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  1. And cries out" ONE! TWO! FIVE! " Sir Galahad corrects him, shouting " Three, sir , ". The workers reported the suspicious object but the bomb squad determined
  2. Ever saw. " When Howard agreed, Hancock concluded the discussion:" Very well, sir , I select this as the battlefield. " Hancock's determination had a
  3. Was rarely recognized in public. ) Grouchy would say," OK, OK. Good evening, sir , My name is Jones. This is Mrs. Jones, and here are all the little Joneses. "
  4. Prudent replied:" JE né said pas, Monsieur. Jem'excuse" (" I do not know, sir , I'm sorry" ). Beckett eventually dropped the charges against his
  5. On the phone:" No, sir ,Mayor Daley no longer dines here, sir . He's dead, sir , " Later in the film, when the brothers are driving rapidly through Chicago
  6. The decathlon. This began when King Gustav V of Sweden told Jim Thorpe," You, sir , are the world's the greatest athlete" after Thorpe won the decathlon at the
  7. As" Your Honor ", and never as" Judge "," Judge (name) "," ma'am ", or ", sir ,". The judges of the Supreme Court of the United States, and the judges of the
  8. Used in speech, but only in situations where an English speaker would say ", sir ," or" ma'am ". The result is that second-person verb forms have disappeared
  9. Prevents a fatness. I diet on cod. " And" Never odd or even. "" Rise to vote, sir ," was featured in an episode of The Simpsons. Names Some people have names that
  10. Commanding general Zachary Taylor is reputed to have said," My daughter, sir , was a better judge of men than I was. " Return to politics Senator Because of
  11. Such an integrating technique and proved how advantageous it could be. You, sir , were 100 % right. As the Japanese Navy—not the hypothetical Bostonian
  12. Differing styles of ornament acquired the generic name of screech, from SAR or, sir , meaning head, and tech, meaning fastener. ” India was the first country to
  13. Innovated again in developing a new extra-polite pronoun o senior" the, sir ,", which in turn downgraded voice. Hence, modern European Portuguese has a
  14. The people do not want virtue, but are dupes of pretended patriots" *"What, sir , is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army
  15. McCarthy, Welch famously rebuked the senator:" Have you no sense of decency, sir , At long last, have you left no sense of decency? " Decline In the mid-and
  16. Visit. When Vladimir asks what Godot does the boy tells him," He does nothing, sir , " We also learn he has a white beard – possibly, the boy is not certain. This
  17. Tai go Others: oblong: congee/粥 Croatian cuisine: Historian Stew: Park, sir ,: Bareback break Cuban cuisine: Ropey Vaisey: Picadillo: Mass de Puerco:
  18. Pronunciation of the name should sound like the verb pull, as in" Pull it, sir ," Prizes are awarded yearly in twenty-one categories. In twenty of these, each
  19. Brothers, the Master d' ( Alan Rubin) is seen talking on the phone:" No, sir , Mayor Daley no longer dines here, sir . He's dead, sir . " Later in the film
  20. With" Any sufficiently advanced life-form would appear to others to be that, sir , " * In the movie Superman Returns, Lex Author says that" To the primitive
  21. File i. mi mate OC mandate. Et gear u air entire want since. Land alt. Haf i, sir ,host blot an mi full. Ellar had i her RI inner. Sir. En Sheri ING had u
  22. Verwünscht last Du same Dane Laid! " –" The devil take you and your song, sir ,"). Belmonte leaves in disgust. Predrill enters and Osman rages at him, vowing
  23. Wrote a letter to John's father on 5 December 1560,saying" I pray you, sir , to send John to the schools either to France or Flanders, for he can learn no
  24. This lad further, Senator. You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir , at long last? Have you left no sense of decency? " When McCarthy once again
  25. Was successfully designed and built in 1771 by Soon (old French for ", sir ," or" Mister" ) Fremont, a Frenchman from Paris. After having made some
