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  1. System" of plants. The original meaning of the word" neuron" in Greek is ", vegetable ,fiber" and recent research has shown that most of the intraorganismic plant
  2. Usually does not appear on the English-language menu. DAU Mid () is a Chinese, vegetable ,that has become popular since the early 1990s,and now not only appears on
  3. Just over. It comprised a seventeenth-century farmhouse, outbuildings,orchard, vegetable ,gardens, and enclosures. Potter asked the tenant farmer John Cannon and his
  4. Rau den and is used to make soup. There are two species popular as edible, vegetable ,in Vietnam: den to- amaranths tricolor and den com or den trans- amaranths
  5. Highly carnivorous, as they derive up to 90 % of their dietary food energy from, vegetable ,matter. Their jaw structure has evolved to fit their dietary habits. Their diet
  6. Significant benefits in reducing breast cancer risk when large amounts of raw, vegetable ,matter are included in the diet. The authors attribute some of this effect to
  7. Of the indigenous New World crops. Salted or smoked pork often supplement the, vegetable ,diet. Rural poor often ate squirrel, possum,rabbit and other woodland animals.
  8. Taste and is alkaline. In China, the leaves and stems are used as a stir-fry, vegetable , or in soups, and called yin choir (苋菜; pinyin: Bianca; and variations on this
  9. More than 70 species, including fat chop, a cyanobacterium considered a, vegetable ,; Japan, over 20 species; Ireland, dulse; Chile, cochayuyo. Later is used to
  10. Substances, ethanol can be used as a solvent in medical drugs, perfumes,and, vegetable ,essences such as vanilla. In organic synthesis, alcohols serve as versatile
  11. And tobacco. Tomatoes, cucumbers,and peppers are the most important, vegetable ,exports. Production of apples and grapes, Bulgaria’s largest fruit products
  12. ผักโขม (Thai); Kampala, or quality, ( Oriya); Had Saga, are a common leaf, vegetable ,throughout the tropics and in many warm temperate regions. It is very popular
  13. Leaves, roots,and stems Amaranth species are cultivated and consumed as a leaf, vegetable ,in many parts of the world. There are four species of Amaranths documented as
  14. Us with many natural materials, such as hemp, cotton,wood, paper,linen, vegetable ,oils, some types of rope, and rubber. The production of silk would not be
  15. A mineral source for pH buffering. Consuming a high ratio of animal protein to, vegetable ,protein is implicated in bone loss in women. Blood in non-human vertebrates
  16. And chutneys are unique to the State. Chutneys are made from practically every, vegetable ,including tomatoes, brinjals (eggplant),and Roselle (Longer). AAAAA (
  17. Chili pepper, mango,and tobacco are the local crops. Recently, crops used for, vegetable ,oil production such as sunflower and peanuts have gained favor. There are many
  18. Produced from the putrefaction (decay process) of nitrogenous animal and, vegetable ,matter. Ammonia and ammonium salts are also found in small quantities in
  19. Shoes, and other products. Markets and fairs Every Saturday morning there is a, vegetable ,market in the Graben at the edge of the Old City. It is supplied with regional
  20. Leaves of the capital of the globe artichoke (here flowering) are eaten as, vegetable ,File: Tragopogon pratensis-Ejdzej-2006-B. JPG|The large seed head of Tragopogon
  21. Will break down, however,under additional heat. Fat Types of fat include, vegetable ,oils and animal products such as butter and lard. Fats can reach temperatures
  22. Other uses include spray application in horticulture for protecting plants and, vegetable ,produce from decay and the spread of bacterial disease. Other applications for
  23. The two countries have agreed to cooperate in plant science, crops technology, vegetable ,and fruit preservation, biotechnology,post-harvest technology, livestock
  24. Sedimentary soils on the valley floor, the region is conducive to growing, vegetable ,and fruit crops. Particularly famous for its apple crop, the valley hosts in
  25. However, it is typically understood that one is referring to the leafy, vegetable ,unless otherwise specified. This is also the case with the words for carrot (
