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  1. After further negotiations, the sale was finally approved and completed on 1, april 2010 for 700 million Euro. Deutsche Bank absorbed HBO and its activities which
  2. Novels by Rick Riordan, is a Tai Chi Chuan master too. Lisa beamer was born on, april ,10, 1969 in Albany,New York. Lisa Beamer is the widow of Todd Beamer, a victim
  3. Nikolai Batman. In October 1941 the Institute was evacuated to Izhevsk. In, april 1943 it returned to Moscow. The name MHTS was revived in 1943. The current name
  4. File: Tobacco. JPG|Slope File: Tobacco crater. JPG|Crater File: Tobacco, april ,13 2009. JPG|Panorama taken on Tobacco File: Tobacco far. JPG|Tobacco from a
  5. http://www.thomasharder.dk/en/node/60 Andes Lassen rig,9. April 1940-9., april 1945 (Thomas Harder, København, Information,2010) * Andes Lassen - Demand
  6. A special meaning. After the World War II, Željezničar played on Station" 6., april ," on Martin Door (there is a building now behind Secondary school of
  7. Panama City sees 1900 mm of precipitation annually. The dry season spans from, april , to January the wet season spans the remainder of the year. Temperatures remain
  8. b.1912). *27 June - William Conolly-Carew,6th Baron Care (b.1905). 11,April,- Satire Murray / first woman to be the queen of Ireland b.1993 July to
  9. Run at the French/Spanish border to Lisbon and from Lisbon to Heyday. Until, april 2010,facilities exist for 2nd class seated accommodation,2nd class couchette
  10. A court ruling. Emmanuel Vaughan was declared winner of the January 2011 and, april 2011 elections. | title=THE EXECUTIVE GOVERNOR | publisher=Delta State
  11. The world File: Fort Street TD o. jpg|Fort Street Tourism Port File: Danakosko, april ,5,2008. JPG|Belize City Aerial File: Boatsinbelize. JPG|Belize City Pier as
  12. Goal in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. Donovan stated in an interview in, april 2011" That is kind of a bittersweet moment, not winning, but in the end going
  13. River. The city gained its valor at the new location from King Karl IX,19, april 1610. The city was burnt down and plundered by Russians in 1719 and was
  14. Macquarie Regional Radiators, upon the purchase of KG Capital's stations. On, april 2011 Southern Cross Media bought out Austria for $714 million giving Southern
  15. A notable local person is Dakota Itself, Governor-General of Tuvalu since 16, april 2010 and former Minister of Education, Sports and Health, representing New in
  16. Current collectors including ER31 with 3 doors along the side of wagon. From, april 201. Line has been extended to Botanical. New line have about 18500 passengers
  17. Last most of the day from early morning to late night on 30 April, or vista, april , ( " The Last Day Of April" ) as it is called in Land. More modern Aalborg
  18. Itself originally as X107,before changing to its current name, NXFM. On, april 2011 Southern Cross Media bought out Austria for more than 700 million giving
  19. And Zen Buddhism. Enomiya-Lassalle joined the Society of Jesus on the 25, april 1919. At the end of the usual Jesuit spiritual and academic training he was
  20. Images from a dive trip to Corn, Busuanga in, april 2006 Susanna is a municipality in the province of Malayan, Philippines. The
  21. University known as the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. +++ Since, april 2009 the Senate of the National University of Ireland (NUI) decided that
  22. Honored Emir Austria and his film Pivot JE judo (Life is a Miracle). *On 8, april 2011,Austria was the first person ever to receive" Memo Vapor award ", for
  23. Author of the Sherlock Holmes stories. Gallery Image: Punch magazine cover 1916,April,26 volume 150 no 3903. PNG|Doyle's design for the cover of Punch showing his
  24. Was no evidence to implicate either Mode or his administration in the riots. In, april 2011. Bar Masjid Demolition In a 2005 book former Intelligence Bureau (IB)
  25. Explains the higher figures. The 10 largest agglomerations by population in, april 2011,according to Demographic: Specific legal definitions Canada An
  26. 2005 File: Pyongyang-feb-2009. JPG|February 2009 File: Roughing Hotel - 29, april 2010. JPG|April 29, 2010 File: Roughing Hotel October 2010. JPG|October 2010
  27. A crowd puller in underhand region. Assembly elections are due in State in, april 2012. Keeping this in mind, Samajwadi party has stated the formal campaign
  28. Image: Sent ANSI (Gallium fistulous var. Bulbifera). JPG|Tree onion 9, april 2007 Image: Egyptian Tree Onion, Walking Onion, Topset Onion (Gallium CEPA var.
