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  1. Canadian, New Zealand, and South African governments, passed through, parliament ,and the Crown thus passed to the next senior descendant of Sophia: Edward's
  2. Colony in 1856 with the ratification of a new constitution by the British, parliament , Secret ballots were introduced, and a bicameral parliament was elected on 9
  3. Suicide bomber penetrated the Green Zone and detonated in a cafeteria within a, parliament ,building, killing Iraqi MP Mohammed Away and wounding more than twenty other
  4. To take effect in the Free State's jurisdiction; instead, the Irish, parliament ,passed its own Act—the Executive Authority (External Relations) Act—the day
  5. Dissension and escalated political antagonism to the King's ministers. Inside, parliament , the primary concern changed from fears of an over-mighty monarch to the issues
  6. The Athenian democracy were the meetings of the assembly (Silesia). Unlike a, parliament , the assembly's members were not elected, but attended by right when they
  7. By the government. Legislative power is vested in both the government and, parliament , Politics since the dissolution of the Soviet Union The population of Armenia
  8. Government. Legislative power is vested in the President, the government and, parliament , Angola changed from a one-party Marxist-Leninist system ruled by the Popular
  9. Bauhaus, or Red City Hall, is located nearby, as was the former East German, parliament ,building, the Palest her Republic, demolition of which began in February 2006
  10. He went on to propose controversial constitutional amendments on the role of, parliament , These were rejected in a referendum the following May at the same time as
  11. Approved. On 1 January 1986,after elections were held for Aruba's first, parliament , Aruba seceded from the Netherlands Antilles and officially became a country of
  12. Realms. To formalize its government's consent to the abdication, the Canadian, parliament ,passed, the following year, the Succession to the Throne Act (1 Geo. VI, c.16
  13. Incorporated onto the flag. Party list Politicians in the party win a place in, parliament ,by being on the Party List, which is drawn up before the elections and
  14. Julia Gillard. The Gillard Government was commissioned to govern in a hung, parliament ,following the 2010 election. Between the 2007 federal election and the 2008
  15. Act of Settlement cannot be altered in any realm except by that realm's own, parliament ,and, by convention, only with the consent of all the other realms, as it
  16. Of his functions as primate, putting them in commission. The need of summoning, parliament , however, soon brought about a nominal restoration of the Archbishop's powers.
  17. Elections which left Kocharyan's party in a very powerful position in, parliament , There were mounting calls for the President's resignation in early 2004 with
  18. Week. He had his country houses and fisheries, and when he travelled to attend, parliament ,his retinue amounted to upwards of 100 persons. The abbots of Clung and Genome
  19. Receive at least 5 % of the total of the number of the votes. The unicameral, parliament ,is controlled by a coalition of three political parties: the conservative
  20. By the British parliament . Secret ballots were introduced, and a bicameral, parliament ,was elected on 9 March 1857,by which time 109,917 people lived in the province
  21. Without mention of capital. In any case, the seat of the government, parliament ,and supreme court of the Netherlands is (and always has been, with the
  22. Afghanistan reached to the 30th nation in terms of female representation in, parliament , The last parliament ary election was held in September 2010,but due to
  23. A full participant in the CST and its membership was formally ratified by its, parliament ,on 28 March 2008. Furthermore, the CST is an observer organization at the
  24. In support of demands for a referendum of confidence in him. The unicameral, parliament ,(also called the National Assembly) is dominated by a coalition, called "
  25. They took power in the UK. Former Labor leader Kevin Rudd's first speech to, parliament ,in 1998 stated: Competitive markets are massive and generally efficient
  26. Foot was posted to America, and William Howe and John Burgoyne were members of, parliament ,who opposed military solutions to the American rebellion. Howe and Henry
  27. He appoints the Prime Minister who is also the head of government. The Algerian, parliament ,is bicameral, consisting of a lower chamber, the National People's Assembly (
  28. To the British crown which he could never resign or lose, except by act of, parliament ,or by the recognition of the independence or the cession of the portion of
  29. He has the right to veto its decisions. To override the presidential veto,the, parliament ,must have a majority of 95 votes. The judicial power is vested in the
  30. Of the President who, supported by an ever-increasing staff, largely controlled, parliament , government, and the judiciary. The 26-year long civil war has ravaged the
  31. Had inherited the castle and estate of Abergavenny, and was summoned in 1392 to, parliament ,as Lord Bergavenny. Edward Neill was summoned to parliament with this title in
  32. Opinion towards the British. They consisted of four laws enacted by the British, parliament , The first was the Massachusetts Government Act, which altered the
  33. Were signed between the United States and France. William Pitt spoke out in, parliament ,urging Britain to make peace in America, and unite with America against France
  34. Following the assassination in Parliament of Prime Minister Vaughn Saroyan and, parliament ,Speaker Karen Demirchyan and six other officials, on 27 October 1999,a period
  35. And repealed the tax, but in the Declaratory Act of March 1766 insisted that, parliament ,retained full power to make laws for the colonies" in all cases whatsoever ".
  36. Were to be signed by those who advised and consented to them. This was because, parliament ,wanted to know who was deciding policies, as sometimes councillors' signatures
  37. The consent of all realms concerned, along with, in some cases, new acts of, parliament , was required in Britain and throughout the British Dominions to allow for
  38. Favour the doctrine of absolute non-resistance, and accordingly the convention, parliament ,enacted the form that has been in use since that time –" I do sincerely
  39. In 1392 to parliament as Lord Bergavenny. Edward Neill was summoned to, parliament ,with this title in 1450. His direct male descendants ended in 1387 in Henry
  40. Of all the states involved, with concurrent amendments made by each state's, parliament , legislating for alterations to the act is a long and complex process. Further
  41. Republican Party of Agricultural and Smallholder People often shared power in, parliament ,as a partner in the five-party Petra coalition. The party's leader Antonin
  42. The Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe was ratified by the Armenian, parliament ,in July 1992. The treaty establishes comprehensive limits on key categories of
  43. Of peacekeepers in the region to 68. Artur Aghabekian, chairman of the Armenian, parliament ,'s committee on defense and security, cited the need to double the forces to
  44. City Council and the Lord Mayor to improve Adelaide's image. The state, parliament ,'s Capital City Committee is also involved in the governance of the City of
  45. Movement. One of Alexander II's last ideas was to draft plans for an elected, parliament , or Dump, which were completed the day before he died but not yet released to
  46. Symbolized pardon in the Almohad dynasty, interpreted in European heraldry as, parliament ,or peace. Other writers have justified the colors differently, with some
  47. Are established. *1936 – Prime Minister of Greece Ioannis Metals suspends, parliament ,and the Constitution and establishes the 4th of August Regime. *1944 – The
  48. Which Dealer had not taken part. In 1924, he was elected to the Bavarian state, parliament ,for another party, in which he served as vice-president until 1928. He had no
  49. King Mahendra of Nepal gives into the demands of protesters and restores the, parliament ,that he dissolved in 2002. *2007 – Iceland announces that Norway will shoulder
  50. Of candidates. After two months, if no proposed candidate could gain the, parliament ,'s approval, the parliament would automatically be dissolved and the acting

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