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  1. Saturn. * Walter Scott Houston (1912–1993) who wrote the" Deep-Sky Wonders ", column ,in Sky & Telescope magazine for almost 50 years. * Albert G. In galls (
  2. Whole sections of source code. Comments can be nested: prefixing each line (or, column ,) with" --" will skip all that code, while being clearly denoted as a column
  3. The town, the surrounding lands, and the Columbia flowing into the Pacific. The, column ,was built by the Astor family in 1926 to commemorate the region's early
  4. Of the Abacus. Hindu texts used the term Sonya (zero) to indicate the empty, column ,on the abacus. Japanese abacus In Japanese, the abacus is called Saroyan (, lit
  5. Roles in aquatic ecology. Microscopic forms that live suspended in the water, column ,(phytoplankton) provide the food base for most marine food chains. In very
  6. Of Radius, on the seventh hill of Constantinople, the Xērolophos, in which a, column ,was begun to commemorate his 'victory' over Gains (although the column was
  7. Blocks. The Columns step In the Columns step, the four bytes of each, column ,of the state are combined using an invertible linear transformation. The
  8. Eye. * Robert E. Cox (1917–1989) who conducted the" Gleanings for ATMs ", column ,in Sky and Telescope magazine for 21 years. * John Dobson (1915),whose name
  9. Columns provides diffusion in the cipher. During this operation, each, column , is multiplied by the known matrix that for the 128-bit key is:: \begin 2 & 3 &
  10. No one shall cause division in the order of monks ". The Sarah pillar is a, column ,surmounted by a capital, which consists of a canopy representing an inverted
  11. Incorporated many of the unfinished temple's architectural members (inflated, column ,drums, triglyphs, metopes, etc.) into the newly built northern curtain wall of
  12. Table. Each cell represents a subshell with n and \ell given by its row and, column ,indices, respectively. The number in the cell is the subshell's position in
  13. In spite of declining interest in the platform there was a bi-weekly specialist, column ,in the UK weekly magazine Micro Mart. There is also a website, that has served
  14. Dragon #155 by Hartley, Patricia,and Kirk Lesser in" The Role of Computers ", column , The reviewers gave the Lynx 5 out of 5 stars. Technical specifications *MOS
  15. The values of all preceding indices. It also saves one multiplication (by the, column ,address increment) replacing it by a bit shift (to index the vector of row
  16. Is also much smaller, so it shares a stronger bond with hydrogen. Moving down a, column ,on the periodic table atoms become less electronegative but also significantly
  17. In his instrument, temperatures were indicated by the height at which a, column ,of mercury was sustained by a certain mass of air, the volume, or " spring "
  18. Size 128 bits and 192 bits the shifting pattern is the same. In this way, each, column , of the output state of the Shifts step is composed of bytes from each column
  19. Native Americans picking up a number of new states in the Democratic electoral, column , The following year Michael S. Steele was elected the first African-American
  20. Selects a tile in that row, then the player whose tile is in the leftmost, column ,(closest to 1) goes first. All players place these tiles on the board. Then
  21. Water, and these reactions become increasingly vigorous when going down their, column ,in the periodic table towards the heaviest alkali metals, such as cesium.
  22. Column) with" --" will skip all that code, while being clearly denoted as a, column ,of repeated" --" down the page. There is no limit to the nesting of comments
  23. Argentinian amateur football club Other * Atlas (architecture),a support or, column ,sculpted in the form of a man * Atlas (cartography),a collection of maps
  24. About 8,000 men along Lake Champlain towards Albany, New York, while a second, column ,of about 2,000 men, led by Barry St. Leger, would move down the Mohawk River
  25. The Circumpolar Current may directly transport momentum downwards in the water, column , This is because such air flows can produce a net southward flow in the troughs
  26. Table below. The equivalent family in the APG III system is shown in the third, column , Note that although these systems may use the same name for a family, the
  27. Mosaic floors and elaborate architectural sculptures (such as the ram-headed, column ,capitals - see picture) have been excavated, as well as a church with a
  28. The term affix in contrast to infix. In transcription, for example in the third, column ,in the chart above, simple affixes such as prefixes and suffixes are shown
  29. Thus, #, $ and % were placed to correspond to 3,4,and 5 in the adjacent, column , The parentheses could not correspond to 9 and 0,however, because the place
  30. Comes from the famous April Fools' Day article in the computer recreations, column ,of the Scientific American, April 1989. Notes Attila (or;? –
  31. The same number of valence electrons form a group that is aligned in the same, column ,of the table. (The horizontal rows correspond to the filling of a quantum
  32. Equanimity). His body was placed in Hadrian's mausoleum,a, column ,was dedicated to him on the Campus Marius, Historiography The only account of
  33. Which operates on the column s of the state, combining the four bytes in each, column , ## AddRoundKey # Final Round (no Columns) ## Subtypes ## Shifts ##
  34. As Otto Muck's" Cantor came to Said and saw there in the temple of Faith the, column , completely covered with hieroglyphs, on which the history of Atlantis was
  35. A vector of pointers to vectors, one for each row. Thus, an element in row i and, column ,j of an array A would be accessed by double indexing (AIJ in typical notation
  36. Comparison to corresponding s and d electrons in lighter elements in the same, column ,of the periodic table); this results in 6s valence electrons becoming lowered
  37. Include being a popular novelist. Widdecombe also currently writes a weekly, column ,for the Daily Express. In October 2006,she pledged to boycott British Airways
  38. Performed if the shifted value is larger than 0xFF. In more general sense, each, column , is treated as a polynomial over GF (28) and is then multiplied modulo x4+1
  39. Most of the system, ( adding a display snow remover circuit, true 80/64, column , text mode support, ( with different size letters for TRS-80 and CP/M mode, so
  40. Car system. *1897 – Anglo-Afghan wars: The Siege of Malakand ends when a relief, column ,is able to reach the British garrison in the Malakand region of colonial India
  41. Resemble in some respects those of phosphorus, which occupies the same group (, column ,) of the periodic table. Arsenic is less commonly observed in the pentavalent
  42. New York City. General Washington attempted to intercept the retreating, column , resulting in the Battle of Monmouth Court House, the last major battle fought
  43. A column was begun to commemorate his 'victory' over Gains (although the, column ,was only completed after Radius' death by Theodosius II). The Enteric
  44. For war-related work. Primary user input was decimal, via standard IBM 80, column , punched cards and output was decimal, via a front panel display. Comparison
  45. Party around 1946 ", using the pseudonym Matt Wayne, and editing a drama, column ,in the magazine The New Masses. In 1946 Miller's play All My Sons, the writing
  46. Column of the output state of the Shifts step is composed of bytes from each, column ,of the input state. (Randall variants with a larger block size have slightly
  47. Life. Waste can also decrease dissolved oxygen levels in the water, column , putting further pressure on wild animals. Fish oils The nutritional value of
  48. In some army ant species, a group of foragers that get separated from the main, column ,can sometimes turn back on themselves and form a circular ant mill. The workers
  49. Places and houses who ward off evil and his symbol was a tapered stone or, column , However, while usually the Greek fests were celebrated at full-moon, all the
  50. Petty – Performing arts center – Perimeter – Perl an – Prepend Stone – Persian, column ,– Peter and Chloride Ships Mansbendel House – Piano Science Center – Phillips

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