  29. Bonaparte, defeats Austrians under acidic Charles ** Battle of Need – 20,April, – French army, under general Roche, defeats Austrians under general Hence **
  30. Declared that Mr. Kiera Savanna was not a member of CPI (M-L) Janashakti., april 2011 at Guntur district of A. P were arrested 7 members of cpim-ljanasakthi. And
  31. Mateusz Kosciusko defeated by Russo-Prussian army. ** Battle of Mouscron – 29,April, – french army, under general Moreau and general Sou ham, defeats Austrians and
  32. Chung. Concert notes by Gain Mario Bending. Milano, Teatro alley Scala,24th, april 2006 (it) ASCII Piano is a town and commune in the March region of Italy
  33. Municipality. Image: Luftfoto AF Grave Midway. JPG|Aerial photo Grave Midway, april 1999. The United States Revenue Act of 1942,Pub. L. 753,Ch. 619,56 Stat. 798
  34. In the wake of the Battle of the Golden Spurs a battle was fought here in, april 1303 between French and Flemish. The Flemish were victorious in the Battle of
  35. Saltzman Lullaby (Nexus,2001) with Leigh Howard Stevens Drugmaker (, april 2003 – Nexus,2003) Rituals, containing Concert for Violin and Orchestra (
  36. Festivities have moved to the day before," Last of April" (" Vista, april ,") or" Walpurgisnacht" (" Valborgsmässoafton" ). Pacific (USA) In
  37. Germany * Hanover Fair, the world's biggest industrial fair, held each, april , on the Hanover fairground Horse breed Other places and companies worldwide
  38. Crisis after 9/11 and was forced to discontinue their broadcasts. Since, april 2010 C-Dance is trying to make a comeback with a complete new crew but still
  39. Of may in 2010. And Joke Land with a live performance also at NK on the 30th of, april , in 2010). In October 2010,Audition Records published three new artists. Rings
  40. Perched on the initials 'RD' ( lower left) File: Punch magazine cover 1916,April,26 volume 150 no 3903 Mickie Bird 120px. PNG|Monogram up-sampled for clarity
  41. S Build,JFDuke3D,FSW, and ports derived from their codebases. Polymer On, april ,1st 2009,an OpenGL shader model 3.0 renderer was revealed to have been
  42. By SBS and MTM. The Dutch channels have been bought by Sonoma and Tampa on 20, april 2011. *Prime TV (also broadcast by cable in Moldova) *Kiss TV (known as TV K
  43. Paint). Dutch students are taught a short rhyme to remember this fact::" Op 1,April, verloor Alva Zion bail" translating into" On April 1st,Alva lost his glasses
  44. File: Proletarian. JPG|Proletarian is sold in the streets of Gothenburg, april 1971. File: Proletarian. JPG|Finnish workers reading Proletarian in Finnish (
  45. Released two albums, The King of Rock'n Roll, in September 2001,and Vol. II in, april 2010. Although it was not a commercial success, it retains a cult following.
  46. Roche, defeats Austrians under general Hence ** Battle of Meerschaum – 20,April, – French army, under general Moreau, Desaix and Devout, defeats Austrians under
  47. Image: White Wagtail 05apr2007 13. JPG|White Wagtail at Moscow region Russia, april 2007 Image: Wagtail White Young. JPG|Young White Wagtail, Moscow region, Russia
  48. Antarctica is named after Masala Peak. Gallery Image: Bulgaria - Riley - Masala, april 2006. JPG|Hikers near the summit of Masala. The pyramid in the background is
  49. Having lived there for some time. Gallery Image: Nassau järnvägsstation, den 23, april 2007,build 1. JPG|Nassau Railway Station Image: Stadshuset i Nassau, den 20 MAJ
  50. For lag,1950) * http://www.thomasharder.dk/en/node/60 Andes Lassen rig,9., april ,1940-9. April 1945 (Thomas Harder, København, Information,2010) * Andes

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