  26. That Hughes calls" virtually a pizzicato ostinato "; he instances" Kind, sir , you cannot have the heart" ( The Gondoliers)," Free from his fetters grim "
  27. Does not object, but Hunter strongly does:" If I may state my own preference, sir , it would be to wait upon you and his lordship in the usual manner ". Whereupon
  28. Poor Wand'ring One" in The Pirates of Penance and the duet" Who are you, sir , " From Cox and Box. In H. M. S. Pinafore, the whispered plans for elopement in
  29. The shopkeeper to remark," I think you're drifting into another sketch, sir ," a reference to Monty Python's Spam sketch. As a secondary allusion, a cat
  30. S a crime now, to beat up a homosexual? " The prosecutor responded," Yes, sir , And it's also a crime to kill them. "" Times have really changed," the
  31. If it is a cheese shop. Risk May all, the Balinese proprietor, replies " No, sir , " The punchline is" Well,that's that sketch knackered then, innit? " *
  32. Sinnj. Land alt. Haf i sir host blot an mi full. Ellar had i her RI inner., sir , En Sheri ING had u minor blot an me file i. mate. OC multi. Sum Haiti SU
  33. The purposes that we join in formulating and progressing together.:" And so, sir , in the lonelier and perhaps even more disheartening moments which come to any
  34. But concludes it" doesn't matter whether it's a thousand – or just one, sir , You fight. " Several references are made to other wars: these include the name
  35. Is seen talking on the phone:" No, sir ,Mayor Daley no longer dines here, sir , He's dead, sir . " Later in the film, when the brothers are driving rapidly
  36. Lord of Pompadour and ^ the lord Bartholomew de Burghersh, and there was slain, sir ,Geoffrey of Carny with the king's banner in his hands: also the lord Reynold
  37. Eugene Normandy, George Sell, Antal Donate, János Forensic, Fritz Racer, sir ,Georg Solti, István Pertest, Ferenc Friday, Zoltán Rozsnyai, Sándor Ref
  38. A knight of Saint Omer's, retained in wages with the king of England, called, sir , Denis More, who had served the Englishmen five year before, because in his
  39. To the Academy of Lakeland in Florida, inquiring about flight training," Dear, sir , we are a small group of young men from different Arab countries. Now we are
  40. Severely degraded for his Villainy, but he could only answer –" not a word, sir ,or you are Dead. " I dared him to the act & endeavored to rally someone to a
  41. Or less continues till this day. In lower courts, judges are addressed as ", sir ,"," madam" or the Urdu equivalent" Jana ". Sri Lanka In Sri Lanka, judges
  42. The famous rebuke," You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir , at long last? Have you left no sense of decency? " *1958 – Queen Elizabeth II
  43. Watson directly during her victim impact statement in 1984:" What mercy, sir , did you show my daughter when she was begging for her life? What mercy did you
  44. Represent family, and asks them to go with him. Kindred refuses outright:" Ah, sir ,; what, ye be a merry man! Take good heart to you, and make no moan. But as one
  45. To Reagan control," Looks like that aircraft crashed into the Pentagon, sir ,". Crash According to the 9/11 Commission Report, as Flight 77 was
  46. And Mrs. Fitzherbert:“ Their way to consummation was by hopping o’er a broom, sir , ” In England marriage by this rite was not considered as legally binding but
  47. Present-day Place de la Concorde). Her last words were" Pardon me, sir , I meant not to do it ", to Henri Hanson the executioner, whose foot she had
  48. And so am I.: — John Dryden: I am His Highness' dog at New;: Pray tell me, sir , whose dog are you?: — Alexander Pope: I'm tired of Love: I'm still more
  49. To get the runs. Peace humorously replied," I had no confidence in Mr Study, sir , so thought I had better do my best. " The momentous defeat was widely recorded
  50. Livid and plans to outwit the Count (, signor contains –" If you want to dance, sir ,Count" ). Figaro departs, and Dr. Barton arrives with Marcelino, his old

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