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  1. Although single genes have little effect on complex traits and interact, heavily ,both between themselves and with the external factors, research is underway to
  2. Beekeepers from at least 49 states for the event. This business has been, heavily ,impacted by colony collapse disorder, causing nationwide shortages of honey
  3. In Mali and other third-world countries do without. When prices decline,the, heavily ,subsidized US farmer is not forced to reduce his output, making it difficult
  4. Into a full-scale war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Military action was, heavily ,influenced by the Russian military, which inspired and manipulated the rivalry
  5. But stony areas are not uncommon. The immediate coastal regions are not, heavily ,populated due to a national policy of keeping residences inland rather than
  6. To marry him. As the story made headlines in Russia, where they were both, heavily ,followed in the media as celebrities, Bure and Kournikova both denied any
  7. Debut of Donald Brahman, the inexperienced Australians, led by Jack Ryder, were, heavily , defeated,losing 4–1. England had a very strong batting side, with Wally
  8. Throughout Boumédienne's government. However, Boumédienne relied on much more, heavily ,on the army, and reduced the sole legal party to a merely symbolic role.
  9. The abscesses, but there is little more that he can do, and his duties weigh, heavily ,upon him. He never gets home until late, and he has to distance himself from
  10. Octavian (later Emperor Augustus) in the Battle of Action. The Romans relied on, heavily ,on grain shipments from Egypt, and the Roman army, under the control of a
  11. Elegy, by Russian film director Alexander Source. Sokurov's own work has been, heavily ,influenced by Tchaikovsky. The film consists mostly of narration over stock
  12. Woodhull as Australian captain. He started badly, losing the first two Tests, heavily ,after Australia were caught on sticky wickets. However, the Australians fought
  13. Offer wind and geothermal energy potential as well. Alaska's economy depends, heavily ,on increasingly expensive diesel fuel for heating, transportation,electric
  14. More explicit than the original word in the Arabic script. These systems are, heavily ,reliant on diacritical marks such as" š" for the sound equivalently written
  15. Are visited by about three million people per year. Alberta's tourism relies on, heavily ,on Southern Ontario tourists, as well as tourists from other parts of Canada
  16. A son of Aristophanes, Araros, was also a comic poet, and he could have been, heavily ,involved in the production of his father's play Wealth II in 388. Awards is
  17. Part of the 1990s Waugh himself, along with his twin brother Mark, scored, heavily , for Australia and fast bowlers Glenn McGrath and Jason Gillespie made a serious
  18. That formed after the death of Ptolemy IV. In addition, as Rome relied on more, heavily ,on imports of grain from Egypt, the Romans took great interest in the political
  19. For infrastructure improvements in return for petroleum. The PRC has invested, heavily ,in Angola since the end of the civil war in 2002. João Manuel Bernardo, the
  20. The Revolutionary War, it remained a part of the state of Georgia — although, heavily ,disputed. Conflicting claims to the area were held, first by several Natives
  21. Is the Royal Palace on Dam Square. Throughout the 18th century, Amsterdam was, heavily ,influenced by French culture. This is reflected in the architecture of that
  22. In Europe. Economic competitiveness and exports are low, with the economy still, heavily ,skewed towards low technology. From 1993 human resources in sciences and
  23. Stalemates and Union casualties mounted, the lack of military success wore, heavily ,on the President's re-election prospects, and many Republicans across the
  24. Of 0.04. Such a dark surface is thought to be indicative of a primitive and, heavily ,space weathered surface containing some organic compounds. The overall albedo
  25. To air dry accordingly. This method was demonstrated with an adobe blend, heavily ,impregnated with cement to allow even drying and prevent major cracking.
  26. Plus the Albanian diaspora in the rest of Europe. RTSH has a past of being, heavily ,influenced by the ruling party in its reporting, that being left or right
  27. Opposing abortion until the 19th century. However, abortion is largely, heavily ,restricted or forbidden in areas of high Islamic faith such as the Middle East
  28. except Gaza. The stronghold at Gaza was built on a hill and was, heavily ,fortified. At the beginning of the Siege of Gaza, Alexander utilized the
  29. The state that are commercially viable are challenging to provide, so they are, heavily ,subsidized by the federal government through the Essential Air Service program.
  30. To the main power plant, typically for the rocket-assisted take off of, heavily ,loaded aircraft, but also to provide high-speed dash capability in some hybrid
  31. But with an Oxford undergraduate, Noel Gillespie, as assistant. Everything was, heavily ,decayed and building and doctoring progressed together for months. He now had
  32. Into a full-scale war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Military action was, heavily ,influenced by the Russian military, which inspired and manipulated the rivalry
  33. Respectively. A third figure whose philosophical works she studied, heavily ,was Friedrich Nietzsche. Able to read French, German and Russian, Rand also
  34. And pop culture of the sixties, he proves himself once again, but has become, heavily ,reliant on other investigators (especially the private investigator, Mr. Toby
  35. Was entirely classical. Unhappy with the decision to abandon that score, he, heavily , criticised the band's experimental mix of hip hop, liturgical and gothic music
  36. Classic. Appropriately, the acting of the players, particularly Yamaha, draws, heavily , on the stylized techniques of the Not theater. It was filmed in 1956 and
  37. At the end of a tortuous Confederate supply line. Although Richmond was, heavily ,fortified, supplies for the city would be reduced by Sherman's capture of
  38. African agents. For example, in what is now Angola, the Mandala economy was, heavily ,focused on the slave trade. European traders would export manufactured goods to
  39. And Tats. Minorities of Poles and Caucasus Germans also exist though they are, heavily ,Russified. Most Armenians are Christian, primarily of Oriental Orthodox rite.
  40. Being simply anthropology. The social and cultural subfield has been, heavily ,influenced by structuralist and post-modern theories, as well as a shift toward
  41. He or she will attempt to mitigate the relative seriousness of the offense and, heavily ,refer to and rely upon the defendant's previous good character and good works
  42. For students coming from other countries. Housing The housing market is, heavily ,regulated. In Amsterdam,55 % of existing housing and 80 % of new housing is
  43. 1988,the second-largest city in the republic, Leninakan (now Yuri),was, heavily ,damaged by a massive quake that killed more than 25,000 people. About half of
  44. Towards SO order, and rarely uses. *The numeral system in CA is complex and, heavily ,tied in with the case system. This system is never used in MSA, even in the
  45. Language families. In 1960,Nicholas Pope presented what was in effect a, heavily ,revised version of Ramstein’s volume on phonology that has since set the
  46. President Lincoln had planned to reform federal Indian policy, that relied on, heavily ,on congressional patronage and corrupt agents, after the American Civil War.
  47. At an average of 113.12,and Hobbs, Sutcliffe and Patsy Hundred all scoring, heavily ,; the bowling was more than adequate, without being outstanding. In 1930,Bill
  48. With CCA. CCA lumber is still in widespread use in many countries, and was, heavily ,used during the latter half of the 20th century as a structural and outdoor
  49. Or not). The logical fallacies of amphibole and equivocation rely on, heavily ,on the use of ambiguous words and phrases. In Continental philosophy (
  50. And the majority of Republican sheriffs preside over more urban/suburban and, heavily ,populated counties. Two Alabama counties (Montgomery and Calhoun) with a

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