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  1. To high exterior temperatures. Solid exterior walls are painted with lime to, minimize ,the heating effects of the sun. In accord with the climate and tradition of
  2. Often pass up an opportunity to attempt a winner and hit a conservative shot to, minimize ,his errors, and to make his opponent run more. Agassi's serve was never the
  3. Knowledge in selecting plant equipment and the optimum method of production to, minimize ,costs and increase profitability. After its construction, he/she may help in
  4. Contain a variety of residential, commercial,and agricultural facilities and, minimize ,individual human environmental impact. They are often portrayed as
  5. By the climate. Traditional urban houses are constructed with shared walls to, minimize ,exposure to high exterior temperatures. Solid exterior walls are painted with
  6. As illumination. For heating, it was desirable to maximize the temperature and, minimize ,the luminosity. Previous laboratory lamps left much to be desired regarding
  7. Which branch (or path) a conditional instruction will take, the CPU can, minimize ,the number of times that the entire pipeline must wait until a conditional
  8. The Potomac from June 25 to June 27. Lee gave strict orders for his army to, minimize ,any negative impacts on the civilian population. Food, horses,and other
  9. And the" following" pages of the Book of the Universe. Yet this should not, minimize ,our sacred endeavors in this world of ours, where,like faint glimmers of light
  10. Syndrome, it could produce puppies that will develop Marconi syndrome. To, minimize ,the chances of this happening it is recommended carriers be bred only to those
  11. Of Washington’D. C. Sustainability Brown University has committed to ", minimize ,its energy use, reduce negative environmental impacts and promote environmental
  12. Involving the inputs are found, and then an attempt is made to maximize (or, minimize ,) some linear function of the inputs. Many problems (such as the maximum flow
  13. Its stiffness allows a powerful vacuum to be produced within the pipe to, minimize ,interaction with gases, its thermal stability allows it to function correctly
  14. Of criminalizing it (restricting individual liberty, for example, in order to, minimize ,harm to others). Criminalization may provide future harm-reduction at least to
  15. And the bits transmitted, there was no concern about arranging the code to, minimize ,operator fatigue, and instead Murray designed the code to minimize wear on the
  16. From the circumcision wound. The traditional reason for this procedure is to, minimize ,the potential for postoperative complications, although the practice has been
  17. Had only 25 centimeters in which to move. Industrial ergonomics later tried to, minimize ,physical trauma. Improved working conditions In his autobiography Henry Ford (
  18. That a man may maintain his innocence but still plead guilty in order to, minimize ,his potential loss. " Ca plan comments on the impact of the Supreme Court's
  19. Hence, provide a global listing of objects in the forest. However, in order to, minimize ,replication traffic and to keep the GC's database small, only selected
  20. Americans for decades. The NAACP believed it was undercounted intentionally to, minimize ,the significance of the black population in order to reduce their political
  21. Bits when seven could suffice. The committee voted to use a seven-bit code to, minimize ,costs associated with data transmission. Since perforated tape at the time
  22. Appearances were not always possible. This was also done in an effort to, minimize ,traveling, particularly to countries that would have required extremely long
  23. Transducers, which requires a correction based upon wind tunnel measurements to, minimize ,the effect. An international standard for this process, ISO 16622
  24. Of neighbors, each operating a router as a household appliance. These, minimize ,wired infrastructure, and its costs and vulnerabilities. Private Internet
  25. Address the movement of radioactive waste. The Convention is also intended to, minimize ,the amount and toxicity of wastes generated, to ensure their environmentally
  26. Hand" and instructions are sequenced manually by programmers in an attempt to, minimize ,the number of CPU cycles used. The CPU constraints are so great that every CPU
  27. Structure prediction server, which incorporates sophisticated techniques to, minimize ,CDR loops and optimize the relative orientation of the light and heavy chains
  28. The color of concrete, for aesthetics. * Corrosion inhibitors are used to, minimize ,the corrosion of steel and steel bars in concrete. * Bonding agents are used to
  29. Expose just enough edge to cut through one layer of corrugated fiberboard, to, minimize , chances of damaging contents of cardboard boxes. Use as weapon Most utility
  30. In sorted order for sequential traversing * It uses a hierarchical index to, minimize ,the number of disk reads * It uses partially-full blocks to speed insertions
  31. Of the environment, especially on densely populated Want. Specifically, to, minimize , the cutting down of trees for fuel, kerosene is being subsidized, and efforts
  32. Religious based" utopian commune" called the Oneida community in New York. To, minimize ,the incidence of pregnancy, teenage males were not permitted to engage in
  33. That Harmful deliberately refuses to print more newspaper copies in order to, minimize ,the impact of unfavorable press coverage of the government) # Civil aviation
  34. Random with a tactical element ". While it is possible through skillful play to, minimize ,the house advantage, it is extremely rare that a player has sufficient skill to
  35. Council of Nice, only three bishops did not sign the Nicene Creed. However, to, minimize , the extent of Arianism ignores the fact that extremely prominent Emperors such
  36. Providing the basis for the Arian doctrines. While some historians define and, minimize ,the Arian conflict as the exclusive construct of Arius and a handful of rogues
  37. And greed by contentment. The principle of non-violence seeks to, minimize ,karma which limit the capabilities of the soul. Jainism views every soul as
  38. The U. S. Endangered Species Act and other agreements to manage operations to, minimize ,impacts on salmon and other fish, and some conservation and fishing groups
  39. Of silk, so they had their own armed guards. To avoid train robberies and so, minimize ,insurance costs, they traveled quickly and stopped only to change locomotives
  40. Of human and animal locomotion, which often relies on passive mechanisms to, minimize ,power consumption. Bootstrapping or booting refers to a group of metaphors that
  41. Residual error inevitably remains. The goal of computational chemistry is to, minimize ,this residual error while keeping the calculations tractable. In some cases
  42. In audio broadcasting, the audio processor must * prevent over modulation, and, minimize , it when it occurs * compensate for non-linear transmitters, more common with
  43. Patient was treated as if infected and therefore precautions were taken to, minimize ,risk. Other conditions which called for minimizing risks with BSI: * Diseases
  44. Maintaining the same 747 handling characteristics would be important to, minimize ,pilot retraining. Boeing decided instead to pursue a shortened four-engine 747
  45. To be meaningful to users, and also could be sufficiently long enough to, minimize ,the chance of conflicts. Note that, because a name translated to an address
  46. Used to calculate the necessary focal lengths of achromatic doublet lenses to, minimize ,chromatic aberration. The following table lists standard wavelengths at which n
  47. The code to minimize operator fatigue, and instead Murray designed the code to, minimize ,wear on the machinery, assigning the code combinations with the fewest punched
  48. Or causing joint damage. The techniques can help you distribute pressures to, minimize ,stress on any one joint. Ways to accomplish daily living tasks are made easier.
  49. And botany provides some basic science used to understand how to, minimize ,'weed' impact in agriculture and native ecosystems. Ethnobotany is the study
  50. The 747 has split control surfaces and sophisticated triple-slotted flaps that, minimize ,landing speeds and allow the 747 to use standard-length runways. For

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