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  1. Abraham and Sarah are invoked in the prayers said by the priest over a, newly ,married couple at the Sacred Mystery of Crowning (i.e., the Sacrament of
  2. The political battle in the 1850s focused on the expansion of slavery into the, newly ,created territories. Name" Voices from the Gathering Storm: The Coming of
  3. Regard the bank as the institution charged with the creation of new money. When, newly ,created currency reserves are injected into the fractional-reserve banking
  4. The Greek War of Independence, Athens was chosen as the capital of the, newly ,independent Greek state in 1834,largely due to historical and sentimental
  5. Have Nyushashiki (entry ceremony for companies) for new employees those who, newly ,hired after their graduation from schools, on this day. *Japanese school
  6. Independent States. On May 9,2006, Azerbaijan was elected to membership in the, newly ,established Human Rights Council by the United Nations General Assembly. The
  7. The Red Army invaded Azerbaijan on 28 April 1920. Although the bulk of the, newly ,formed Azerbaijani army was engaged in putting down an Armenian revolt that had
  8. S separation from the See of Rome, when King Henry, as supreme head of the, newly ,independent church, took over all the monasteries, mainly for their
  9. Of the Bishop of London. After the American Revolution, the parishes in the, newly ,independent country found it necessary to break formally from a church whose
  10. Callers and Clifford Hertz, focused on processes of modernization by which, newly ,independent states could develop. Others, such as Julian Steward and Leslie
  11. To contribute a song for the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest and from a number of, newly ,written compositions, the foursome chose the upbeat" Waterloo "; the group was
  12. Wedding present to his bride was to turn over 1,487 of his 1,497 shares in the, newly ,created Bell Telephone Company. Shortly thereafter, the newly weds embarked on a
  13. Gage was soon replaced by Howe as the British commander-in-chief. In July 1775, newly , appointed General Washington arrived outside Boston to take charge of the
  14. Volleyball, taekwondo,boxing, and bodybuilding. Cricket, which is a, newly ,introduced sport in Afghanistan fuelled by the success of the Afghan national
  15. As heir to Caesar. On his march to Rome through Italy,Octavian's presence and, newly ,acquired funds attracted many, winning over Caesar's former veterans stationed
  16. These places can be reached through the Eskişehir Highway. ) There is also the, newly ,expanded Animal at the outskirts, on the Istanbul Highway, which houses most
  17. And titles originally granted to Augustus, though often, to display humility, newly ,appointed Emperors would decline one or more of the honorifics given to
  18. Hudson's Bay Company dominated trade in Alberta until 1870,when the, newly ,formed Canadian Government purchased Rupert's Land. Northern Alberta was
  19. GDP of the nation. It should be noted that all institutions in the country are, newly ,formed and starting from scratch, and that steps are taken to arrest those
  20. Gonzo appointed John of Grab bishop. Constance was a missionary bishopric in, newly ,converted lands, and did not look back on late Roman church history (unlike
  21. Local government. Popular resistance to these measures, however,compelled the, newly ,appointed royal officials in Massachusetts to resign or to seek refuge in
  22. Size of these armies required a large supporting force of administrators. The, newly ,centralized states were forced to set up vast organized bureaucracies to manage
  23. Of amino acids is what creates proteins. This condensation reaction yields the, newly ,formed peptide bond and a molecule of water. In cells, this reaction does not
  24. Task Group at the Langley Center (which was in process of transitioning to the, newly ,formed Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston),began to come around to support
  25. The nucleus. Classically, it is forbidden to escape, but according to the then, newly ,discovered principles of quantum mechanics, it has a tiny (but non-zero)
  26. In medieval times are thus prescribed by the consuetudinary of Abingdon. The, newly ,elected abbot was to put off his shoes at the door of the church, and proceed
  27. Smallest building blocks of nature, but were rather composite particles. The, newly ,discovered structure within atoms tempted many to imagine how the atom's
  28. Then to surrender, and began the war. Historian Allan Nevis argued that the, newly ,inaugurated Lincoln miscalculated in believing that he could preserve the Union
  29. It, establishing the Azerbaijan SSR on April 28, 1920. Although the bulk of the, newly ,formed Azerbaijani army was engaged in putting down an Armenian revolt that had
  30. Calder Park Raceway in Australia (using both the road course and the then, newly ,constructed Thunder dome),Wellington in New Zealand and Mount Fuji in Japan.
  31. Government to affect the institution of slavery, specifically limiting it in, newly ,added territories. " Name "/JJ"> Eldridge"/> Other historians, such as Eric
  32. Princes of the Twelve Tribes had brought their dedication offerings into the, newly ,reared Tabernacle:“ Say to thy brother Aaron: Greater than the gifts of the
  33. AOL's German web portal AOL Deutschland, however,is now operated by then, newly ,founded AOL Deutschland Median GmbH which still is a subsidiary of Time Warner.
  34. And Danube rivers. Victory in battle was not always a permanent success, as, newly , conquered territories were constantly retaken by Rome's enemies in Germania.
  35. The upper harbor on Staten Island for the campaign, and Washington had the, newly ,issued Declaration of American Independence read to his men. No longer was
  36. And the activity of Christian missions, was adopted as the model for many, newly ,formed churches, especially in Africa, Australasia and the regions of the
  37. Capital city, on 13 October 1923. After Ankara became the capital of the, newly ,founded Republic of Turkey, new development divided the city into an old
  38. Christie's Secret Notebooks: Fifty Years Of Mysteries, alongside another, newly ,discovered Poirot story called The Capture of Cerberus (a story with the same
  39. In English society. In 1881,Wallace was elected as the first president of the, newly ,formed Land Nationalization Society. In the next year, he published a book
  40. Court of record. In such a proceeding, all issues and evidence may be developed, newly , as though never heard before, and one is not restricted to the evidence heard
  41. War of Independence which was a guerrilla campaign. By the end of the war, newly ,elected French President Charles de Gaulle held a plebiscite, offering
  42. First time it was moved to a Friday and a change of venue to L. A. Live,the, newly ,built entertainment complex developed in Downtown Los Angeles. * The 8th annual
  43. Less classical sound. " The -IBM suffix conformed to the precedent set in other, newly ,discovered elements of the time: potassium, sodium,magnesium, calcium,and
  44. The picture within our Milky Way galaxy — hot dense molecular cores form around, newly ,forming stars embedded in larger clouds of molecular material on the scale of
  45. For some time, Lincoln continued earlier plans to set up colonies for the, newly ,freed slaves. He commented favorably on colonization in the Emancipation
  46. Let from giving birth on" terra firma ". In her wanderings, Leto found the, newly ,created floating island of Demos, which was neither mainland nor a real island
  47. Caustic potash (KOH),by the use of electrolysis of the molten salt with the, newly ,discovered voltaic pile. Potassium was the first metal that was isolated by
  48. Following the Arab conquest, whose features eventually spread to all the, newly ,conquered areas. (These features are present to varying degrees inside the
  49. Called the Summer land, a peaceful and sunny place where the souls of the, newly ,dead are sent. Here, souls rest, recuperate from life, and reflect on the
  50. From empress, which are accumulations of pus in a preexisting rather than a, newly ,formed anatomical cavity. Signs and symptoms The cardinal symptoms and signs of

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