Defense – NMD) system has recently reached initial operational, capability , Instead of using an explosive charge, it launches a kinetic projectile. The
  39. Studies and Research reported that the Armenian Army has the most combat, capability ,of the three Caucasian countries' armies (the other two being Georgia and
  40. In order to adapt to the variability in impairments. Another barrier is the, capability ,of computer programs to imitate normal speech and keep up with the speed of
  41. Capabilities. ABM/SAT missiles (it is not known which have mid-course ABM, capability ,): Israel The Arrow project was begun after the U. S. and Israel agreed to
  42. That Lincoln was distinctly endowed with the personality trait of negative, capability , defined by the poet John Keats and attributed to extraordinary leaders who
  43. Is an excellent experimenter, but he is only an empiricist, lacking sense and, capability , and his interpretations of his experiments show particular deficiency in his
  44. Planets influenced life on earth in a deterministic way, but argued against the, capability ,of determining the exact influence of the stars. In essence, Avicenna did not
  45. Boards were produced for Amiga computers to improve the performance and, capability ,of the hardware, such as memory expansions, SCSI controllers, CPU boards, and
  46. KB free RAM for programs (TPA) and an 80 x 25 display. This dual-architecture, capability ,only existed on one other TRS-80 clone, the LOGO Max-80. With a special
  47. Engine is fired simultaneously with the jettison of the descent stage. This, capability ,was made available, only to be used in the event of a critical problem on the
  48. Faster internal components, support for faster 3G speeds, video recording, capability , and voice control. On June 7,2010,at WWDC 2010,the iPhone 4 was announced
  49. Which anticipates the Turing test published in 1950 to test a machine's, capability ,to demonstrate intelligence (consciousness). Layer wrote two books on the
  50. Swappable hard drives, redundant power supplies, and external monitoring, capability , These systems were more or less based on the Power Macintosh hardware

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