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  1. Refuge in Israel and the Western world. *1909 – Robert Peary and Matthew Henson, reach ,the North Pole. *1911 – During the Battle of Decide, Dedë Jon Lulu Dedvukaj
  2. Three days of mupirocin treatment (4/27). Although these results did not, reach ,statistical significance, the baths are an easy treatment. Magnesium sulfate
  3. Aikido-specific tops are available with shorter sleeves which, reach ,to just below the elbow. Most aikido systems add a pair of wide pleated black
  4. Hypometria, or overshooting, hypermetria, the required distance or range to, reach ,a target. This is sometimes seen when a patient is asked to reach out and touch
  5. Destruction of industry that would be needed after the war. Speer managed to, reach ,a relatively safe area near Hamburg as the Nazi regime finally collapsed, but
  6. Through the use of heuristics. * Exact or approximate: While many algorithms, reach ,an exact solution, approximation algorithms seek an approximation that is close
  7. Slipped when injuries forced him to withdraw from many events. He did manage to, reach ,the US Open semifinals, where he lost to Juan Carlos Ferrero and surrendered
  8. In the dental plaque. He concluded—correctly—that the mouthwash either did not, reach , or was not present long enough, to kill the plaque organisms. That remained
  9. And is slowly destroying the d'Antonia empire to put it out of the raiders ', reach , His actions were designed both to" trap" looters into relying upon his
  10. Company, is often characterized as the site of tension. For the author to, reach ,his or her audience, the work usually must attract the attention of the editor.
  11. Cricket captain to twice regain The Ashes. *1941 – World War II: German troops, reach ,Leningrad, leading to the siege of Leningrad. *1942 – World War II: Brazil
  12. Central steppe region had long been inhabited by horse-mounted nomads who could, reach ,all areas of Asia from the steppes. The earliest postulated expansion out of
  13. Four Grand Slam events, missing only the Wimbledon title. 2000 also saw Agassi, reach ,the semifinals at Wimbledon, where he lost in five sets to Rafter in a match
  14. By the year 2029. He also predicts that by 2045 artificial intelligence will, reach ,a point where it is able to improve itself at a rate that far exceeds anything
  15. General and two peasants who all need to travel through enemy lines in order to, reach ,their home region. Released in December 1958,The Hidden Fortress became an
  16. As anti-corrosive agents, as their hydrophobic nature means that water cannot, reach ,the metal surface. Many solid alkanes find use as paraffin wax, for example, in
  17. With Kodak River. It is usually assumed that the first European boat to, reach ,Alaska was« St. Gabriel» under the authority of the surveyor M. S. Golden
  18. On Afghanistan in London, Afghan President Hamid Karma said he intends to, reach ,out to the Taliban leadership (including Mullah Omar, Sirajuddin Hawaii and
  19. Now stretched from the Adriatic Sea to the Indus River. Following his desire to, reach ,the" ends of the world and the Great Outer Sea ", he invaded India in 326 BC
  20. Florideophyte reds, various browns, and the charophytes. — some of which may, reach ,50 m in length (helps)—the red algae, and the green algae. The most complex
  21. Of the gospel is universal and" must be presented to everyone they can, reach ,without any distinction. " * Perseverance in faith – Arminians believe that
  22. At the geographical center of Denmark on the peninsula of Jutland. Forests, reach ,from the south into the city to within a kilometer (0.6 mi) of the city
  23. Now, suppose we irradiate the atom with a broad-spectrum of light. Photons that, reach ,the atom that have an energy of exactly E2 - E1 will be absorbed by the
  24. Almonds begin bearing an economic crop in the third year after planting. Trees, reach ,full bearing after five to six years after planting. The fruit is mature in the
  25. Infrastructure. The economy grew 18 % in 2005 and growth was expected to, reach ,26 % in 2006 and stay above 10 % for the rest of the decade. Chevron Texaco
  26. With the promise of 2,700 permanent jobs. When ThyssenKrupp's new facilities, reach ,full production capacity, Alabama is expected to become the third-largest steel
  27. Fast, she must bridle it down to her level, even if that means it will never, reach ,its full potential and its power will be grievously wasted. Lillian tolerates
  28. 15:50 UT — just a few hours before the scheduled American liftoff. In a race to, reach ,the Moon and return to Earth, the parallel missions of Luna 15 and Apollo 11
  29. Police officers, with plans to recruit more so that the total number can, reach ,160,000. The Afghan National Police (ANP) is under the Ministry of the
  30. Volitionally contrived. The final effect may be purely physical, or it may, reach ,far into the biological or volitional domains. The five basic steps are found
  31. Skye Terrier," Troupe ". After he taught it to growl continuously, Aleck would, reach ,into its mouth and manipulate the dog's lips and vocal cords to produce a
  32. Bolster the Parch am faction and as part of its Cold War strategy to ultimately, reach ,Radar in Balochistan, the Soviet Union decided to invade Afghanistan in
  33. Anglo-Afghan wars: The Siege of Malakand ends when a relief column is able to, reach ,the British garrison in the Malakand region of colonial India's North West
  34. Astronaut in space. In 1988,Abdul Had Command became the first Afghan to, reach ,space, spending nine days aboard the Mir space station. With the larger number
  35. In the north, except in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where rainfall can, reach ,annually. Since the early 1950s,the government of Alberta has operated a
  36. In rocketry; even for use in constructing combustion chambers where gases can, reach ,3500 K. The Agent upper stage engine used a regenerative cooled aluminum
  37. Church in London. In the 21st century, there has been renewed effort to, reach ,children and youth. Fresh expressions is a Church of England missionary
  38. Air Force. It currently has about 160,000 active soldiers and is expected to, reach ,260,000 in the coming years. Its unemployment rate is 35 % and roughly the same
  39. Athlete of his generation. Agassi's charities help in assisting children, reach ,their athletic potential. His Boys & Girls Club sees 2,000 children throughout
  40. Of social life were of little significance, for history lies beyond the, reach ,of conscious actors, especially the will of revolutionaries. They rejected the
  41. Approval was necessary to make the alterations, however,and Congress failed to, reach ,a consensus. The weakness of the Articles in establishing an effective unifying
  42. Patients to examine, some travelling many days and hundreds of kilometers to, reach ,him. In addition to injuries he was often treating severe sand flea and craw craw
  43. Of the chief deciduous trees—oak, beech,ash and sycamore maple. These do not, reach ,exactly to the same elevation, nor are they often found growing together; but
  44. Between Gulf St Vincent and the low-lying Mount Lofty Ranges. The suburbs, reach ,roughly from the coast to the foothills but sprawl from Gawker at its northern
  45. Or range to reach a target. This is sometimes seen when a patient is asked to, reach ,out and touch someone's finger or touch their own nose. And various other
  46. Curtain: Poirot's Last Case, where he moves his Amy nitrite pills out of his, reach , possibly out of guilt because he was forced to become the murderer in Curtain
  47. Form of biomass. The break-even point for algae-based biofuels should be within, reach ,in about ten to fifteen years. Fertilizer For centuries seaweed has been used
  48. Temple with their wings. Other people say still more, that some of the men who, reach ,this island, come here intentionally. They bring animals in their ships
  49. Debuted on the UK chart within one week of each other. " Ring Ring" failed to, reach ,the Top 30 in the United Kingdom, increasing growing speculation that the group
  50. Study how the animal grew and how long its lifespan may have been. Remains may, reach ,as far back in the lifespan as eggs—crushed eggs from Colorado have been

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