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  1. First Baseman Sean Casey to do color commentary for 15 games in 2011. NBC, affiliate ,WLWT carried Reds games from 1948 to 1995. Among those that have called games for
  2. Clippers, Triple A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians (formerly a long-time, affiliate ,of the New York Yankees through 2006,and the Washington Nationals through 2008
  3. Since the Falcons started play),which dates back to when WAGE was a CBS, affiliate ,and the NFL/NFC games were on CBS. WALL aired most Falcons games in 1994,as
  4. In Norfolk, Virginia,chanted" O! " Even before the Tides became an Orioles, affiliate , " O! " Has also been shouted during the anthem at Washington Redskins and
  5. 3D-TV broadcast showed an episode of Space Patrol on Los Angeles ABC, affiliate ,KDKA-TV. *1965 – Pakistan's Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (
  6. Preseason and regular season games, are telecast on WKRC-TV, Local 12,the CBS, affiliate , The Current TV announcers for preseason games are Brad Johansen play-by play
  7. Its sister station Telefutura (Channel 34.2),the Meredith Corporation's CBS, affiliate ,WGCL-TV (Channel 46.1),and CBS-owned CW station WPA (Channel 69.1). The
  8. 2.1),Fox Television's WAGA-TV (Channel 5.1),Gannett Company's NBC, affiliate ,WXIA-TV (Channel 11.1,also known as" 11 Alive" ) and its sister station
  9. Most preseason games are televised on KNXV, channel 15,the local ABC, affiliate , Rich Cellini and Glenn Parker are the TV announcers. On New Year's Day 2007
  10. 1050,which is primarily a sports station. The city's FM stations include NPR, affiliate ,WHOM 91.7; country station WWWW 102.9 and adult-alternative station WQKL 107.1.
  11. State (or equivalent) lines; Washington’D. C. and Puerto Rico each have an, affiliate ,and California has three affiliate s (Missouri has two, with Western Missouri
  12. Networks (Globe, SBT,Red Reincarnates and Red Record) and a main, affiliate ,of Redeem!; * Banking and finance – headquarters of the Banco do Brasil and the
  13. Age restrictions on pederasty. In the case of NAM BLA, the ACLU's Massachusetts, affiliate ,represented the organization, on first amendment grounds, in a wrongful death
  14. Nationwide. During the preseason, most games are televised on Buffalo's ABC, affiliate , WKBW-TV channel 7,with several other affiliate s in western New York. These
  15. Mórrígan are the radio announcers. The Rockies Radio Network is composed of 38, affiliate , stations in eight states. As of 2011,all games will be produced and televised
  16. New Zealand, Scotland,and Wales as its founding members. India joined as an, affiliate ,in 1936. The BWF now governs international badminton and develops the sport
  17. Are underway seeking to develop a framework for Cuba to become a normalized, affiliate ,member of the Mercosur bloc of countries. Canada has maintained
  18. Also produces a weekly show called Browns Insider, which airs on Cleveland Fox, affiliate ,WJW channel 8. Sportsmen Ohio is the official cable home of the team, and airs
  19. Sponsored by the International Development Association (IDA, a World Bank, affiliate ,) and the Comoran government, is working to improve water supply on the
  20. Provided Friday night analysis on the Bears on CBS 2 Chicago, the CBS Chicago, affiliate , called" 2 on Football" with former CBS 2 Sports Director Mark Malone. He is
  21. By each state affiliate as well as at-large delegates elected by boards of each, affiliate , Each state affiliate has an Executive Director and Board of Directors. Notably
  22. Funding from many sources. For example, in 2004,the ACLU and its, affiliate , the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation reported revenues totaling
  23. Phoenix Fire birds, the city's triple-A minor league baseball team and the top, affiliate ,of the San Francisco Giants. In the late 1980s Stone approached St. Louis (
  24. In their hometown. In conjunction with the premiere, Jean Boone of Austin CBS, affiliate ,station KTBC interviewed the film's cast, including Lee Meriwether, Cesar
  25. With a Cantor server. Cantor Gaming is a Cantor Fitzgerald, affiliate ,that operates race and sports books. Cantor was the first company to receive
