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  1. By John Wilson Broker and published by Murray entitled England and France: or a, cure ,for Ministerial Gallo mania. The choice of a Tory publication was regarded as
  2. And swelling. The disease does recur with periods of remission, but there is no, cure ,for the disorder. A small percentage develop a severe painful and destructive
  3. Antibacterial activity. Traditional healers have long used plants to prevent or, cure ,infectious conditions. Many of these plants have been investigated
  4. Virus). Ebola virus disease has fatality rates ranging from 50-90 %. No, cure ,currently exists, although vaccines are in development. The Soviet Union
  5. Mould or penicillin SP. were able to indicate bacterial growth, and even to, cure ,bacterial infections in animal (Ernest Duchess in 1897 in his thesis "
  6. Of Acacia (known as gear) mixed with the root of the Tasha, then boiled, as a, cure ,for rabies. An astringent medicine high in tannins, called catch or Dutch, is
  7. Sexuality, social skills, and estate planning. Prognosis There is no known, cure , Most autistic children can acquire language by age 5 or younger, though a few
  8. Of the holy magic-song sang by the magicians that was supposed to, cure ,the diseases. Later the Greeks knew the original meaning of the relevant song "
  9. Journal Le novelist reported that she named him the prime witness of her, cure , Alexis Carrel refused to discount a supernatural explanation and steadfastly
  10. Which means 'let the thing be destroyed. ' Originally, it was used to, cure ,illness and the 'thing' was the illness, but I decided to make it the 'thing '
  11. And flew off to London to see Dr Dent, who had first turned him on to the, cure , While cutting a mount for a drawing in room No. 15,I sliced through a pile of
  12. Term. In rare cases, surgery may be required to replace joints, but there is no, cure ,for the illness. Lupus This is a common collagen vascular disorder that can be
  13. Lead to permanent disability and loss of hand function. Treatment There is no, cure ,for either rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. Treatment options vary depending on
  14. Brown University and Columbia University. In 1902, he witnessed the miraculous, cure ,of Marie Billy at Lourdes, made famous in part because she named Carrel as a
  15. Memo, and it was not emphasized or enforced. Ephemera, a Chinese herb used to, cure ,cold symptoms, and also used in some allergy medications, sped up the heart and
  16. Synthesis. The American physician Fred R. Kenner M. D. promoted vitamin C as a, cure ,for many diseases in the 1950s by elevating the dosages largely. Tens of grams
  17. Time, it was thought better to raise British morale by associating Churchill's, cure ,with the British discovery, penicillin. Fleming's first wife, Sarah,died in
  18. While traveling through South America in the hopes that it could relieve or, cure ,opiate addiction (see The Age Letters). Ayahuasca became more widely known
  19. Lovelace experienced" a tedious and suffering illness, which took months to, cure ,". On 27 February 1841,Lovelace wrote to her mother:" I am not in the least
  20. The role of the therapist is to" validate the distress rather than to ", cure ," the BDSM desires. " The DSM-IVs' latest edition (DSM-IV-TR) further
  21. Are vast, but they are especially useful for bonding thin materials. Adhesives, cure ,(harden) by either evaporating a solvent or by chemical reactions that occur
  22. Stimulation can be used to diagnose MND. Treatment Currently there is no, cure ,for ALS. The only drug that affects the course of the disease is rissole. The
  23. Upon a relative who was ill. Augustine replied that if he had any power to, cure ,the sick, he would surely have applied it on himself first. The visitor
  24. Alum, and vinegar. The Jewish Talmud, dating back about 1800 years, suggests a, cure ,for gum ailments containing" dough water" and olive oil. Anton van
  25. Subzero suit following an accident in a cryogenics lab he was using to find a, cure ,for his wife, Nora,who was suffering from a terminal illness called MacGregor
  26. Diphthongs, which are the vowels that occur in words like near, square and, cure , In the Eastern states, these may be realized either as diphthongs (e.g. fit
  27. Has been promoted under the names laetrile and" Vitamin B17" as a cancer, cure , but it is not a vitamin, as a possible cause of cyanide poisoning. The
  28. 1924) looked at the long-standing folk belief that the king could, cure ,scrofula by touch. The kings of France and England indeed regularly practiced
  29. Bodies, and that certain illnesses of the body had chemical remedies that could, cure ,them. While his attempts of treating diseases with such remedies as Mercury
  30. Repetitive, involuntary,purposeless movements (that are permanent and have no, cure ,) often of the lips, face,legs, or torso. It is believed that there is a
  31. A cure for inflation. Austrian School economists maintain the most effective, cure ,is the strict maintenance of a stable money supply. Ludwig on Miles, the
  32. Cures" Perhaps because many forms of cancer are difficult or impossible to, cure , there have always been many therapies offered outside of conventional cancer
  33. Rainforest regions, forming ayahuasca healing retreats that claim to be able to, cure ,mental and physical illness and allow communication with the spirit world. Some
  34. To their rapid curing time and strong bond strength. Light curing adhesives can, cure ,in as little as a second and many formulations can bond dissimilar substrates (
  35. Around their necks would have safe pregnancies; however, if one's goal is to, cure ,ailments such as arthritis or the common cold, one should wear only its skin.
  36. Adhesive includes epoxies, urethanes, and polyamides. Moisture curing adhesives, cure ,when they react with moisture present on the substrate surface or in the air.
  37. Fever, which are caused by Gram-negative bacteria, for which he was seeking a, cure ,at the time. It also affected Nasser gonorrhea, which causes gonorrhea
  38. This occasionally served to introduce disciplinary problems. " The promise of a, cure ,for tuberculosis in the Sea View Hospital trials was excitedly discussed in the
  39. Heart rhythm and compresses the limb between heartbeats; the compression helps, cure ,the wounds in the walls of veins and arteries, and helps to push the blood back
  40. So there is often great expectation or at least great hope that a miraculous, cure ,or improvement will occur when someone is being prayed over for healing.
  41. Studies using mice have shown a similar treatment results in a permanent, cure ,for about a third of the test subjects. *Interstitial cystitis (IC) / painful
  42. Joint, unlike most other joining processes, because the adhesive needs time to, cure , The earliest known date for a simple glue is 200,000 BC and for a compound
  43. At Lourdes, made famous in part because she named Carrel as a witness of her, cure , After the fame surrounding the event, Carrel could not obtain a hospital
  44. And cultural aspects of autism have developed: some in the community seek a, cure , while others believe that autism is simply another way of being. Albedo ()
  45. That this semantic difference is important in defining inflation and finding a, cure ,for inflation. Austrian School economists maintain the most effective cure is
  46. The bone marrow, where some Tasmania castigates reside, and so, cure ,of the disease – especially the visceral form – is very difficult. Elemental
  47. Judeo-Christian literature positioned blindness as a flaw; only through a, cure ,could God’s love be made manifest, when the scales would fall away from the
  48. Weight (s) may be tried, to reduce errors, although prevention is better than, cure , Further, various types of mount have been used, to allow some degree of
  49. Sequential Cooler Alec Memoir) standard were developed later and attempt to, cure ,certain defects of the NTSC system. PAL's color encoding is similar to the
  50. Resulting sound is often further reduced to, especially after palatals, so that, cure , pure, mature and sure rhyme with fir. * Dropping of is more extensive than in

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