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  1. 7-bit) characters. This enabled representation of characters used in a broader, range ,of languages. Because there were several competing 8-bit code standards, they
  2. Also use star charts that, depending on experience and intentions, may, range , from simple planispheres through to detailed charts of very specific areas of
  3. Precipitation can be observed throughout the year. Monthly mean temperatures, range ,from in January to in July, with an annual mean of. Demographics Central Ankara
  4. Feature of the bathymetric (bottom topography) is a submarine mountain, range ,called the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It extends from Iceland in the north to
  5. Any introduced species, a species living outside its native distributional, range ,Fiction Film ** Aliens (film),1986 sequel directed by James Cameron ** Alien
  6. A complex of mountain range s in northwest Africa ** High Atlas, a mountain, range ,in Morocco, contains the highest point in the Atlas Mountains *** Grand Atlas
  7. Armchair astronomers" who may simply be interested in the topic. Societies, range ,widely in their goals, depending on a variety of factors such as geographic
  8. The Azerbaijani government established the Ministry of Transport with a broad, range ,of policy and regulatory functions. In the same year, the country became a
  9. As the Coat of arms of Iran is encoded in Unicode, in the Miscellaneous Symbols, range , at code point U+262B (). Azerbaijan (;),officially the Republic of
  10. Available on active participation in formal religious services, and estimates, range ,from 25 % to 40 %. The first recorded Albanian Protestant was Said Tortoni, who
  11. M (s) + 2 H2O (l) → 2 MOH (a) + H₂ (g) Alkali metals form a very wide, range ,of amalgams. They tend to form ironically bonded salts with most electronegative
  12. And create unique Alberta western heritage crafts. The Ban ff Center hosts a, range ,of festivals and other events including the international Mountain Film
  13. One-Mile Telescope is one such example. Common tools Amateur astronomers use a, range ,of instruments to study the sky, depending on a combination of their interests
  14. Through to detailed charts of very specific areas of the night sky. A, range ,of astronomy software is available and used by amateur astronomers, including
  15. From the deep sea to the highest mountain streams. Extant species can, range ,in size from Paedocypris, at,to the massive Ocean Sunfish, at,and the
  16. Opposite corner. Agassi's service speed when hitting a flat first serve would, range ,between. His second serve usually was a heavy" kick" serve in the mid-80s
  17. Many people with serious visual impairments live independently, using a wide, range ,of tools and techniques. Examples of assistive technology for visually
  18. To the science of chemistry Practical applications of alchemy produced a wide, range ,of contributions to medicine and the physical sciences. Alchemists Jair in
  19. About 10:13 pm, aimed at the back of Lincoln's head and fired at point-blank, range , mortally wounding the President. Major Henry Rathbone momentarily grappled
  20. May pose special problems). Estimates for the number of Alaskan Muslims, range ,from 2,000 to 5,000. In 2010,the local Muslim community broke ground on the
  21. Reform to realign the writing with the contemporary spoken language. These can, range ,from simple spelling changes and word forms to switching the entire writing
  22. Its climate, therefore,varies considerably. Average temperatures in January, range ,from in the south to in the north, and in July from in the south to in the
  23. Back to approximately 3 billion years in the Precambrian. They exhibit a wide, range ,of reproductive strategies, from simple, asexual cell division to complex forms
  24. Resources. There are numerous rivers and lakes used for swimming, fishing and a, range ,of water sports. There are three large lakes, Lake Claire () in Wood Buffalo
  25. Including those that do not preserve ASCII's character-map in the 7-bit, range , The PETS CII code Commodore International used for their 8-bit systems is
  26. Atlas Mountains, another name for the High Atlas ** Middle Atlas, a mountain, range ,in Northern Morocco ** Tell Atlas, the Atlas mountain range that parallels the
  27. Been found between an individual’s reaction and tolerance to ambiguity and a, range ,of factors. Apter and Vessels (2001) for example, found a strong
  28. Some of the highest albedos among landforms. Most land areas are in an albedo, range ,of 0.1 to 0.4. The average albedo of the Earth is about 0.3. And asteroid belt
  29. Late afternoon or shortly after sunset, and forages over a considerable home, range ,encompassing 10 to 30 km, but otherwise moves fairly slowly. Its claws enable
  30. Tests are performed after looking at the data. Post hoc tests such as Tukey's, range ,test most commonly compare every group mean with every other group mean and
  31. Rather than merely borrowing vocabulary or grammar rules. The terms borrowed, range ,from religious terminology (like Berber" prayer" < salt) (), academic
  32. Photometric. Terrestrial albedo Albedos of typical materials in visible light, range ,from up to 0.9 for fresh snow, to about 0.04 for charcoal, one of the darkest
  33. The only natural World Heritage Sites are the Assisi n'Ajmer, a mountain, range , Affiliations Algeria is a member of the following organizations:
  34. Atlas, a mountain range in Northern Morocco ** Tell Atlas, the Atlas mountain, range ,that parallels the Mediterranean coast * Atlas Peak AVA, California wine region
  35. 1996 until the assassination of Massed in September 2001. In total, estimates, range , up to one million people fleeing the Taliban. National Geographic concluded in
  36. Fundamental School) Length of program: nine years Age, range ,: six to 15 Certificate/diploma awarded: Brevet d'Engagement Doyen B.
  37. Of resource consumption in industry, but is now used in solving a broad, range ,of problems in many fields. By complexity Algorithms can be classified by the
  38. One or more of the senses, emotions,and intellect. It encompasses a diverse, range ,of human activities, creations,and modes of expression, including music
  39. And reading the latest developments in research. However, amateurs span the, range ,from so-called" armchair astronomers" to the very ambitious, who own
  40. Systems, and season and reflect the latitudinal distribution of solar energy, range ,from below. Maximum temperatures occur north of the equator, and minimum values
  41. To the average value artificially moving towards the middle of the numerical, range , A solution to this problem is to use the optimization formulation (viz
  42. Come in sequences and each of which have a definite meaning, art provides a, range ,of forms, symbols and ideas with meanings that are malleable. " Jupiter's eagle
  43. Pins cast shadows. The technique has been used to create animated films with a, range ,of textural effects difficult to achieve with traditional CEL animation. * Sand
  44. Between. His second serve usually was a heavy" kick" serve in the mid-80s, range , Personal and family life Agassi married actress Brooke Shields on April 19
  45. Subjected to earthquakes, mainly in the northeastern Hindu Kush mountain, range , Some 125 villages were damaged and over 4,000 people killed by two earthquakes
  46. Land plants may have been around as long as 475 million years ago. Morphology A, range ,of algal morphologies are exhibited, and convergence of features in unrelated
  47. General-Purpose School) Length of program: three years Age, range ,: 15 to 18 Certificate/diploma awarded: Baccalaureate de l'Engagement
  48. Are an art critic whose mission is to compare the meanings you find in a wide, range ,of individual artworks. How would you proceed with your task? One way to begin
  49. Objectives movement as a cult or religion. Rand expressed opinions on a wide, range ,of topics, including literature, music,sexuality, even facial hair, and some
  50. In the direction of the colloquial varieties. In fact, there is a continuous, range ,of" in-between" spoken varieties: from nearly pure Modern Standard Arabic (

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