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  1. Language. This means that on purely linguistic grounds they would, likely ,be considered to constitute more than one language, but are commonly grouped
  2. Trilobites all suggest a benthic (bottom-dwelling) mode of life. They are, likely ,to have lived on areas of the ocean floor that received little or no light and
  3. Cases, and much of the recent increase in the number of reported ASD cases is, likely ,due to changes in diagnostic practices. The increasing popularity of drug
  4. More widely during his lifetime. In some cases, the Aristotelian texts were, likely ,left in different versions and contexts (as in the overlapping parts of the
  5. In the body at about 20 ppb. *Francium has no biological role and would most, likely ,be extremely toxic due to its extreme radioactivity. If francium was not
  6. In palaces," the notion of forming such terraces in the streets not one, likely ,to cross the brain of a Parisian of that generation ". But it was generally
  7. Of Aristotle's work is probably not in its original form, since it was most, likely ,edited by students and later lecturers. The logical works of Aristotle were
  8. Hoped that Britain and France would join them against the Union, this was never, likely , and so they instead tried to bring Britain and France in as mediators.
  9. Confusion. While asteroids of different spectral classifications are, likely ,to be composed of different materials, there are no assurances that asteroids
  10. Cold ", there is no known reason to associate seaweed with temperature. A more, likely ,source is allied," binding, entwining. " Since Algae has become a biological
  11. Laughter and crying. Patients with pseudobulbar palsy are particularly, likely ,to be affected, as are patients with PLS. Effects on cognition, mood,and
  12. Referring to the direction of the sun at sunrise in the Middle East and also, likely ,connected with the Phoenician word ASA meaning east. This may be contrasted to
  13. Alphabets. The Old Turkic script evident in epigraphy from the 8th century, likely ,also has its origins in the Aramaic script. Modern Today, Biblical Aramaic
  14. A colorful description of a large snake found in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka),most, likely ,a reticulated python, Python reticulated. The account, which explains how the
  15. Destroying each other as often as merging, but colliding rubble piles are more, likely ,to merge. This means that the cores of the planets could have formed relatively
  16. To many European main routes. Progress to complete the road infrastructure is, likely ,to take some decades, but substantial efforts are already being made in the
  17. Name of Minor survived. As the earliest evidence of the name is Greek, it is, likely ,circumstantially that Asia came from Ἀσία, but ancient transitions, due to the
  18. Until 1994,no Republicans held any of the court seats. This change also began, likely ,in part, due to the same perception by voters of Democratic Party efforts to
  19. Widely used until the time of the Algerian War of Independence, and it is more, likely ,it started as an insult towards settlers returning from Africa. In contrast
  20. A relationship but not formally engaged. She died, however,on August 25,most, likely ,of typhoid fever. In the early 1830s,he met Mary Owens from Kentucky when she
  21. To many European main routes. Progress to complete the road infrastructure is, likely ,to take some decades, but substantial efforts are already being made in the
  22. Of 1499. Though Vespucci boasted of discovering the island, he and Opera were, likely ,guided there by natives of nearby islands. Both described Aruba as an" island
  23. These studies suggest that people speaking to autistic individuals are more, likely ,to overestimate what their audience comprehends. *Restricted behavior is
  24. Had a question mark and the annotation" to be won over" by his name, which, likely , saved him from the extensive purges that followed the scheme's failure. By
  25. Had either seven or eight wives, Olympias was his principal wife for a time, likely ,as a result of giving birth to Alexander. As a member of the Area dynasty
  26. High as 0.9 for ASD, and siblings of those with autism are about 25 times more, likely ,to be autistic than the general population. Hence, a substantial fraction of
  27. They will typically spread. If restricted to one side of the body they are more, likely ,to progress to the same region on the other side of the body before progressing
  28. Machines ... it does not seem to me that any contrivances at present known or, likely ,to be discovered really deserve the name of logical machines "; see more at
  29. That the North’s advantage in population and resources made Northern victory, likely ,but not guaranteed. He also argues that if the Confederacy had fought using
  30. Already adopted a" spiritualist and redemptive interpretation of alchemy ", likely ,reflecting his interest in the occult literature of the nineteenth century.
  31. Abortion is not a threat to women's mental health, and that women are no more, likely ,to have mental-health problems after a first-trimester abortion than after
  32. Given the difficulty in classifying the families involved, estimates are, likely ,to be uncertain. From an economic point of view, the order Asparagus is
  33. Child to live to adulthood. Edward died on February 1,1850,in Springfield, likely ,of tuberculosis. " Willie" Lincoln was born on December 21, 1850 and died on
  34. Most asteroids outside the big four (Ceres, Pallas, Vesta,and Hygiene) are, likely ,to be broadly similar in appearance, if irregular in shape. 50-km 253 Mathilde
  35. In 1992. Although the total effect of the increased market concentration is, likely ,increased efficiency, the changes redistribute economic surplus from producers
  36. PM EDT). Just before the Apollo 12 flight, it was noted that Eagle was still, likely ,to be orbiting the Moon. Later NASA reports mentioned that Eagle's orbit had
  37. And balance training are large components of therapy. Training will, likely ,need to be intense and focused -- as indicated by one study performed with
  38. Of a cement for securing or joining together various objects, and it thus seems, likely ,that the name itself was expressive of this application. From the Greek, the
  39. Children are less likely to make requests or share experiences, and are more, likely ,to simply repeat others' words (Chalía) for example, they may look at a
  40. Although they lack the proximal endive, which defines that group. They are, likely ,the sister taxon to the crustacean stem lineage, and,as such, part of the
  41. Series of arbitrary consonants, and hence Moroccan Arabic speakers are, likely ,to follow the same rules in their pronunciation of Modern Standard Arabic. )
  42. To the lack of literary contexts, are difficult to catch in the act. The most, likely ,vehicles were the ancient geographers and historians, such as Herodotus, who
  43. Has remarked that" Rand's is a tortured immortality, one in which she's as, likely ,to be a punch line as a protagonist ..." and that" jibes at Rand as cold and
  44. Results in a drift of some material properties. History Although americium was, likely ,produced in previous nuclear experiments, it was first intentionally
  45. Sciences on November 13, 1883 he noted that congenitally deaf parents were more, likely ,to produce deaf children and tentatively suggested that couples where both
  46. Substitution of sodium for the considerably more expensive potassium. Seville, likely ,also conceived the idea of the electrolysis of aluminum oxide dissolved in
  47. If francium was not radioactive, based on periodic trends it would most, likely ,behave like cesium and would, it is presumed, be similarly toxic. Precautions
  48. Is relatively stable against radioactive decay. Name cern28509/> The most, likely ,candidate for a stable super heavy atom, unbihexium, has 126 protons and 184
  49. Their gestures are less often integrated with words. Autistic children are less, likely ,to make requests or share experiences, and are more likely to simply repeat
  50. 29 % of adults obese, except for ten which exceeded 26 %. Residents were least, likely ,of any state in the nation to exercise. Alabama has one of the highest

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