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  1. Pixels, and white by placing two pixels next to each other. Later, blue and, orange ,became available by tweaking the offset of the pixels by half a pixel-width in
  2. Bit patterns to colors. This also allowed for sub-pixel font rendering since, orange ,and blue pixels appeared half a pixel-width further to the right on the screen
  3. Pixels, and white by placing two pixels next to each other. Later, blue and, orange ,became available by tweaking the offset of the pixels by half a pixel-width in
  4. In 1999,American painted a new Boeing 757 (N679AN) in its 1959 international, orange ,livery. There is a Boeing 737–800 in the retro Street livery. One Boeing 777
  5. Are less vivacious than impressions. For example, the idea of the taste of an, orange ,is far inferior to the impression (or sensation) of actually eating one.
  6. Has been considered a primary color in painting, with the secondary color, orange ,as its complement. Blue pigments include azure (, ultramarine (), cerulean
  7. Under Hall-of-Fame manager John McGraw, before McGraw took the black and, orange ,team colors to the New York Giants baseball team, which became the San
  8. For its great, canoe-shaped bill and its brightly colored green, blue,red and, orange ,feathers. Toucans are found in open areas of the country with large trees. It
  9. The last few years have seen the golden trim and details substituted by light, orange , Modern alternate kits have included all orange and orange -maroon versions. A
  10. Such inconsequential domestic problems as the presence of three pieces of, orange ,peel in his umbrella stand. Poirot (and, it is reasonable to suppose, his
  11. Ball that would be more visible to players and spectators alike, introduced the, orange ,ball that is now in common use. Dribbling was not part of the original game
  12. Equipment, automobiles,ethanol, textiles,footwear, iron ore, steel,coffee, orange ,juice, soybeans and corned beef. The country has been expanding its presence in
  13. Surrealist ink drawings,1935) *Unit II pink, Unit III yellow, Unit IV, orange , Unit V blue (1961) Sources Print Primary
  14. With its short period and tiny range. System Arcturus is a type K1.5 Pipe, orange ,giant star—the letters" PE" stand for" peculiar emission," which indicates
  15. In China. Chinese meals are normally followed by a fresh fruit such as an, orange ,cut into slices or sliced watermelon. American Chinese restaurants in Tennessee
  16. Colors = ID: col2.0 value:, orange ,Legend: Bugzilla_2.0-2.12 ID: col2.14 value: blue Legend: Bugzilla_2.14 ID:
  17. Name of American Eagle Airlines. Propeller aircraft featured an international, orange ,lightning bolt running down the length of the fuselage, which was replaced by a
  18. And deep-fried chicken which is then dressed with a translucent red or, orange , sweet and mildly spicy sauce, made from soy sauce, corn starch, vinegar
  19. Of other colors including lemon, a very light tan; red, a reddish, almost, orange , brown; and liver, a darker brown, and black. Liver is not common and is not
  20. After the sun rises, the fake town is a perfect replica, right down to the, orange ,roof on Howard Johnson's outhouse. Bart realizes the town has no people in it
  21. Flavored alcoholic beverages) in Argentina, for example those flavored with, orange , egg, anise,coffee, cherry and, inevitably,dunce de Lethe. The Hesperia is
  22. Colorless crystals at ambient conditions. Oxygen-free alkaloids, such as (, orange ,). Most alkaloids are poorly soluble in water but readily dissolve in organic
  23. Snap-together kit, it required painting, as all the parts (except the clear, orange ,crown and canopy) were molded in dark gray. The kit included springs that
  24. Record short promotions for his latest investment, the world's first frozen, orange ,juice, sold under the brand name Minute Maid. This investment allowed Crosby to
  25. Is tropical. In the countries bordering the Mediterranean, there are groves of, orange ,and olive trees, evergreen oaks, cork trees and pines, intermixed with
