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  1. Said that having an independent, non-academic source of income allowed him to, pursue ,his specific academic interests more freely. He disseminated his ideas not only
  2. MI each year in memory of Roger Chaffee honors one student who intends to, pursue ,a career in engineering or the sciences. Remains of CM-012 The Apollo 1 command
  3. His friends had applied to the Venetian senate for a pension, to enable him to, pursue ,his studies without embarrassment. The application was ultimately successful.
  4. Product of desperation. McClellan then resisted the President's demand that he, pursue ,Lee's retreating and exposed army, while his counterpart General Don Carlos
  5. Heroin says" in their opinion Alexander showed no honorable intention to, pursue ,the war and preferred a life of ease, when he should have marched out to punish
  6. During public speaking. He credited the technique with allowing him to, pursue ,his passion for Shakespearean acting. History Alexander was a Shakespearean
  7. Continued the journey while the mushrikeen kept looking for us, not that could, pursue ,us except Surah in Malik in JU'sham who rode his horse, so I said to the
  8. Many reactions Gerhard conducted for his paper on anhydrides, and he did not, pursue ,it further. Six years later, in 1859,on Film obtained analytically pure
  9. S mother Johanna moved to Weimar, then the center of German literature, to, pursue , her writing career. After one year, Schopenhauer left the family business in
  10. In programming the GE system in BASIC, and was excused from math classes to, pursue ,his interest. He wrote his first computer program on this machine: an
  11. In university, either at the University of Botswana or if the student wishes to, pursue ,an education in any field not offered locally, such as medicine, they are
  12. Individual (in some cases chosen by lot from those affected) the right to, pursue ,the case and collect the resulting fine, thus fitting it into an essentially
  13. The rate was 6 percent in 2004 and 5 percent in 2005. The reform was done in, pursue ,for higher GDP growth and greater tax collection rates. Some called it a "
  14. The common people were numerically dominant in the navy, which they used to, pursue ,their own interests in the form of work as rowers and in the hundreds of
  15. Degrees in the vast majority of its academic programs. ) American students who, pursue ,a bachelor's degree (four years of higher education) or an associate degree
  16. Went to rescue him. Smith was close to his mother, who likely encouraged him to, pursue ,his scholarly ambitions. He attended the Burgh School of
  17. In the separation of ecological niches. Loons, diving ducks, penguins and auks, pursue ,their prey underwater, using their wings or feet for propulsion, Geese and
  18. My Enemies. In it, she states that the Armed Forces of the Philippines" didn't, pursue ,us ... As time went on, we noticed that they never pursue d us. " Super ferry 14
  19. Of the German army as it tried to flee across the river (1.36ff). He did not, pursue ,the retreating remnants, leaving what was left of the German army and their
  20. Future, should a new group of decision makers within the organization choose to, pursue ,taking the dispute to court. For example, abeyance was used as a settlement
  21. The strength of the associations means the individual must not actively, pursue ,the consequences, and outsiders should not in any way undermine and" play "
  22. Matches. Although Tasmanian AFL Bid has been ongoing, rather than, pursue ,a national competition, the AFL's focus has become gaining market share in
  23. And other resources from more fruitful lines of investigation in order to, pursue ,a theory that has no basis in biology ”. " Academic medicine" is a
  24. To issue a decree pronouncing the anathema against all those who should, pursue ,the study of philosophy and science before due maturity in age and in
  25. Ancient historians, Ammianus had a strong political and religious agenda to, pursue , however, and he contrasted Constantius II with Julian to the former's
  26. Of action. Administratively, Afonso V was a passive king. He chose not to, pursue ,the revision of laws or development of commerce, preferring instead to preserve
  27. Kingdom of Castile or against the Moorish lands in the south. Alfonso did not, pursue ,territory enlargement policies and managed to insure peace with Castile during
  28. Fights. " With Grant in command, Lincoln felt the Union Army could relentlessly, pursue ,a series of coordinated offensives in multiple theaters, and have a top
  29. Of Michigan and heads for Broadway to earn his fortune and the security to, pursue ,his one true dream of writing the great American novel. Shaping Edwin’s
  30. The following year, where Guilder pursue d his banking career and NIN began to, pursue ,her interest in writing; in her diaries she also mentions having trained as a
  31. In June 2010,an appeals court reversed the decision, allowing Minamoto to, pursue ,a case against Asia to protect aspartame's reputation. Asia said that it would
  32. Adam Corolla Show On Nov. 1,2005,Corolla announced he would leave Love line to, pursue ,a position in morning radio, replacing Howard Stern—with Stern's approval—in a
  33. II to declare himself and the kingdom servants of the Church, swearing to, pursue ,driving the Moors out of the Iberian Peninsula. Bypassing any king of León
  34. USS was able to avoid an expensive legal battle it did not have the will to, pursue ,at the time. Thus, the use of abeyance provided the security of a settlement for
  35. For the happiness which it had given to him, and he determined that he would, pursue ,his younger interests until the age of thirty and then give himself to serving
  36. And civilians who were living in and around the CFB Gage town filed a lawsuit to, pursue ,class action litigation concerning Agent Orange and Agent Purple with the
  37. For the shipping firm, Bird and Co., based in Calcutta now known as Kolkata, to, pursue , a career in acting. Career Early work: 1969–1972 Bachchan made his film debut
  38. He was appointed professor of mathematics in 1809. Here Ampere continued to, pursue ,his scientific research and his diverse studies with unabated diligence. He was
  39. The first in Burma in two decades. Her lawyer stated that her legal team would, pursue ,a new appeal within 60 days. 2009: International pressure for release, and
  40. Might, also,study politics... Business of various kinds, they might likewise, pursue , " For Wollstonecraft," the most perfect education" is" an exercise of the
  41. Did not affect the career of Clean, they failed to persuade the Athenians to, pursue ,an honorable peace with Sparta, and it is not clear that they were instrumental
  42. 2008,the U. S. Supreme Court" turned down an appeal from the ACLU to let it, pursue ,a lawsuit against the program that began shortly after the Sept. 11 terror
  43. Avoid degrading himself, he wrote in the same memo he would retire at age 35 to, pursue ,the practice of philanthropic giving for" ... the man who dies thus rich dies
  44. With wealth, the ability to purchase art, and the leisure required to, pursue ,or enjoy it. The Palace of Versailles and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg
  45. Of the book to misunderstand what it was about, and the misunderstanding will, pursue ,me till I die. I should not have written the book because of this danger of
  46. Talks by company representatives and successful distributors, they decided to, pursue ,the Nutritive business opportunity with enthusiasm. They sold their second box
  47. Since the Fall of Communism, the country's political leadership decided to, pursue ,a pro-NATO policy, thus reducing military personnel and weaponry. Bulgaria
  48. To finish his studies at the Foothold Gymnasium. His father intended for him to, pursue ,electrical engineering, but Einstein clashed with authorities and resented the
  49. When Claudia Barry – tired of merely lip-synching – left in February 1976 to, pursue ,a solo career as a disco singer. Finally, Liz Mitchell, former member of the Les
  50. We may each one of us settle down peaceably to mind his own business, to, pursue , his True Will, and to accomplish the Great Work. The" Theremin" philosophical

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