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  1. Hold the sleeping 20-day-old baby in her arms while singing jingles into the, mike , Despite the straitened conditions, Jagjit fondly recalls those times:" I felt
  2. The sound of an engineer saying" what you were doing" through a control room, mike ,briefly interrupts the recording) - was released on The Bootleg Series Volumes
  3. States, making it one of the earliest federal interstate highways. An open, mike ,or open mic is a live show where audience members may perform at the microphone
  4. Hold these bongos in one hand and the cowbells in the other,' and I swung this, mike ,over to the cowbells and the bongos ... I had no pattern or anything worked out
  5. Dugout in disgust. " While doing a game on CBS Dean once said, over the open, mike ," I don't know why they're calling this the Game of the Week. There's a
  6. One another as" drones. " * The Drones Comedy Club is an informal comedy open, mike ,show hosted by the Chapter Arts Center * http://www.dronesclub.org.uk The
  7. Father_child (tom, sally ). Father_child (tom, erica). Father_child (, mike , tom). Sibling (X, Y ): - parent_child (Z, X ), parent_child (Z, Y ).
  8. McCarthy, called simply Firmer/McCarthy. Live performances (with just a, mike ,and a Macintosh) around the world followed, which included new versions of
  9. Users would play music. Others disrupted conversations merely by pressing the, mike ,button, known as" dead keying ". Yet others enjoyed swearing at anyone who
  10. Pushed them away like,'Don't help me. ' He walked on stage and held onto the, mike ,for the first thirty minutes like it was a post. Everybody's looking at each
  11. As a shortened version of" Microphone" which can cause some confusion. " Open, mike ," is also often used to refer to events that could more properly be named "
  12. Tireless support and accompaniment for others. Young musicians of the open, mike ,scene in San Francisco assumed that Lee was of a bygone musical era. But
  13. Combined with a lesbian joke that he told Clinton that was overheard on an open, mike , diminished the initial positive press coverage Kerry had enjoyed. Most
  14. Modeler, and Ernie Ball Volume Pedal. He uses Audio i-5 dynamic microphones to, mike ,his guitar cabinets. He has recently switched to Bug era amplifiers, using 2
  15. 0091889243; ISBN 978-0091889241 A microphone (colloquially called a mic or, mike ,; both pronounced) is an acoustic-to-electric transducer or sensor that
  16. To Hammond. " Bobby popped every p, hissed every s, and habitually wandered off, mike ," recalls Hammond. " Even more frustrating, he refused to learn from his
  17. As used in other forms of popular music, it is common practice to ", mike ," acoustic instruments during stage performances before larger audiences.
  18. Out and having a laugh and going to dinner, as soon as he gets behind that, mike ,and he's doing his business, suddenly it's shudder time. " Orbison was given
  19. But then he'll start singing, sing a couple of lines, and then stick the, mike ,in front of me! What are you going to do? What is a person going to do?! Jeff Beck
  20. And self-confidence. They hold frequent campus-wide parties and" melt the, mike ," nights. The Global Interest Association (GIA) seeks to cultivate and
  21. Curiosity as Owen picked up John Austin's guitar and leaned in toward the, mike , (ND, NW pp. 180–81) Discography *Erin Echo (Songwriter/Producer/Performer)
  22. With Broderick Crawford as the patrolman reaching into his cruiser to grab the, mike ,to answer a call, always preceding his response with" 10-4! " Ten-codes were
  23. Boston ah with someone ah, ah sound like someone sound like someone keyed the, mike ,and said ah 'everyone ah stay in your
  24. A device used for capturing sound as electrical signals (also spelled ", mike , ") * Methyl thiocyanate, chemical used in production of pesticides People *
  25. Moore recalled," During the instrumental parts he would back off from the, mike ,and be playing and shaking, and the crowd would just go wild ". Black, a
  26. Labels and even used a promo label showing both logos until the" notes and, mike ," was phased out (along with the 78 in the US) in 1958. In Canada, Columbia
  27. And Chad Jackson very much a beat mixer. DJ cheese & word of mouth appeared on, mike ,Allen capital radio & Dave Pierce" fresh start to the week" 80’s hip hop
  28. They said we couldn't record the two things—the song and the prayer—on one, mike ,and one channel. So I said to the sound man,'Why not use two mike s and two
  29. And the massive Open Mic UK contest in England. Name Either spelling," open, mike ," or" open mic ", is correct. Although" Mike" is used as a shortened version
  30. Although Folks never says her name, the line" When the little one took the, mike , I knew I'd fallen" suggests the particular" Bangle girl" he pines for is
  31. Was now officially back to background vocals on this song, going to Bruce's, mike ,with great confidence, giving the song an even more upbeat vibe. Notes External
  32. And that division's iconic Eye logo. Columbia continued to use the" notes and, mike ," logo on record labels and even used a promo label showing both logos until
  33. Flexed and crooned and humped the floor and covered Roberta Flack and snapped a, mike ,stand in two and danced and sang and sang some more. Everything meshed; all
  34. Performer enough time to share some of their work. The longest running US open, mike ,is still going on at the Numerical Poets Café in the Lower East Side of
  35. Key Up" – To engage the microphone button. Ex:" When did you key up your, mike ,last? *" Kick a Tire" /" Watering the Tires" – to urinate using the
  36. Fly Religion) In 1985,writer John S. Hall began presenting his work at open, mike ,poetry readings. After three shows, Hall became a" featured" poet at the
  37. Mass in his song" Won't Catch Me Running' " said," When my voice hits the, mike , I electrocute Spit like Beat Street. " * Mr. If, on " Electron ", rapped the
  38. Band Obadiah Parker, performed an acoustic cover of the song at a local open, mike ,night, and a friend of his posted a video of the performance on Formats and
  39. Classic Bold typeface. Columbia experimented with bringing back the" notes and, mike ," logo but without the CBS mark on the microphone. That logo is currently used
  40. Making more frequent appearances on the station. In 1970,KFJC hosted an open, mike ,session during a nationwide student strike that had also shut down the Foothill
  41. And the media. Aside from his written oeuvre, Grant has recently taken up the, mike ,on the stand-up comedy circuit with his wryly observed take on life. Selected
  42. Through theatresports in the mid-1980s and first performed together at an open, mike ,night at the Prince Patrick Hotel in Collingwood, Victoria in 1987 along with
  43. Was developed for housing in the late 1930s. The former England cricket captain, mike ,Dennis grew up in one of these houses, on Shatter Way, which adjoined the
  44. A reference to a pilot's acknowledgement of a transmission by keying his, mike ,twice, as he is otherwise occupied. * Congestion Charge, charge levied on
  45. Together in the band Bag O' Bones. Pavement had its start playing at open, mike ,nights at clubs and bars. Two local studios existed in Stockton, the cheaper
  46. In the form of calipers. Colloquially the word micrometer is often shortened to, mike ,(). History of the device and its name The word micrometer is a neoclassical
  47. While Prince was delivering mail in Haywood, Illinois,he began to sing at open, mike ,evenings at the Fifth Peg on Armitage Avenue. Prince was initially a spectator
  48. Camp seeking interviews was the broadcaster who called herself" Midge at the, mike , " She was formally re-arrested on January 22, 1947 at the request of the
  49. Declan makes his vocal debut on" First Lullaby ", Jan tickled him, grabbed the, mike , and the results are on tape. Lauder reprises two holiday-themed tracks for
  50. Match, Yamamoto shouted instructions at Hickerson, with Lawrence grabbing the, mike ,out of his hands on several occasions. Finally, after a 16-minute battle, Embry

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