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  1. Hostages were taken. * May 28 - Suspected Abu SAAF gunmen raid the Dos Palms, resort ,off the western Philippines island of Malayan and seize 20 hostages including a
  2. Tourism, and conventions. One example of sport and nature tourism is the ski, resort ,at Sierra Nevada National Park. As for cultural tourism, Andalusia has some
  3. City center, stood well outside the Roman city, but may have been a summer, resort , In the 19th century, the remains of at least one Roman villa or large house
  4. To build an atomic bomb, and to warn that Hitler would be more than willing to, resort ,to such a weapon. " In the summer of 1939,a few months before the beginning of
  5. That higher-ups for more" frustrated" and applied" more and more pressure to, resort ,to measures that might produce more immediate results. " Additionally, Colonel
  6. Is that the Hebrew word Sheol can mean many things, including " grave ",", resort ,"," place of waiting" and" place of healing ". It can also mean" deep ", as
  7. Lyrics in Arabic, French and Italian Tourism Alexandria is a main summer, resort ,and tourist attraction, due to its public and private beaches and ancient
  8. Schloss with the Poppelsdorfer Schloss, a palace that was built as a, resort ,for the prince-electors in the first half of the 18th century, and whose
  9. Upon its criminals. Capital punishment did not exist, nor did the community, resort ,to imprisonment. Beating was considered a sufficient and final penalty. However
  10. 80 % of Egypt's imports and exports. Alexandria is also an important tourist, resort , It is home to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (the new Library of Alexandria).
  11. Courts, which use the Conrail d'Eat (State Council) as a court of last, resort , The main administrative courts are the" Tribunal Administration" and appeal
  12. Pontianak, a vampire-like spirit who threatens the life of human beings. People, resort ,to magical or religious means of repelling spiritual dangers from such
  13. Like Alameda and traveling further afield in California. Alameda lost its, resort ,status as more distant locations became more attractive to cash-rich San
  14. Entrance and is known asPatalganaga. Horsey Hills, elevation,is a summer hill, resort ,in Andhra Pradesh, about from Bangalore and from Timpani. The town of
  15. Or amend a set of Construction Documents * All inclusive or all-inclusive,a, resort ,that includes all meals, soft drinks, and most alcoholic drinks in the price
  16. To introduce some unpredictability into character creation without the need to, resort ,to dice, cards,or other randomizing devices. A player may intend, for example
  17. Us with no ready explanation for apparent fine-tuning. In fact, we might have to, resort ,to something akin to Barrow and Tipler's SAP: there would be no option for
  18. The number which would cause economic loss, and recommends pesticides as a last, resort , Nutrient management includes both the source of nutrient inputs for crop and
  19. Village of Nature. Today, the village is now a small town and a popular holiday, resort ,with most of its past and traditions having rapidly evaporated in the course of
  20. Dive resort island Ibadan and took 21 hostages, including 10 tourists and 11, resort , workers - 19 non-Filipino nationals in total. The hostages were taken to an Abu
  21. Modes are directly supported by the built-in BASIC, however,so the user had to, resort ,to the use of lots of POKE and CALL commands in BASIC, or assembly language
  22. Least one intermediate appellate court; and a supreme court (or court of last, resort ,) which primarily reviews the decisions of the intermediate courts. A
  23. Existence to make" predictions" about the parameters. But second," as a last, resort ,", we can convert these predictions into explanations by assuming that there is
  24. Pearl Farm beach resort on Jamal island in southern Philippines, killing two, resort ,workers wounding three others, but no hostages were taken. * May 28 - Suspected
  25. In the late 4th century AD, Ancyra became something of an imperial holiday, resort , After Constantinople became the East Roman capital, emperors in the 4th and
  26. Euro Disney Resort officially opens with its theme park Euro Disneyland. The, resort ,and its park's name are subsequently changed to Disneyland Paris. *1994 –
  27. Between 1840 and 1844,Anne spent around five weeks each summer at the, resort , and loved the place. A number of locations in Scarborough formed the setting
  28. Still attracts many vacationers, although most are now from Mexico itself. The, resort ,area is divided into two: The north end of the bay is the“ traditional” area
  29. Of and the ski resort at Sierra Nevada National Park—the southernmost ski, resort ,in Europe—dropped to. Sierra Nevada Natural Park has Iberia's lowest average
  30. They can terminate their pregnancies. Women without the means to travel can, resort ,to providers of illegal abortions or attempt to perform an abortion by
  31. By Abu SAAF 2000 * April 23 - Abu SAAF gunmen raid the Malaysian diving, resort ,of Ibadan, off Borneo and flee across the sea border to their Solo island
  32. Could sneak in on the bay side, just by swimming around the fence. Some, resort ,homes and buildings from the Neptune beach era still exist in present-day
  33. Construction of a new town called Side Abdallah, a tourist resort and a health, resort ,on the western outskirts of Algiers. The redevelopment of Algiers waterfront is
  34. On the corner of Central Ave. and McKay Ave., provides another glimpse of what, resort ,life was like in Alameda in the 1920s. A short walk near Crab Cove will reveal
  35. 2005,Santiago de la España (Jaén) experienced a temperature of and the ski, resort ,at Sierra Nevada National Park—the southernmost ski resort in Europe—dropped to
  36. On a particular film would gather around a table, often at a hot-springs, resort , where they would not be distracted by the outside world. (Seven Samurai, for
  37. But this was not advertised in court (except as something your opponent had to, resort ,to),and even politically prominent litigants made some show of disowning
  38. Areas where surgery presents a high risk, it may be delayed or used as a last, resort , The drainage of a lung abscess may be performed by positioning the patient in
  39. The sea border to their Solo island stronghold with 10 Western tourists and 11, resort , workers. * May 27 - The kidnappers issue political demands including a separate
  40. Kidnapping On May 3,2000,Abu SAAF guerrillas occupied the Malaysian dive, resort ,island Ibadan and took 21 hostages, including 10 tourists and 11 resort
  41. In social and political events for all his life, but was often forced to, resort ,to cloaking social idealism and political statements in Protestant mystical
  42. USA, Jews were discriminated against in employment, access to residential and, resort ,areas, membership in clubs and organizations, and in tightened quotas on Jewish
  43. Unsafe abortion Women seeking to terminate their pregnancies sometimes, resort ,to unsafe methods, particularly when access to legal abortion is restricted.
  44. The fourth-largest city of the state. It featured newly constructed, elegant, resort , hotels and spas planned around its natural springs, considered to have
  45. It covers the construction of a new town called Side Abdallah, a tourist, resort ,and a health resort on the western outskirts of Algiers. The redevelopment of
  46. Aligarh Fort has been sold to Oberon Group, and they plan to develop a tiger, resort ,there. It is considered a pet project of" Nikki" Oberon son of Mr. Moran
  47. Deliberately scores a behind for the attacking team (generally as a last, resort , because of the risk of their scoring a goal) this is termed a rushed behind.
  48. May 22 - Suspected Abu SAAF gunmen raid the luxurious Pearl Farm beach, resort ,on Jamal island in southern Philippines, killing two resort workers wounding
  49. VI, Christian rule dominated the peninsula. The main Taigas therefore had to, resort ,to assistance from various Muslim powers across the Mediterranean. A number of
  50. An Abu SAAF raid kidnapped about 20 people from Dos Palms, an expensive, resort ,in Honda Bay, to the north of Puerto Princes City on the island of Malayan

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