  26. In a two-year span. In 1985,the group performed two commercials for NBC, affiliate ,WIA in Atlanta, Georgia. The group left Motown in 1986 for Polymer, and
  27. Have recently won their first MLS Cup in 2008. The Columbus Clippers, Triple A, affiliate ,of the Cleveland Indians (formerly a long-time affiliate of the New York
  28. South. The notable television stations in Atlanta are Cox Enterprises-owned ABC, affiliate ,(and the city's first TV station) WSB-TV (Channel 2.1),Fox Television's
  29. Subsidiaries in North America, Europe,and East Asia. In January 1989,the old, affiliate ,company Cap com Co., Ltd. merged with Samba Co., Ltd., resulting in the current
  30. Corporate interests have developed Capitol Square, including the local NBC, affiliate ,locating at the corner of Broad and High. The 2010 United States foreclosure
  31. Has received court awarded fees in numerous church-state cases. The Georgia, affiliate ,was awarded $150,000 in fees after suing a county demanding the removal of a
  32. An AFC team in the afternoon (in which case the game would be on WBTV, the CBS, affiliate ,), or when one of their regular season games is in prime time. Radio Affiliates
  33. The" WON" logo to" Cabinet. " CIU games additionally air over MyNetworkTV, affiliate ,MYSELF (Channel 69) in the South Bend, Indiana market. WGN and CSN Chicago
  34. Attorneys who assisted them in those cases. Each legal foundation and political, affiliate ,is registered as a 501 (c) (3) and 501 (c) (4) entity, respectively.
  35. In the UK (Regional Variation) and with in the US. * The intransitive verb, affiliate ,can take either with or to in BRE but only with in AME. * The verb enrol (l)
  36. The Bills radio network has over twenty affiliate s in upstate New York and one, affiliate , CJC 590AM (The Fan) in Toronto. Buffalo is one of eight teams that is
  37. The explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger on STS-51-L. The Sacramento ABC, affiliate ,sent a crew to Yeager's home, a few miles northeast of the city, following
  38. National board of directors consists of representatives elected by each state, affiliate ,as well as at-large delegates elected by boards of each affiliate . Each state
  39. Now Chase) ". Additionally, the Bears have an agreement with WFLD-TV (the Fox, affiliate ,in Chicago) to broadcast pre-season football games. Logos, uniforms,and
  40. Not shown nationally television (except NBC-aired games) are seen on NBC, affiliate ,WIA, also known as" 11 Alive. " In 2008,preseason games aired on WAGA-TV due
  41. Bank was created in 1992 based on the Azerbaijan State Savings Bank,an, affiliate ,of the former State Savings Bank of the USSR. The Central Bank serves as
  42. To a 68–94 record—the second-worst record in club history—the club's Triple-A, affiliate , the Colorado Springs Sky SOX, went 78–65. Declining attendance meant that the
  43. Subsidiary Fox Television Stations could legally consummate its purchase of Fox, affiliate ,WHAT (Channel 25). Patrick J. Purcell, who was the publisher of the Boston
  44. Be scheduled as well as in-depth specials. Live telecasts of the minor league, affiliate ,Iowa Cubs games were also being considered (when there are no Cubs games
  45. Preseason and regular season games are locally broadcast by Charlotte's Fox, affiliate , WCCB channel 18. The exceptions are when one of their preseason games gets
  46. Aquitaine became active in petroleum exploration in Brunei in the 1980s. Its, affiliate ,Elf Petroleum Asia BV has discovered commercially exploitable quantities of oil
  47. Channel 11.1,also known as" 11 Alive" ) and its sister station MyNetworkTV, affiliate ,WAGA-TV (Channel 36.1,known as Matt),the Univision owned station WPVI-TV
  48. As well as at-large delegates elected by boards of each affiliate . Each state, affiliate ,has an Executive Director and Board of Directors. Notably, Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  49. Aberdeen Pheasants from 1946 to 1971,and 1995 to 1997. The Pheasants were the, affiliate ,of the former St. Louis Browns (current Baltimore Orioles). Aberdeen was a
  50. To the 2008 Summer Olympics. Both stations are owned by Gannett Company. Fox, affiliate ,WAGA-TV aired most preseason games through the 2004 season. WAGE continues to

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