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  1. Records are not available, and estimates vary widely, but annual averages are, probably ,about and are as high as in some northern areas. The western Albanian Alps (
  2. In parts of southern Angola to the present day. The Bantu came from the north, probably ,from somewhere near the present-day Republic of Cameroon. When they reached
  3. At the interview felt it was probably true and that what little sex he had was, probably ," a mixture of voyeurism and masturbation - to use his Andy's word abstract ".
  4. Virgin - biographer Bob Cola cello who was present at the interview felt it was, probably ,true and that what little sex he had was probably " a mixture of voyeurism and
  5. Tvi-rem/" second ". 3 Titan has" 2" ( Blaze 2006). 4 is, probably ,a contraction of -/ABU/-. 5 The /y/- of" 3" " may also reflect the
  6. The Gods in Iliad, who seems to come from a more primitive religion. Paeοn is, probably ,connected with the Mycenaean Pa-ja-wo, but the etymology is the only evidence.
  7. In Latin) in this respect. A temple was dedicated to Apollo Medics at Rome, probably ,next to the temple of Belong. As a protector and founder, Apollo had the
  8. The name" Abrogates" itself is the Greek transliteration of an Old-Iranian, probably ,Median, compounded name with the meaning" Protected by the (Holy) Fire" or
  9. Language" in English. It is a very traditional form of the language, probably ,derived from Middle Ages Deeds documents, and has a very complicated structure
  10. Slipping to 393,000 in 2000–2003. Likewise, visits to New Salem fell by half, probably ,because of the enormous draw of the new museum in Springfield. Visits to the
  11. Middle Ages, were published in Albanian. The most famous Albanian writer is, probably ,Ismail Radar. Education Before the rise of Communist regime,Albania's
  12. And/or the emission spectrum) are necessary. Other noble gases would, probably ,work as well in most of these applications, but argon is by far the cheapest.
  13. Can easily be distinguished from each other by their particular accents (, probably ,more so than Bavarians),those of Carinthia, Styria,Vienna, Upper Austria
  14. Tolstibogii tribe. The city was then known as Ankara. The Celtic element was, probably ,relatively small in numbers; a warrior aristocracy which ruled over
  15. Anchor" ) in Greek and Ankara in Latin; the Galatians Celtic name was, probably ,a similar variant. Following its annexation by the Seljuk Turks in 1073,the
  16. The term" logic" he reserved to mean dialectics. Most of Aristotle's work is, probably ,not in its original form, since it was most likely edited by students and later
  17. Time, Cuneiform,Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Linear B. The Phoenician script was, probably ,the first phonemic script, and it contained only about two dozen distinct
  18. Egyptian writings do not show dialect differences before Coptic, but it was, probably ,spoken in regional dialects around Memphis and later Thebes. Ancient Egyptian
  19. Art after Greek words meaning to separate and to join together the word, probably ,being coined by Paracelsus. Compare this with one of the dicta of Alchemy in
  20. Factors. Also, some inborn errors of metabolism are associated with autism but, probably ,account for less than 5 % of cases. Several studies have tested this hypothesis
  21. Photovoltaic was a pitch accent or tone language; at least the first, and, probably , every,syllable could have high or low pitch. Sound correspondences If a Photo
  22. Of the country. However, in Angola the mastery of the official language is, probably ,more extended than elsewhere in Africa, and this certainly applies to its use
  23. 9 probes imaged Phobos and Deimos, the two small moons of Mars, which are, probably ,captured asteroids. These images revealed the irregular, potato-like shapes of
  24. In the Polish language contains 32 letters. The largest segmental script is, probably ,an abused, Devanagari. When written in Devanagari, Vedic Sanskrit has an
  25. Particularly disliked the comic porter played by Broken),so the movie most, probably ,would not have seen the light of day even if the war had continued beyond its
  26. And Central America. The turkey, one of the most important meat birds, was, probably , domesticated in Mexico or the U. S. Southwest. In the Andes region of South
  27. A decimal system but lacked the concept of zero as a placeholder. The zero was, probably ,introduced to the Chinese in the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) when travel in the
  28. In part on the ideas of Greek stoics, such as Zeno. One Greek king, Menander I, probably ,became Buddhist, and is immortalized in Buddhist literature as 'Melinda '.
  29. Shoes, Shoes,Shoes. His most artistically acclaimed book of drawings is, probably ,A Gold Book, compiled of sensitive drawings of young men. A Gold Book is so
  30. Years ago. These probably had an isomorphic alternation of generations and were, probably ,filamentous. Fossils of isolated land plant spores suggest land plants may have
  31. Of agriculture made civilization possible. The total world population, probably ,never exceeded 15 million inhabitants before the invention of agriculture.
  32. So that one can see the bacteria and debris. Some may suggest that it is, probably ,advisable to use mouthwash at least an hour after brushing with toothpaste when
  33. Range. The PETS CII code Commodore International used for their 8-bit systems is, probably ,unique among post-1970 codes in being based on ASCII-1963,instead of the more
  34. The interior of their empire. Following the Huns' withdrawal from Byzantium (, probably ,around 445),Bled died. Attila then took the throne for himself, becoming the
  35. Others, with marriage, alienations of church property, etc. Though paganism was, probably ,tottering in Ankara in Clement's day, it may still have been the majority
  36. The Great, with a relatively large number deriving from his own lifetime, probably ,encouraged by Alexander himself. His court historian Cleisthenes portrayed the
  37. For seaweed was φῦκος (funds or photos),which could mean either the seaweed, probably ,Red Algae, or a red dye derived from it. The Latinization, fūcus, meant
  38. Present-day islands including Milos with its important obsidian production were, probably ,still connected to the mainland. The present coastal arrangement appeared c.
  39. The D mission, has said he was never offered the circular flight, but would, probably ,have turned it down, as he wanted to fly the Lunar Module. Borman, on the other
  40. e.g. APG II) have expanded it. Evolution and biogeography The Aster ales order, probably ,originated in the Cretaceous on the supercontinent Indiana, in the area that
  41. Ligeaunce (see medieval Latin gigantic," a elegance" ). The all- prefix was, probably ,added through confusion with another legal term, allegeance, an " allegation "
  42. Usually found around the style, either aggregated densely or fused into a tube, probably ,an adaptation in association with the plunger (or secondary) pollination that
  43. From shallow freshwater algae much like Chart some 400 million years ago. These, probably ,had an isomorphic alternation of generations and were probably filamentous.
  44. Of Apollo. The adaptation of a standard recognizable type for a long time, is, probably , because nature gives preference in survival of a type which has long been adopted
  45. And other European languages The history of the word" Allah" in English was, probably ,influenced by the study of comparative religion in 19th century; for example
  46. Any given word and have not reconstructed a for Proto-Turkic even though it was, probably ,there. ² The Monitor language has here instead (Kaiser & Shevoroshkin
  47. In eternal beatitude, a more desirable thing than bodily well-being. Comte was, probably ,opposing this Thomistic doctrine, which is present in some theological schools
  48. In Alberta at least 10,000 years ago, toward the end of the last ice age. They, probably ,migrated from Siberia to Alaska on a land bridge across the Bering Strait, and
  49. Č. The largest true alphabet where each letter is graphically independent is, probably ,Georgian, with 41 letters. Syllabifies typically contain 50 to 400 glyphs (
  50. Leaf that decorates its pages. * Sculpture: Warhol's the most famous sculpture is, probably ,his Brillo Boxes, silkscreened ink on wood replicas of Brillo soap pad boxes (

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