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  1. When Bowie visited the London club" Blitz"—the main New Romantic hangout—to, recruit ,several of the regulars (including Steve Strange of the band Visage) to act
  2. Advisory committee was formed in 1990 by then-Governor of Colorado Roy Rome to, recruit ,an ownership group. The group selected was led by John Antonelli, an Ohio
  3. Of the Cayman Islands as an offshore financial center by making it difficult to, recruit ,and retain experienced staff from onshore financial centers. Government
  4. Are ineligible to receive commissions from sales made by the distributors they, recruit , In 2006,Amway China had a reported 180,000 sales representatives,140 stores
  5. Found that about one third of the cells are unable to separate unaided and, recruit ,a neighboring amoeba (dubbed the" midwife" ) to complete the fission. He
  6. Be modeled after Knight's, but at no time has Knight been known to illegally, recruit , Knight himself coaches against Note in the film's climactic game. In 2002
  7. His draft notice, but before reporting he injured his knee. He completed his, recruit ,training, but was classified for limited service during World War II. He was
  8. Blood supply under the arm pit (maxilla). A longissimus flap is usually used to, recruit ,soft-tissue coverage over an underlying implant. Enough volume can be recruit ed
  9. TV series; lived in Ames * Harrison Barnes, #1 ranked high school basketball, recruit ,in the class of 2010; 2010 Ames HS graduate * Robert Barley, editorial page
  10. Countries except the United Kingdom. In the summer of 2008 ESA started to, recruit ,new astronauts so that final selection would be due spring 2009. Almost 10,000
  11. Has to the situation. " But Bergen and others argue that there was no need to, recruit ,foreigners unfamiliar with the local language, customs or lay of the land since
  12. Through the Clayton Knight Committee, which had Roosevelt's permission to, recruit ,in the U. S. in 1940-42. American attempts in the mid 1930s to integrate
  13. It had expanded to a well known 20-volume set. Its rising stature helped, recruit ,eminent contributors, and the 9th edition (1875–1889) and the 11th edition (
  14. As a spokesperson for National Mentoring Month, a campaign held each January to, recruit ,volunteer mentors for at-risk youth. Soon after Barack Obama's 2008 election
  15. To separate the two strands and initiate replication forks. Initiator proteins, recruit ,other proteins to separate the DNA strands at the origin, forming a bubble.
  16. In Somalia, al-Qaeda agents closely collaborate with the Shahab group, actively, recruit , children for suicide-bomber training, and export young people to participate in
  17. Using Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) as a proxy network to, recruit , finance and arm the multinational Mujahideen fighters inside Pakistan, which
  18. Managers (Bobby Keenan, Sensational Sherri, Slick,and Mr. Fuji) trying to, recruit ,André one-by-one, only to be turned down in various humiliating ways (i.e.
  19. Sessions are attempting to prove that the cult deceived and manipulated the, recruit ,into joining. Ted Patrick, one of the pioneers of deprogramming, used a
  20. Separate the two strands and initiate DNA synthesis. These initiator proteins, recruit ,other proteins to separate the two strands and initiate replication forks.
  21. Organizations said they were concerned that the tournament was being used to, recruit ,professional players from the prep ranks. The tournament did not invite
  22. Zealots in pursuit of their goals. The Director’s most important task is to, recruit ,and hire very creative people with big ideas, and empower them. * Acceptance of
  23. Inferior horses and more basic equipment, the dragoon regiments were cheaper to, recruit ,and maintain than the expensive regiments of cavalry. When in the 17th century
  24. To discover and conquer lands further south. Alvaro would remain in Panama to, recruit ,men and gather supplies for the expeditions led by Pizarro. After several
  25. Remained. Their benefactor Haines died before Louisa's birth. He had helped, recruit ,students and even paid tuition for some of them. As Abby wrote, his death" has
  26. Trying to outbid the NFL for college talent, the AFL under Davis started to, recruit ,players already on NFL squads. Davis's strategy focused on quarterbacks in
  27. Mayor Jane L. Campbell appointed a" tech czar" whose job is to actively, recruit ,tech companies to the downtown office market, offering connections to the
  28. The nation also has about 126,000 national police officers, with plans to, recruit ,more so that the total number can reach 160,000. The Afghan National Police (
  29. Security Decision Directive 17 (NSDD-17),giving the CIA the authority to, recruit ,and support the contrast with $19 million in military aid. The effort to support
  30. Against the Romans, more specifically a revolt against Tiberius' attempt to, recruit ,them for his war against the Germans. The Illusions put up a fierce resistance
  31. Of effort by lowering the neuron activation threshold, making it easier to, recruit ,the muscles for exercise. Caffeine metabolites of caffeine also
  32. Within a community. Some Certs form a club or service corporation, and, recruit , volunteers to perform training on behalf of the sponsoring agency. This reduces
  33. Only had fourteen musicians left, so the conductor Karl Elias berg had to, recruit ,anyone who could play a musical instrument to perform the symphony. In spring
  34. With the German Ambassador in Washington, Count on Barnstorm, to try to, recruit ,an" Irish Brigade" from among Irish prisoners of war and secure German
  35. Relatives would use deception, or legal dealings or even kidnapping to get the, recruit ,into programmers' hands, without allowing the person any recourse to a
  36. Order to fulfill his father's Crusader oath. However, Andrew used the money to, recruit ,followers among the barons and also sought the assistance of Leopold V, Duke of
  37. Approximately 1925,however it was only after Hitler ordered Martin Bormann to, recruit ,six million men for this militia that the group became a physical reality. The
  38. The party and sit as an independent unless the South Australian Democrats could, recruit ,1,000 new members by November 2009. When this clearly could not eventuate, he
  39. Criteria for research purposes. Studies done on specific disorders often, recruit ,patients whose symptoms match the criteria listed in the DSM for that disorder.
  40. Office ", a Muslim organization founded in 1980 to raise and channel funds and, recruit ,foreign mujahideen for the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, was
  41. Filling the ranks of their cavalry. At about the same time the Romans began to, recruit ,foreign auxiliary cavalry from among Gauls, Iberians, and Namibians, the last
  42. He gains full use of his legs and devotes his precious time to the youngest, recruit ,on his team, Jubilee. Generation X and the Xavier Institute For Higher Learning
  43. With the Maid Marian of Robin Hood legend. * David O'Hara as Stephen. An Irish, recruit ,to the Scottish army, he endears himself to Wallace with his humor, which may
  44. Does not qualify as a pyramid scheme because distributors were not paid to, recruit ,people and had to sell products to get bonus checks, and the company was
  45. Call him a" good poet ". Marathon was also a friend of Euripides, another, recruit , to the court of Arches of Macedon. Physical Appearance Agathon's
  46. IBO's) may market products directly to potential customers and may also, recruit ,(sponsor) and train other people to become IBO's. Each IBO may earn income
  47. Regiment at Continental Army). He used Tun Tavern as a gathering place to, recruit ,a regiment of soldiers to go into battle against the Native American uprisings
  48. Four from Essendon). The peak of these incidents would occur in 1980 with new, recruit ,Phil Carmen making headlines for headbutting an umpire. The tribunal suspended
  49. His drug operations, as well as holding his tournament every three years to, recruit ,international talent to expand his criminal business. Before leaving, Lee
  50. And security authorities increasingly accused the FARC of continuing to, recruit ,guerrillas, as well as kidnapping, extorting and politically intimidating

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