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  1. The case, but not always, that progress goes in alternate cycles from an, experimental ,observation, through to a theoretical explanation followed by some predictions
  2. Of quarantine to limit the spread of infectious diseases, the introduction of, experimental ,medicine, clinical trials, neuropsychiatry, risk factor analysis, and the idea
  3. Less expensive nitrogen is preferred where nitrogen may react with the, experimental ,reagents or apparatus. Argon may be used as the carrier gas in gas
  4. The majority of fields in physics can be divided between theoretical work and, experimental ,work, and atomic physics is no exception. It is usually the case, but not
  5. Free love advocates sometimes traced their roots back to Josiah Warren and to, experimental ,communities, viewed sexual freedom as a clear, direct expression of an
  6. Magic. He did keep alive the philosophies of the earlier alchemists, including, experimental , science,numerology, etc., but he added magic theory, which reinforced the idea
  7. Were described in-depth. The Canon of Medicine was the first book dealing with, experimental ,medicine, evidence-based medicine, randomized controlled trials, and efficacy
  8. Agreement for Chinese sovereignty and Tibetan autonomy. *1953 – The first U. S., experimental ,3D-TV broadcast showed an episode of Space Patrol on Los Angeles ABC affiliate
  9. And is" focused primarily on supporting work of a challenging and often, experimental ,nature. " The Artists Rights Society is the U. S. copyright representative for
  10. Atomic number, and symbolized Z). This proved eventually to be the case. The, experimental ,situation improved dramatically after research by Henry Moseley in 1913.
  11. Designed to preserve the historical legacy of Egypt. Analog Brothers is an, experimental ,hip-hop crew featuring Ice Oscillator also known as Ice-T (keyboards, drums
  12. To undermine his efforts to be taken seriously as an artist. Pop art was an, experimental ,form that several artists were independently adopting; some of these pioneers
  13. October 1955,Ginsberg and five other unknown poets gave a free reading at an, experimental ,art gallery in San Francisco. Ginsberg's" Howl" electrified the audience.
  14. Involved in the process. From this point of view, Alhazen developed rigorous, experimental ,methods of controlled scientific testing to verify theoretical hypotheses and
  15. Included in Frida - The DVD. Lyngstad's second solo album after ABBA was the, experimental ,Shine, produced by Steve Lilly white. " Shine" was recorded in Paris and
  16. ANOVA model 1. Mixed-effects models (Model 3) A mixed-effects model contains, experimental ,factors of both fixed and random-effects types, with appropriately different
  17. Of her most successful play, The Mousetrap, to her grandson. Recently, using, experimental , textual tools of analysis, Canadian researchers have suggested that Christie
  18. Further criticized Ptolemy's model on other empirical, observational and, experimental ,grounds, such as Ptolemy's use of conjectural demonstrated theories in order
  19. Optics, mathematics,physics, medicine,and the development of the modern, experimental ,scientific method. Some biographers have claimed that Alien fled to Syria
  20. The treatments are randomly assigned to experimental units, following the, experimental ,protocol. This randomization is objective and declared before the experiment is
  21. After Alex beats a troublesome cellmate to death, he is accepted into an, experimental ,behaviour-modification treatment called the Ludovic Technique. The technique
  22. Publication bias. Edward Ernst and Simon Singh state that (as the quality of, experimental ,tests of acupuncture have increased over the course of several decades through
  23. Related to the wave. But he does suggest that this idea would explain certain, experimental ,results, notably the photoelectric effect. Quantized atomic vibrations In 1907
  24. From Christchurch, New Zealand *" Atlas ", a single from the album Mirrored by, experimental ,rock group Battles * Atlas Games (company),a publisher of role-playing and
  25. From every point of the Moon's illuminated surface ", he built an" ingenious, experimental ,device. " Mechanics In the dynamics and kinematics fields of mechanics, Alhazen
  26. In a randomized controlled experiment, the treatments are randomly assigned to, experimental ,units, following the experimental protocol. This randomization is objective and
  27. Used today. Julius Conroe wrote:" Between 1901 and 1910,Alexis Carrel, using, experimental , animals,performed every feat and developed every technique known to vascular
  28. Understanding of them, which was partly due to the absence of basic, experimental ,devices, like clocks and thermometers. His writings provide an account of many
  29. I'Tiber) and controlled testing in his scientific inquiries. Moreover, his, experimental , directives rested on combining classical physics (ILM taxi'i) with
  30. Order of Holy Communion. Liberal churches may use freely structured or, experimental ,forms of worship, including patterns borrowed from ecumenical traditions such
  31. A project which exercised a considerable influence on Catalan education and on, experimental ,techniques of teaching generally. " La Estela Moderna, and Ferrer's ideas
  32. Omar Khalifa has argued that Alien should be considered be the" founder of, experimental ,psychology ", for his pioneering work on the psychology of visual perception
  33. in addition. The assumption of unit-treatment additivity was enunciated in, experimental ,design by Kempthorne and Cox. Kempthorne's use of unit treatment additivity
  34. Principles of human action, a study called phraseology. Additionally, whereas, experimental , research and natural experiments are often used in mainstream economics
  35. Way it ionizes and emits light, such as in plasma globes and calorimetry in, experimental ,particle physics. Gas-discharge lamps filled with argon provide blue light.
  36. In operation in Georgetown,Washington’D. C. The Volta Laboratory became an, experimental ,facility devoted to scientific discovery, and the very next year invented a wax
  37. In his orchestral suite Six Title Themes in Search of a Movie (2008). The, experimental ,composer Howard Skeleton began his musical career as an accordionist, and has
  38. Well as cotton, silk,and wool, because they were products of slave labor. The, experimental ,community was never successful, partly because most of the land was not arable.
  39. With the decision to abandon that score, he heavily criticized the band's, experimental ,mix of hip hop, liturgical and gothic music. Life Hand of The Irish Independent
  40. Charles Lane and Henry C. Wright. The two men were leaders of Alcott House,an, experimental ,school based on Alcott's methods from the Temple School located about ten
  41. M. Neumann. Other contributions The Book of Optics describes several early, experimental ,observations that Alien made in mechanics and how he used his results to
  42. Detectors, magnetic field generation and lasers have greatly assisted, experimental ,work. Significant atomic physicists; Pre quantum mechanics; Post quantum
  43. Chemistry) and spectroscopy. Since the Second World War, both theoretical and, experimental ,fields have advanced at a rapid pace. This can be attributed to progress in
  44. May have been lodged too deeply to be detected by the crude apparatus. The, experimental ,boats were essentially proof-of-concept prototypes that culminated in the more
  45. Eiffel Tower. Research His discoveries and mathematical deductions, building on, experimental ,work by Thomas Young, extended the wave theory of light to a large class of
  46. Procedure in scientific research. This mathematical-physical approach to, experimental ,science supported most of his propositions in Kitab Al-Jazair (The Optics; DE
  47. Are 100,000 pas of pressure,1000 cc volume, and 300 K of temperature, so our, experimental ,constant is: \operator name = 3.33 \times 10^5 We know the compressed gas has V
  48. Of unit-treatment additivity states that the observed response y_ from, experimental ,unit i when receiving treatment j can be written as the sum of the unit's
  49. Eventually write nine films together. ) It was based on Cynosure Akutagawa's, experimental ,short story In a Grove, which recounts the murder of a samurai and the rape of
  50. Mathematical astronomy with physics, and the earliest attempt at applying the, experimental ,method to astronomy and astrophysics. He disproved the universally held opinion

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