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  1. As a confidential medical record. Qualified individuals do not include any, employee ,or applicant who is currently engaging in the illegal use of drugs when that
  2. Call" by John D. Shaw. * 5 Grand - 5,000th B-17 made, emblazoned with Boeing, employee ,signatures, served with the 333rd Bomb Squadron,96th Bomb Group in Europe.
  3. Al-Fadl, who said he was a founding member of the organization and a former, employee ,of bin Laden. Questions about the reliability of al-Fadl's testimony have been
  4. Sound and dedicated to the success of the NFL and its rules. While he was an, employee ,of the owners, he had to resolve disputes between them and the players, and
  5. Broker worldwide. The firm made no U. S. buys in 1998,but doubled its, employee ,base with purchases including Spain's largest retail insurance broker, Gil y
  6. That Thomas made sexually provocative statements. Although Hill was a career, employee ,and therefore had the option of remaining at the Department of Education, she
  7. Human man, Pham Nu wen, to act as its agent. Ham and Reinna Bergson – a human, employee ,of Relay's owners, the wealthy Trinity Organization – trace the sleeper ship
  8. To the organization. An inside director is a director who is also an, employee , officer, major shareholder, or someone similarly connected to the organization
  9. Business, as well as Actuarial Sciences Associates, a compensation and, employee ,benefits consulting company. Later in that year, however,the company decided
  10. In Cooperstown, New York. *1977 – In Yonkers, New York,24-year-old postal, employee ,David Berkowitz (" Son of Sam" ) is arrested for a series of killings in the
  11. It has been argued that they were implemented by Ford in order to reduce high, employee ,turnover. Adelaide () is the capital and most populous city of the Australian
  12. C technology into Turbo C. Bob Jarvis, the author of Wizard C became a Bowland, employee , Turbo C was released on May 18, 1987 and an estimated 100,000 copies were
  13. Business lines. Its consulting unit, Aon Consulting Worldwide, specializes in, employee ,benefits administration. The risk and insurance brokerage segment accounted for
  14. Supporting Crowley's own claim to having been a spy: Plaster Crowley was an, employee ,of the British Government ... in this country on official business of which the
  15. With Turing. He is also mentioned in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, when an, employee ,of Stereo Industries orders him to be killed and commands the would-be
  16. May include, among other things, limiting or classifying a job applicant or, employee ,in an adverse way, denying employment opportunities to people who truly qualify
  17. Escape was carried out on April 1963 by Wolfgang Engels, a 19-year-old civilian, employee ,of the National Volksarmee. Engels stole a Soviet armored personnel carrier
  18. Details revealed by search behavior. User list exposure Jason Smothers, an AOL, employee , was convicted of stealing America Online's 92 million screen names and
  19. Kane's legal guardian. *Everett Sloane as Mr. Bernstein: Kane's friend and, employee ,who remains loyal to him to the end. According to RIO records, Sloane was paid
  20. North Central United States. Layla Insurance provides commercial insurance, employee ,benefits, risk management and personal insurance. Delaware North Companies are
  21. Privilege Tax (OPT or Head Tax) on employers and employee s. *If any, employee ,performs work in the city limits and is paid over US$500.00 for that work in a
  22. Worker for Haggard Transcontinental, who often dines with Eddie Willers in the, employee ,'s cafeteria, and leads Eddie to reveal important information about Deign
  23. Schwarzenegger had engaged in an adulterous affair and fathered a son with an, employee ,of his, Mildred Buena,14 years earlier. This subsequently led to
  24. Linus Torvalds' refusal to adopt the GPLv3 for the Linux kernel. He was an, employee ,of Sources from June 2005 until December 2007. He is currently CEO of
  25. To Lewinsky during a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by former Arkansas state, employee ,Paula Jones. The obstruction charge was based on his actions during the
  26. Achieve market success. 1950s In the 1950s,Leo Fender, with the help of his, employee ,George Fullerton, developed the first mass-produced electric bass. His Fender
  27. Firefighters). Unions and employers have also employed arbitration to resolve, employee ,and union grievances arising under a collective bargaining agreement. The
  28. X - Advanced Video Computer System ", and was code named" Pam" after a female, employee ,at Atari Inc. It is also rumored that PAM actually stood for" Personal Arcade
  29. Cede control of the plane. All aboard died. Aftermath After the attacks,an, employee ,of Saudi Arabian Airlines named Ahmed Al-Razi came forward to say that he
  30. The Old West in danger of being robbed or attacked by bandits. A special armed, employee ,of the express service using the stage for transportation of bullion or cash
  31. S engineering and portions of its manufacturing. Espionage In 1984,a Northrop, employee , Thomas Cavanaugh, was arrested for attempting to sell classified information
  32. Been transformed into a conservative, devoutly religious Reagan-administration, employee , In fact, she was a left-winger who'd never expressed any religious sentiments
  33. Powell (involved during merge with Time Warner) * Jason Smothers (former AOL, employee ,convicted of stealing America Online's 92 million screen names and selling it
  34. An interview with a 71-year-old mechanical engineer who claimed to be a former, employee ,at Area 51 during the 1950s. His claims included that he had worked on a "
  35. Olympic Games road race and now an independent rider in the BSA team was a BSA, employee ,working in the design office as a draftman. It was Bob Maitland who was
  36. Joined the Linear company's office in Canberra as their first Australian, employee , He helped to assemble 14 staff for a research and development team known as
  37. However, on February 1,2011,his post was to promote the cause of the public, employee ,unions being opposed by Wisconsin Republicans, and to favor the cause of labor
  38. In gold. The insignia was designed by the crew, with the artwork done by NASA, employee ,Allen Stevens. Spacecraft problems The Apollo Command/Service Module spacecraft
  39. Of Dallas; he would have been of the appropriate age at the time. A Paramount, employee ,told biographer Orin Keep news that Jefferson was a womanizing sloppy drunk; on
  40. Troubled main character argues over the phone with a Columbia Records, employee , over his having to pay for records he had never asked for, including the
  41. Jim Carrey as Dr. Edward Dogma / The Riddler: A former Wayne Enterprises, employee , Edward resigns after his newest invention is personally rejected by Bruce
  42. That Schwarzenegger had fathered a son more than fourteen years earlier with an, employee ,in their household, Mildred Patricia 'Patty' Buena. " After leaving the
  43. Of a Christian check-in worker to wear a visible symbol of faith occurred. The, employee ,lost an employment tribunal in January 2008. In 2007,cabin crew threatened
  44. By William Seward Burroughs. *1911 – The Mona Lisa is stolen by a Louvre, employee , *1918 – World War I: The Second Battle of the Somme begins. *1942 – World War
  45. Computer system. Because the original designer had left the company another, employee ,completely redesigned most of the system, ( adding a display snow remover
  46. Occur, the company can claim that the problem would not have arisen if the, employee ,had only followed the code properly. Sometimes there is disconnection between
  47. CLASS (Caixa Andorran de Seguretat Social),which is funded by employer and, employee ,contributions in respect of salaries. The cost of healthcare is covered by CLASS
  48. Braunstein, Nazi war criminal (b. 1919) * 1999 – David Seines, US Navy, employee ,(b. 1954) *2000 – Louis Applebaum, Canadian conductor and composer (b. 1918
  49. Ever on the Blizzard forums. This included personal details of a Blizzard, employee ,who gave his real name" to show it wasn't a big deal ". Shortly after
  50. Suicide of Dr David Kelly and the Hutton Inquiry. On 17 July 2003,Kelly,an, employee ,of the Ministry of Defense, apparently committed suicide after being misquoted

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