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  1. Chromosomal deletion removing sequences between the" fused in nuroblastoma" (, fig ,) gene and the receptor tyrosine kinase" ROS ", producing a fusion protein (
  2. Est days la sauce" or" C'est la sauce quit wait (passer) LE Poisson" ( also, fig , ).; marquee: the sign above a theater that tells you what's playing. From "
  3. In fig trees (otherwise, the trees would suffer). But why shouldn't anyone, fig ,wasp cheat and leave a few more eggs than her rivals? At the level of human
  4. Eden, and God was displeased with Adam and Eve for covering their bodies with, fig ,leaves. The first English naturists adopted the name Gymnosophy as a thinly
  5. Demands placed upon it by an unindustrialized and agriculture society (see, fig , 8. ). Commercial vehicles, such as trucks and buses, were insufficient in
  6. Frutta marijuana, cassata, pignolata, granita, cuccidati (a variety of, fig ,cookie; also known as buccellati) and Lucia are amongst some of the most
  7. Symbiosis, bacteria living in the guts of insects and other organisms,the, fig ,wasp and yucca moth pollination complex, lichens with fungi and photosynthetic
  8. Connection with his wife for a hundred and thirty years, and wore clothes of, fig ,on his body for a hundred and thirty years. – That statement of R. Jeremiah was
  9. i.e. the smallest objects at right angles to the axis If rays issuing from O (, fig , 5) be concurrent, it does not follow that points in a portion of a plane
  10. By means of indefinite series. A ray proceeding from an object point O (, fig , 9) can be defined by the coordinates (ξ, η ). Of this point O in an object
  11. Who was able to identify individual cultivars right down to" ... a large, fig ,leaf with a prominent fungal scorch lesion resembling anthracite (Globally
  12. Southeast (Sidestep),South (Sub),and Center-West (Centro-Oeste) - see, fig , 4. In 1996 there were 5,581 municipalities (municipals),which have
  13. it's hard. IPA: & respectively * GG: before e, i,y it is, like g-j in, fig ,juice or frog jump, otherwise a germinated g. IPA: & respectively * GU: before
  14. Raft was sucked into Charybdis' maw, but Odysseus survived by clinging to a, fig ,tree grown on the rock overhanging her lair. On the next outflow of water, his
  15. Sisyphus Lotus, the side of the Arabs, the banana, lily,citron, and, fig , Sir Thomas Browne, in Pseudopodia Epidemic, ch. VII, suggests that the
  16. And focal length in the same manner as the primary chromatid errors do. In, fig , 11,taken from M. on Rohr's Theories UND Geschichte DES photographischen
  17. Piracy, and Kidd may have been hoping that the passes would provide the legal, fig ,leaf that would allow him to keep the Judah Merchant and her cargo. Renaming
  18. With NumPy and Matplotlib for Python. Release history File Extensions Native;., fig ,: MATLAB Figure;. M: MATLAB function, script,or class;. Mat: MATLAB binary file
  19. Spot in Judea ". In Roman and Byzantine times, sugarcane,henna, and sycamore, fig ,all made the lower Jordan valley quite wealthy. One of the most valuable
  20. Curious' ), he stated:“ O color (Penicillin infestans, Penicillium glaucoma, fig ,1680,Amphora e Santos outros) é utility torque nurse decompose e
  21. He had the classical sculptures in the Vatican provided with mass-produced, fig ,leaves) and generous with his extensive private fortune, Clement XIII's
  22. Honey is very dark brown in color, with a rich fragrance of stewed fruit or, fig ,jam, and is not sweet like nectar honeys. Honeydew honey is popular in some
  23. Until the year AD 70. (see also New Covenant and the parables of the barren, fig ,tree and budding fig tree). For more information on this subject, see
  24. Used in rural Indian herbal remedies, is a key Indian tree. The luxuriant papal, fig ,tree, shown on the seals of Mohenjo-daro, shaded Gautama Buddha as he sought
  25. Light upon light. " The Our’an also mentions olives as a sacred plant:" By the, fig ,and the olive, and the Mount Sinai, and this secure city. " Olive oil is also