  26. The so-called tea-leaf paradox forces the denser solids (coagulated proteins, vegetable ,matter from hops) into a cone in the center of the whirlpool tank. In most
  27. Natural adhesives are made from organic sources such as, vegetable ,matter, starch (detain),natural resins or from animals e.g. casein or
  28. Emulsifiers were developed. Soft drinks containing brominated, vegetable ,oil are still sold in the US (2011). * Several dyes, agrichemicals,and
  29. Pradesh and Bihar in India, it is called Charlie and is a popular green leafy, vegetable ,(referred to in the class of vegetable preparations called Sang). It is
  30. e.g. three or four months instead of two years). This is quite common in, vegetable ,or flower seedlings that were exposed to cold conditions, or vernalized, before
  31. As olive oil and garlic. Well-known dishes from these areas include mantra (, vegetable ,stew),pesticide (cooked marinated beef),brunet (fish stew),rotate (
  32. Very easily explained. The rich soil formed by decomposed volcanic rock and, vegetable ,deposits could only be retained on the steep slopes so long as it was protected
  33. And agriculture in general. Vast expanses of wheat, other cereal crops, vegetable ,crops, cotton,and nut and fruit trees were grown (including oranges in
  34. In the chalcedony and disposed in filaments and other forms suggestive of, vegetable ,growth, gives rise to dendritic or moss agate. Dendritic agates have fern like
  35. 2001. Overall, the agricultural sector has dwindled since 1990,with cereal and, vegetable ,yields dropping nearly 40 % by 1999. A five-year modernization and development
  36. Are then added, and the liquid is poured into molds to be served as desserts and, vegetable ,aspics, or incorporated with other desserts, such as a jelly layer in a cake.
  37. Of Congo),it is known as lɛngalɛnga or bítɛkutɛku. In Nigeria, it is a common, vegetable ,and goes with all Nigerian starch dishes. It is known in Yoruba as ego Pete or
  38. Milk, eggs and egg whites, contains substantial amounts of protein. Almost all, vegetable ,matter (in particular legumes and seeds) also includes proteins, although
  39. Either a cone of mugwort was placed on a slice of garlic, ginger or other, vegetable , or a cylinder of mugwort was held above the skin, close enough to either warm
  40. Is called Chub in Human area of Uttarakhand, where it is a popular red-green, vegetable , In Karnataka state in India it is used to prepare curries like Rule, palya
  41. Charlie and is a popular green leafy vegetable (referred to in the class of, vegetable ,preparations called Sang). It is called Chub in Human area of Uttarakhand
  42. With 8.6 %, Russia with 8.4 %, and the United States with 8.2 %. Of nitrogenous, vegetable ,and animal waste products, including camel dung, where it was distilled by the
  43. Green for food, such as snap peas, snow peas, and so on, are classified as, vegetable ,crops. In English usage, the word" bean" is also sometimes used to refer to
  44. And the former swamps have become fruitful plains: they are known as the ", vegetable ,garden of Switzerland ". From here the AAR flows northeast for a long distance
  45. Is fried with chilies and onions. The root of mature amaranth is an excellent, vegetable , It is white and cooked with tomatoes or tamarind gravy. It has a milky taste
  46. Sensitivity of the plant cell culture. Culinary Agar-agar is a natural, vegetable ,gelatin counterpart. White and semi-translucent, it is sold in packages as
  47. Dyers in the Middle Ages in the form of fermented urine to alter the color of, vegetable ,dyes. In the 15th century, Basilius Valentines showed that ammonia could be
  48. Industrial) uses of crops and other products (e.g. biodegradable plastics, vegetable ,oil, biofuels ), and environmental uses. For example, one application of
  49. Clear brine fluids. * Bromine is also used in the production of brominated, vegetable ,oil, which is used as an emulsifier in many citrus-flavored soft drinks (for
  50. Usually quite expensive, and meals are generally light on meat and generous on, vegetable ,fat. Name "/NP"> Benin"/> Frying in palm or peanut oil is the most common meat

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