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  1. Regular season with a record of 11–5. On December 21, 2008,Atlanta Falcons, beat ,the Minnesota Vikings 24–17 to clinch a wild card spot, earning a trip to the
  2. Jazz, hip hop, Latin,rock, and country). In Transit incorporates vocal, beat ,boxing into its contemporary a cappella arrangements through the use of a
  3. In a fit of fury the young men of the Quraish tribe rushed at Abu Bakr, and, beat , him mercilessly till he lost consciousness. Following this incident Abu Bakr's
  4. Magnum opus A Clockwork Orange, when Alex and his druids broke into his house, beat ,him, tore up his work, and then brutally gang raped his wife, which caused her
  5. As" street but sweet ", which featured her" gentle" vocals over a" hard ", beat , Though Aaliyah did not write any of her own material, She incorporated RB
  6. Win an approval voting election might need to get as much as 100 % approval to, beat ,a strong competitor, and would have to find solutions that are fair to everyone
  7. The history books in 1999 when he came back from two sets to love down to, beat ,Andrei Mercedes in a five-set French Open final, becoming,at the time, only
  8. Burns. A group had broken down the door of the Boston courthouse but guards, beat ,them back. Alcott stood forward and asked the leader of the group, Thomas
  9. Since opera is set in America, it is not surprising that the tune and the, beat ,have a jazz influence. The orchestration, also includes such non-classical
  10. On each line ... as a rule two stringed instruments together create a slight ", beat ," which does not give a smooth sound. " While any combination and number of
  11. To fly the first powered aircraft on December 17, 1903,just in time to, beat ,the efforts of Samuel Pierpont Langley. The Wright brothers' flight confirmed
  12. In late September. On October 1,2009, with the Braves four games back, Colorado, beat , the Milwaukee Brewers 9–2 to clinch the wild card spot and end the Braves '
  13. Summed up his approach in a motto that would become famous:" We fight, get, beat , rise, and fight again. " By March,Greene's army had grown to the point where
  14. Only outperformed all other machines in integer compute performance, but also, beat ,the competition by a factor of 10 in floating-point performance. Releases of
  15. Into its contemporary a cappella arrangements through the use of a subway, beat ,boxer character. Beatboxer and actor Cheney Snow performed this role for the
  16. Nimzowitsch never beat Capablanca, but fared better against Palestine. He even, beat ,Palestine with the black pieces, in their short 1914 match at St Petersburg. One
  17. Chess, and he joined the university's chess club, where,he later stated, he, beat , the president in his first year and practiced two hours a day towards becoming
  18. Against humans. * Deep Blue, a chess-playing computer developed by IBM which, beat ,Garry Kasparov in 1997. * Freeway, a self-learning conversation simulator (
  19. Land warfare in the East was inconclusive in 1861–62,as the Confederacy, beat ,back Union efforts to capture its capital, Richmond,Virginia, notably during
  20. Tied with identical records of 12-2 in the AFL West Division. The Raiders, beat ,the Chiefs 41-6 in a division playoff to qualify for the AFL Championship Game.
  21. Has become a police officer) rescue Alex from a mob, then subsequently, beat ,him, in a location out of town. *The governor: The man who decides to let Alex
  22. And herbal remedies. " The Australian comedian Tim Min chin, in his nine minute, beat ,poem" Storm ", states that alternative medicine is that which" has either not
  23. Results. DSBSC and DSBRC signals need their carrier to be regenerated (by a, beat ,frequency oscillator, for instance) to be demodulated using conventional
  24. Williams),Romanticism (specifically William Blake and John Keats),the, beat ,and cadence of jazz (specifically that of bop musicians such as Charlie Parker
  25. Up to the game, he grew increasingly angry when told New York had no chance to, beat ,Baltimore. Three days before the game, a frustrated Namath responded to a
  26. Dialects. * In both countries, thugs will beat up their victim; AME also allows, beat ,on (as both would for an inanimate object, such as a drum) or beat up on
  27. None other than Dim and former gang rival Billy boy. The two policemen promptly, beat ,Alex. Dazed and bloodied, Alex collapses at the door of an isolated cottage
  28. Support from (local) policy on the long run, biofuels should equal or, beat ,the cost level of fossil fuels. Here, algae based fuels hold great promise
  29. Intensely personal, and since much of the vitality of those associated with the, beat ,generation comes from mutual inspiration, much credit for style, inspiration
  30. Behaviors they cause; in an interview with the Los Angeles Free Press in 1965, beat , writer Allen Ginsberg commented that" Speed is antisocial, paranoid making, it
  31. Modern sound, Emmerson also brought in English dance mixers for an electronic, beat , " People thought I was mad when I touted the idea," Emerson told Jim Carroll
  32. Important objects to petty considerations. His pride of opinion, his desire to, beat , blinded him to the real welfare of the South and of the whole country.
  33. Or pulsar frequencies, though it cannot tell the position in time of the, beat , It can also be used to estimate the pitch of a musical tone. * In music
  34. Allows beat on (as both would for an inanimate object, such as a drum) or, beat ,up on, which are often considered slang. * When an outdoor event is postponed
  35. 1914,thirteen years before Palestine became world champion. Nimzowitsch never, beat ,Capablanca, but fared better against Palestine. He even beat Palestine with the
  36. Following strike-shortened (144 games instead of the customary 162) year and, beat ,the Cleveland Indians in the 1995 World Series. This squelched claims by many
  37. While homeless. This is supposed to resemble Alex and his 'druids' when they, beat ,the homeless man in the film. Television *Excerpts from the first two chapters
  38. And still call) this month huhtikuu, or 'Burn wood Month ', when the wood for, beat ,and burn clearing of farmland was felled. The" Days of April" ( journeys
  39. Offence if he unlawfully offers or attempts, with force or violence, to strike, beat , wound, or do bodily harm to, another. Republic of Ireland Section 2 of the
  40. Before bowing to eventual champion Todd Martin. On the way to the final, Agassi, beat , Mikael Perform in the quarter-finals and Wayne Ferreira in the semi-finals. He
  41. Where, in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City, they, beat , the reigning champions, the New York Yankees,4 to 3,to become the youngest
  42. The out usage is found in both dialects. * In both countries, thugs will, beat ,up their victim; AME also allows beat on (as both would for an inanimate
  43. The Sporting Times, in 1882 after a match at The Oval in which Australia, beat ,England on an English ground for the first time. The obituary stated that
  44. For pilgrim feet: Whose stern impassion'd stress: A thoroughfare for freedom, beat ,: Across the wilderness.: America! America!: God mend thine eV'Ry flaw, : Confirm
  45. Round. Karol was on record saying that he believed Spas sky would easily, beat ,him and win the Candidates' cycle to face Fischer, and that he (Karol)
  46. To the geographic South Pole in an incredible 69 hours. In doing so they easily, beat ,the previous record of 24 days. They arrived at the South Pole on the 12th of
  47. Powers, and yet the French, under Joan of Arc's leadership, were able to, beat ,back the Burgundians and defend themselves. As a result, most of the battles of
  48. Set a world record of 41,336,440 points on the arcade game Asteroids. He, beat ,the 40,101,910 point score set by Leo Daniels of Carolina Beach on February 6
  49. 2004 Greece's national soccer team won the UEFA Cup Finals in Portugal. They, beat ,the host nation Portugal 1:0. Athens has hosted the Euro league final three
  50. Kennedy's goals, which was to take on the Soviet Union in the space race and, beat ,it buy accomplishing a singular and significant achievement and thereby showcase

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