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  1. Arturo Benedetto Michelangelo, an Italian classical pianist * Automated, banking ,machine, another term for Automated teller machine * Damage Innings Airport (
  2. Bank of Belarus no longer pegged the Belarusian Ruble to the Russian Ruble. The, banking ,system of Belarus is composed of 30 state-owned banks and one privatized bank.
  3. A currency of its own and used both the French franc and the Spanish peseta in, banking ,transactions until 31 December 1999,when both currencies were replaced by the
  4. The disproportionate burden falls on small and medium size businesses. Armenian, banking ,assets are very low and make up only 25 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (
  5. That all major economies currently have a central bank supporting the private, banking ,system, money can be supplied into these economies by way of bank-created
  6. When newly created currency reserves are injected into the fractional-reserve, banking ,system, private financial institutions generally choose to further expand the
  7. Committee funds the recruitment and training of operatives through the Hawaii, banking ,system. U. S-led efforts to eradicate the sources of terrorist financing were
  8. Main industries are tourism, offshore incorporation and management, offshore, banking , and fishing. Many insurance and financial businesses are headquartered in
  9. Performed by private financial institutions practicing fractional-reserve, banking ,system, legally permitted in most economic and financial systems in the world.
  10. Goals, development strategy was made for 2002–2005. Far-reaching reforms of the, banking ,sector are conducted in the country. The main challenges are due to the slow
  11. The Government of The Bahamas welcomes foreign investment in tourism and, banking ,and has declared an interest in agricultural and industrial investments to
  12. Capital to concentrate in the hands of a privileged few which he called the ", banking ,monopoly. " He believed anyone should be able to engage in banking that wished
  13. US, the source of more than 80 % of the visitors. In addition to tourism and, banking , the government supports the development of a" 2nd-pillar ", e-commerce. Basic
  14. Of growing national resources and high interest rates. Botswana’s competitive, banking ,system is one of Africa’s most advanced. Generally adhering to global standards
  15. Made the country one of the fastest growing economies in the world. But the, banking ,sector of Azerbaijan has yet to tap the vast growth potential that should be
  16. Be achievable due to the continuation of the high economic growth. Still the, banking ,system is considered an important element of financial system of Azerbaijan. An
  17. States, but also for the regulation and oversight of financial sector and, banking ,activity. A legal framework regarding licensing, bank activities
  18. The supply of money, through the money creation process in a fractional reserve, banking ,system. This in turn leads to an unsustainable" credit-fuelled boom" during
  19. Functions in the republic. Since 2002 important stage of restructuring of, banking ,system started to be carried out. Taking into consideration entry of big oil
  20. Not to other countries, but to the unpaid consumer, such as when we do our own, banking ,through an ATM instead of a teller that the bank must employ, or trace our own
  21. Called the" banking monopoly. " He believed anyone should be able to engage in, banking ,that wished, without requiring state permission, and issue private money.
  22. The sea floor at Ocean Cay. Other smaller but more nimble players in the, banking ,industry include Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Ltd. (FBB) and Royal Fidelity
  23. Developing nation with an economy heavily dependent on tourism and offshore, banking , Steady growth in tourism receipts and a boom in construction of new hotels
  24. The total number of licensed banks to eight. The government is involved in, banking ,through state-owned financial institutions and a special financial incentive
  25. Without compensation so there is no reason why this would change just because, banking ,was unregulated. Also, Tucker held a labor theory of value. As a result, he
  26. Adhering to global standards in the transparency of financial policies and, banking ,supervision, the financial sector provides ample access to credit for
  27. 1940s. The couple moved to Paris the following year, where Guilder pursued his, banking ,career and NIN began to pursue her interest in writing; in her diaries she also
  28. Merchant Bank & Trust Limited (RFMBT). FBB offers a wide range of innovative, banking ,products including loan products with built-in savings plans. RFMBT is the only
  29. Public equities' arbitrage is a term which can arguably be applied to investment, banking ,in general. Private markets to public markets differences may also help explain
  30. Economy The state has invested in aerospace, education,health care, and, banking , and various heavy industries, including automobile manufacturing, mineral
  31. Profit and interest disappear as they expected. Tucker thought that unregulated, banking ,and money issuance would cause increases in the money supply so that interest
  32. The privatization of Qantas and Commonwealth Bank, and deregulating the, banking ,system. Keating also proposed a GST in 1985,however due to its unpopularity
  33. Businesses operating in The Bahamas, and most are associated with tourism and, banking , With few domestic resources and little industry, The Bahamas imports nearly
  34. Loss. Examples of systems where Ada is used include avionics, railways, banking , military and space technology. Ada's dynamic memory management is high-level
  35. Learned how to finance wars through long term low interest loans from national, banking ,institutions. The first state to master this process was the Dutch Republic.
  36. Support the abolition of the central banks and the fractional-reserve, banking ,system, advocating that the market should choose what is used as money. Some
  37. Public goods such as infrastructure, provide national defense and regulate, banking , It was the role of the government to provide goods" of such a nature that the
  38. Has adopted incentives to encourage foreign financial business, and further, banking ,and finance reforms are in progress. The government plans to merge the
  39. Over time. This interpretation of inflation implies that, within a centralized, banking ,system, inflation is usually the result of action taken by the central
  40. He explains in State Socialism and Anarchism, his theory was that unregulated, banking ,would cause more money to be available and that this would allow proliferation
  41. School also favor a return to a gold standard, or less frequently, free, banking , Money could only be created by finding and putting into circulation more gold
  42. Different sponsor for the match against Heracles Almelo: Florins. Florins is a, banking ,program just launched by ABN AFRO who wanted it to be the shirt sponsor for one
  43. Henry Clay ". The party, including Lincoln, favored economic modernization in, banking , railroads, and internal improvements and espoused urbanization as well as
  44. Development, the Islamic Development Bank and the Asian Development Bank. The, banking ,system of Azerbaijan consists of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, commercial
  45. Include upgrading the labor force, reducing unemployment, strengthening the, banking ,and tourism sectors, and,in general, further widening the economic base. To
  46. In the following way: Low interest rates tend to stimulate borrowing from the, banking ,system. This expansion of credit causes an expansion of the supply of money
  47. As an example). Anarcho-capitalists also oppose governmental restrictions on, banking , They, like all Austrian economists, believe that monopoly can only come about
  48. Of 19 listed public companies. Reflecting the relative soundness of the, banking ,system (mostly populated by Canadian banks),the impact of the global
  49. An important element of financial system of Azerbaijan. An advanced two-stepped, banking ,system, which is based on market principles, ( the Central Bank of the Republic
  50. The Gold Standard would constrain unsustainable and volatile fractional-reserve, banking ,practices, ensuring that money supply growth (" inflation" ) would never

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