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  1. Times some Unitarians are virtually Arians in that they are unwilling either to, reduce ,Christ to a mere human being or to attribute to him a divine nature identical
  2. Almond tree hybrids possess quality skin color, flavor,and oil content, and, reduce , almond growers’ dependency on insect pollination. The fruits from Prunes
  3. Conditional on his agreement to undergo hormonal treatment designed to, reduce ,libido. He accepted chemical castration via estrogen hormone injections.
  4. And its effectiveness depend on the underlying cause. Treatment may limit or, reduce ,the effects of ataxia, but it is unlikely to eliminate them entirely. Recovery
  5. Treatments and through physical therapy and occupational therapy to, reduce ,disability. Some drug treatments that have been used to control ataxia include:
  6. Which can be used in conjunction with behavioral therapy to greatly, reduce ,the disabling symptoms of GAD. Trait anxiety can be either a short term
  7. Motion through the air. An aircraft is usually streamlined from nose to tail to, reduce ,drag.; Flight control Aerospace engineers develop control systems for a vehicle
  8. Is heavily influenced by this Hatred–Rock approximation, which is one way to, reduce ,the complexities of molecular orbital theory. Hydrogen-like atoms The simplest
  9. The mass production of Felix arithmometers since 1924 did not significantly, reduce ,their use in the Soviet Union. Russian abacus began to lose popularity only
  10. Assembler with IF/ELSE/ENIF and similar control flow blocks. This was a way to, reduce ,or eliminate the use of GOT operations in assembly code, one of the main
  11. The High Order Language Working Group (HOW),was formed with the intent to, reduce ,this number by finding or creating a programming language generally suitable
  12. Mechanization has raised concerns that oil shortages could increase costs and, reduce ,agricultural output, causing food shortages. Modern or industrialized
  13. Difficult to extract from ore, such as bauxite, due to the energy required to, reduce ,aluminum oxide (Al2O3). For example, direct reduction with carbon, as is
  14. A process of steel making by blowing hot air through liquid pig iron to, reduce ,the carbon content. The Bessemer process was able to produce the first large
  15. Care, antibiotics,and vigilant post-operative monitoring greatly, reduce ,the risk of these complications. Planned surgery performed under sterile
  16. Challenges, these policies are often also designed to stimulate employment and, reduce ,import dependence and energy security concerns. Adopted in March 2011,China's
  17. Everything should be reconsidered. Some other techniques have been developed to, reduce ,swing, or to deal with heavy weather.::::: Protection A good anchorage offers
  18. Of Azerbaijan's MON units. During his presidency, Aliyev managed to, reduce ,the country's unemployment, rein in criminal groups, establish the fundamental
  19. Is anxiety arising from use of methods or techniques which are normally used to, reduce ,anxiety. This includes relaxation or meditation techniques as well as use of
  20. The greenhouse gases nitric oxide and nitrous oxide. Changes in management can, reduce ,the release of these greenhouse gases, and soil can further be used to
  21. Whales appear in great quantities. Various international treaties attempt to, reduce ,pollution caused by environmental threats such as oil spills, marine debris
  22. Allowed Ford to increase worker pay from $2.50 per day to $5.00 per day and to, reduce ,the hourly work week while continuously lowering the Model T price. These goals
  23. Without. When prices decline, the heavily subsidized US farmer is not forced to, reduce ,his output, making it difficult for cotton prices to rebound, but his Mali
  24. Ammonia could potentially be refrigerated and liquefied aboard an airship to, reduce ,lift and add ballast (and returned to a gas to add lift and reduce ballast).
  25. Can take place and sustainable transportation technologies have to be used to, reduce ,the ecological footprint. The infrastructure of land, water and air transport
  26. Logical abacus" and" logical machine ": The technical problem was to, reduce ,Boolean equations when presented in a form similar to what are now known as
  27. Obscene, adding," Would there be any freedom of press or speech if one must, reduce ,his vocabulary to vapid innocuous euphemisms? " In" Howl" and in his other
  28. To improve the ergonomics of the devices themselves: * Ergonomic keyboards, reduce ,the discomfort and strain of typing. * Corded keyboards have a handful of keys
  29. Oil is sometimes used as a release agent, although it can mix with and thereby, reduce ,the quality of the asphalt. History Geological origin Naturally occurring
  30. Significantly in the years following. The government started programs to help, reduce ,cultivation of poppy, and by 2010 it was reported that 24 out of the 34
  31. Will hinder economic growth. In writing, the sentence can be rewritten to, reduce ,possible misinterpretation, either by adding a comma after" taxes" ( to
  32. Football activities (he had been a goalkeeper for the university team) and, reduce ,his studies to part-time. To earn money, he also took odd jobs: as private
  33. SAMU Tea adapted and simplified many Disney animation-techniques to, reduce ,costs and to limit the number of frames in productions. He intended this as a
  34. Was symptomatic of an attempt by people manually reproducing academic texts to, reduce ,the copy time. An example from the Oxford University Register,1503: During the
  35. With an intermediate-power cartridge effective to 300 meters. To, reduce ,manufacturing costs, the 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridge case was shortened, the
  36. Abalone meat from South Africa is prohibited for sale in the country to help, reduce ,poaching; however, much of the illegally harvested meat is sold in Asian
  37. To prosperity under strong government leadership. Secondary industries helped, reduce ,the state's dependence on primary industries. World War II brought industrial
  38. As an antimicrobial agent for animal feed and is currently used commercially to, reduce ,or eliminate microbial contamination of to undetectable levels. Further
  39. Typically given before elective abortion, as they are believed to substantially, reduce ,the risk of postoperative uterine infection. Complications after
  40. Airship to reduce lift and add ballast (and returned to a gas to add lift and, reduce ,ballast). Woodworking Ammonia was historically used to darken quarters awn
  41. Used as an analgesic to relieve minor aches and pains, as an antipyretic to, reduce ,fever, and as an anti-inflammatory medication * ASA Figure, character in the
  42. All the states to send delegates to Annapolis, Maryland to discuss ways to, reduce ,these interstate conflicts. At what came to be known as the Annapolis
  43. And can cause it to dislodge and drag. In light conditions, a Keller will, reduce ,the swing of the vessel considerably. In heavier conditions these effects
  44. Be converted into arable land. New arable land makes more food, and can, reduce ,starvation. This outcome also makes a country more self-sufficient and
  45. To the Paris Club group of rich creditor nations before schedule. This would, reduce ,the Algerian foreign debt to less than $5 billion in the end of 2006. The Paris
  46. Its efficacy for three years. They found that algae can readily be used to, reduce ,the nutrient runoff from agricultural fields and increase the quality of water
  47. However, it has been argued that they were implemented by Ford in order to, reduce ,high employee turnover. Adelaide () is the capital and most populous city of
  48. This method requires little audio power, but special care must be taken to, reduce ,distortion. * Clamp Tube (Screen Grid) Modulation. The screen grid bias may
  49. Through that ionized air. Smoke particles from fire that enter the air gap, reduce ,the current flow, sounding the alarm. Alpha decay can provide a safe power
  50. Of premature morbidity or mortality or be otherwise disabled; or to selectively, reduce ,the number of fetuses to lessen health risks associated with multiple pregnancy

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