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  1. With (or without) steroids to produce a more potent ballplayer and further, enhance ,his skills. Routinely in today's baseball age we see players reach 40 and 50
  2. Done using a wok. The food also has a reputation for high levels of MSG to, enhance ,the flavor. The symptoms of a so-called Chinese restaurant syndrome or "
  3. Problem. Furthermore, studies on using cytokines have shown that they also, enhance ,the growth of animals like the antibiotics now used, but without the drawbacks
  4. S live sound was also augmented by several backing vocalists, which served to, enhance ,any vocal deficiencies the group may have had compared with the studio
  5. To the Guant√°namo Bay detention camps, in Cuba, to sign autographs, and, enhance , the troops' morale. While there, the cheerleaders toured the detention camps '
  6. Are influenced by three categories. Certain characteristics of stimuli may, enhance ,or decrease the elaboration of the message (if the product is perceived as
  7. Allowed for the addition of peripherals such as disk drives and printers. To, enhance ,the gaming experience further, GCC had also designed a 'high score cartridge,'
  8. CPU with more robust x86 instruction decoding capabilities than that of K6,to, enhance ,its ability to keep more data in-flight at once. The Athlon's three decoders
  9. Signed a deal for 24 pieces of Mi-35M (Hind-E) gunships what would further, enhance ,the Azeris ground attack formations. The Air Force has L-29 and L-39 advanced
  10. The Government of Botswana is currently considering additional policies to, enhance ,competitiveness, including a new Foreign Direct Investment Strategy
  11. The Central Bank of Bangladesh projected GDP growth around 6.5 %. In order to, enhance ,economic growth, the government set up several export processing zones to
  12. And the cars often have airfoil wings front and rear to produce downforce and, enhance ,adhesion to the track. In Europe and Asia, open wheeled racing is commonly
  13. Of fat loss, improve joint health, increase natural testosterone production, enhance ,training performance and prevent potential nutrient deficiencies. Performance
  14. Has an RNA that operates independently of each other. The purpose of RNA is to, enhance ,the quality of residence hall life and provide a cohesive voice for the
  15. Benson is usually part of the recipe. Vanilla and cloves are sometimes used to, enhance ,the aroma. " Amber" perfumes may be created using combinations of laudanum
  16. Is 85 % oil,7.5 % lidocaine, and 7.5 % alcohol. The use of injected oil to, enhance ,muscle appearance had previously been used in the late 19th century before
  17. Such, it can be very beneficial for a candidate to win the straw poll and thus, enhance ,the candidate's aura of inevitability or show off a superior field operation.
  18. The rich heritage of Alaska's 11 cultural groups. Their purpose is to, enhance ,self-esteem among Native people and to encourage cross-cultural exchanges among
  19. Accessories on sports bicycles, are standard features on utility bicycles to, enhance ,their usefulness and comfort. Mudguards, or fenders, protect the cyclist and
  20. Performance, by helping ADB and its clients learn from experience to, enhance ,ongoing and future operations. Operations evaluation has changed from the
  21. Ministry and other law-enforcement bodies. The objective of the training was to, enhance ,Azerbaijan's ability to prevent the spread of weapon of mass destruction and
  22. The co-operative mode of Portal 2 Mouthwash or mouth rinse is a product used to, enhance ,oral hygiene. Some manufacturers of mouthwash claim that antiseptic and
  23. In the central nervous system is dopamine. All the addictive drugs appear to, enhance ,dopamine neurotransmission, including amphetamine and methamphetamine. Studies
  24. Transliteration in various dialects). Amaranth greens are believed to help, enhance ,eyesight. In Vietnam, it is called ran den and is used to make soup. There are
  25. Drugs are structural modifications of the alkaloids, which were designed to, enhance ,or change the primary effect of the drug and reduce unwanted side effects. For
  26. He felt Roussimoff should be portrayed as a large, immovable monster. To, enhance ,his size, McMahon discouraged Roussimoff from performing maneuvers such as
  27. Radar. The receiver also senses the guidance radar to enable comparisons that, enhance ,the missile's resistance to passive jamming. Principle of guidance (
  28. Is done by combining it with one or more other metals or non-metals that often, enhance ,its properties. For example, steel is stronger than iron, its primary element.
  29. Mother, he did much to improve the morals and condition of the people, and to, enhance ,the dignity of the state. A municipal council of fourteen assisted the urban
  30. Ritalin) or modafinil (Provigil, Alertec),as these chemicals can, enhance ,motivation and social behavior, and suppress appetite and sleep. Modafinil is
  31. Basses have epoxy coated fingerboards to increase the fingerboard' durability, enhance ,sustain, and give a brighter tone. Although most fretless basses have four
  32. Promulgated the International Business Companies (IBC) Act in January 1990 to, enhance ,the country's status as a leading financial center. The act served to simplify
  33. Assisted to greater range in three ways: * rocket assisted projectiles (RAP), enhance , and sustain the projectile's velocity by providing additional 'push' from a
  34. Depends on: # The electronic properties of the substituent (alkyl groups, enhance ,the basicity, aryl groups diminish it). # Strict hindrance offered by the
  35. Working Groups The Working Groups develop new Bluetooth specifications and, enhance ,adopted specifications. They are responsible for the vast majority of published
  36. Contributes to open source projects, including working with Sun Microsystems to, enhance ,OpenSolaris and Sun VM on the AMD platform. AMD also maintains its own Open64
  37. Coins. In antiquity, polished brass was often used as a mirror. Lead content To, enhance ,the machinability of brass, lead is often added in concentrations of around 2 %
  38. Drugs. For example, acetazolamide and ammonium chloride have been known to, enhance ,the intoxicating effect of salicylates, and alcohol also increases the
  39. Dutch (and later, foreign ) universities together to help them cooperate and, enhance ,their research. Tenenbaum was one of the cofounders and first Dean of the
  40. Version of agrarianism, which it called" Country mindedness ". The goal was to, enhance ,the status of the grazers (operators of big sheep ranches) and small farmers
  41. Respect, she may have surgical procedures performed on them to, for example, enhance ,symmetry or to increase or reduce their size. Some women have plastic surgery
  42. The way for the likes of the Barbie doll. Moreover, they helped create, or, enhance , new kinds of businesses, such as bicycle messengers, travelling seamstresses
  43. Sites of Athens, which has also gathered funding from the EU to help, enhance ,the project. The landmark Dionysian Aeropagitou street has been pedestrianized
  44. Involved developing functionality and efficiency modifications into Samba to, enhance ,Quantum's GuardianOS-powered Snap Server network-attached storage device. One
  45. Platform, to restyle the casework to provide a contemporary appearance, and to, enhance ,support of cartridge media. The new model palette includes three variants, the
  46. Entailed the recruitment of clerical scholars from Mercia, Wales and abroad to, enhance ,the tenor of the court and of the episcopacy; the establishment of a court
  47. Plants. Farming implies some form of intervention in the rearing process to, enhance ,production, such as regular stocking, feeding,protection from predators, etc.
  48. System for a company called" Micro Technology b. v. ". Unreleased add-ons To, enhance ,and modernize the Aster CT-80 the company also designed three alternative video
  49. To possessing nuclear weapons today, the ownership of battleships served to, enhance ,a nation's force projection. In September 1983,when Drupe militia in Lebanon
  50. The stabilizing effect of Lake Erie continues to inhibit thunderstorms and, enhance ,sunshine in the immediate Buffalo area through most of July. August usually has

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