  26. Bugzilla_2.18 ID: col2.20 value: teal Legend: Bugzilla_2.20 ID: col2.22 value:, orange ,Legend: Bugzilla_2.22 ID: col3.0 value: blue Legend: Bugzilla_3.0 ID: col3.2
  27. However, there is more of a tendency for this species to retain its juvenile, orange ,color into adulthood, and so you can see a mixture of black and orange
  28. Bolt running down the length of the fuselage, which was replaced by a simpler, orange ,stripe with the introduction of jets. In the late 1960s,American commissioned
  29. Of the subtropical southeastern coast, which are covered with tea plantations, orange ,groves, and lemon groves; numerous mud volcanoes and mineral springs in the
  30. Not be worn down by chewing on wood. Their four incisors are composed of hard, orange ,enamel on the front and a softer dentin on the back. The chisel-like ends of
  31. Park. What is interesting about this species is that the young are born an, orange ,color, though by their first year they would have already changed to a more
  32. In Cantonese, refers to the Diego, a large, blandly flavored white radish. The, orange ,western carrot is known in some areas of China as" foreign Diego" ( or more
  33. Reacting to stomach problems caused by drinking potassium-enriched, orange ,juice (to prevent an electrolyte deficiency identified in the crew of Apollo
  34. Made of broken ceramic tiles (trends) that starts in shades of golden, orange ,moving into greenish blues. The roof is arched and was likened to the back of a
  35. Orange color into adulthood, and so you can see a mixture of black and, orange ,monkeys together as a family. In Other, rarer mammals include the Leopard Cat
  36. Details substituted by light orange . Modern alternate kits have included all, orange ,and orange -maroon versions. A popular nickname for the club is i UPI (the
  37. Almonds, usually made with barley syrup (orgeat syrup) or in a syrup of, orange ,flower water and sugar. The Grocer's Encyclopedia (1911) notes that" Ten
  38. Local common fruits like açai, cupuaçu, mango,papaya, cocoa,cashew, guava, orange , passion fruit, pineapple,and hog plum are turned in juices and used to make
  39. Comosus),corn, sweet potatoes (white with firmer flesh than the bright, orange ," sweet potato" used in the United States),Chile, guava,tobacco and cotton
  40. Planets, including one terrestrial planet 6.6 times the mass of Earth. * The, orange ,giant star 91 Aquatic is orbited by a planet,91 Aquatic b. The planet's mass
  41. Mate can be sweetened with sugar, or flavored with aromatic herbs or dried, orange ,peel to hide its bitter flavor. Hot water is poured into the gourd at
  42. Of Armenia consists of three equal horizontal bands of red (top),blue, and, orange , Executive branch The president is elected for a five-year term by the people (
  43. Club level sections puts on overalls and starts dancing around. He also has an, orange ,violin for the violin solos. Other music Some songs from special events include
  44. For the title: * That he had overheard the phrase" as queer as a clockwork, orange ," in a London pub in 1945 and assumed it was a Cockney expression. ¹ In
  45. A sharp apex and a spiny margin. Aloe flowers are tubular, frequently yellow, orange , pink or red, and are borne, densely clustered and pendant, at the apex of
  46. Bit patterns to colors. This also allowed for sub-pixel font rendering since, orange ,and blue pixels appeared half a pixel-width further to the right on the screen
  47. Proteins containing vanadium) for respiratory pigment (bright-green, blue,or, orange ,). In many invertebrates, these oxygen-carrying proteins are freely soluble in
  48. Is devoid of bright stars. The brightest star is α Antoine, a magnitude 4.25 m, orange , giant. Anglia contains the following deep sky objects: *NGC 2997,a spiral
  49. And, inevitably,dunce de Lethe. The Hesperia is a type of liqueur made from, orange ,peels, invented in Argentina around 1890. One may also encounter chitronchelo
  50. Plants with agricultural value include: salad, mangosteen,corn, Kintamani, orange , coffee and water spinach. A team of scientists has conducted survey from April

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