  26. Representing male genitals (in the Vatican collection),and the addition of a, fig ,leaf to a plaster cast of Michelangelo's sculpture of David for Queen Victoria
  27. As a craftsman and then returned to his home north of the Alps with a dried, fig , a grape, and some oil and wine, the desirability of which caused his
  28. Exchange who would know? Fig wasps collectively limit the eggs they lay in, fig ,trees (otherwise, the trees would suffer). But why shouldn't anyone fig
  29. The most popular species that used to be planted where date palms, sycamores, fig , trees,nut trees, and willows. Rich people also grew vineyards, as wine was the
  30. With a hypothetical wasp carrying pollen from one plant to another much the way, fig ,wasps do today, could result in the development of a high degree of
  31. Points (points beyond the axis) with narrow pencils. Astigmatism. A point O (, fig , 6) at a finite distance from the axis (or with an infinitely distant object
  32. As the European codex, but were instead made with long folded strips of either, fig ,bark (Amati) or plant fibers, often with a layer of whitewash applied before
  33. They learn war anymore. But everyone will sit under his vine and under his, fig ,tree, and no one will make them afraid. Micah 4:2-4 The End of the World and
  34. This is, at the present day, the ordinary type, e. g., of telescope objective (, fig , 10); the values of the four radii must satisfy the equations (2) and (4).
  35. Pride of Barbados" flowers (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) and the" bearded ", fig ,tree, which was common on the island at the time of its settlement by the
  36. Year, he made his first motion picture appearance as an Adonis, wearing only a, fig ,leaf, in a movie entitled Glorifying the American Girl. He appeared as himself
  37. In his paraphrase of the Book of Micah," sit in safety under his own vine and, fig ,tree and there shall be none to make him afraid. " In private and in public he
  38. Of the David in the Cast Courts (Victoria and Albert Museum) in London, has a, fig ,leaf in a box at the back of the statue. It was there to be placed over the
  39. Is an oasis of great and rich plant variety. Throughout the seasons, orange, fig , pomegranate and olive trees spew out their fragrances and display their
  40. Faith in God, even if he doesn't fully understand. 3:17 For though the, fig ,tree doesn’t flourish, nor fruit be in the vines; the labor of the olive fails
  41. As of March 2007,Turkey is the world's the largest producer of hazelnut, cherry, fig , apricot, quince and pomegranate; the second-largest producer of watermelon
  42. A fruit, but these mature into a single mass. Examples are the pineapple, fig , mulberry, osage-orange, and breadfruit. In the photograph on the right, stages
  43. 70. (see also New Covenant and the parables of the barren fig tree and budding, fig ,tree). For more information on this subject, see Abrogation of Old Covenant
  44. Plain),western Lebanon, the central plateau, and eastern Lebanon (see, fig , 3,Physical Features). The extremely narrow coastal strip stretches along the
  45. Properties. Homer suggests in the Iliad that the Greeks used an extract of, fig ,juice to coagulate milk. Other examples include dried caper leaves, nettles
  46. Most of this land is part of the great Syrian (or North Arabian) Desert (see, fig , 4). There are broad expanses of sand and dunes, particularly in the south and
  47. With a population of 72,138,958 (5.96 % of India's population; census 2011, fig , ). It is the seventh most densely populated state in India with a population
  48. Is independent of the sharpness or curvature of the image field. Referring to, fig , 8,we have O'Q'/OF a' tan w'/a tan w 1/N, where N is the scale or
  49. Idyll vii.157 In a clay statuette from Nazi (Heraklion Museum, Kereny 1976, fig ,15),the Minoan poppy goddess wears the seed capsules, sources of nourishment
  50. Herds. The island is covered in a forest of just four tree species: short-leaf, fig ,(Ficus popular var. Brevifolia),pigeon plum (Coccoloba diversifolia)

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